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    Darcy Grigsby
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    I had my first counseling session last Friday in order to get a handle on my CD’ing. Dressing has been dormant for a loooooong time but this year it has come back with a strength never experienced before. Prior episodes may have involved a few pieces of clothing but this time all I seem to be lacking is a wig and makeup.

    Therefore the desire for counseling. I hate having to keep it all secret, but I thought I had long moved on from it before I married this second time around. I do not believe that my current wife would ever be approving in any sort of way. Which is both frustrating and sad all at the same time.

    Damn this is hard….

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      Good luck. I shared with my therapist about 9 mos ago. It was nice to finally tell my 50 year secret to someone. I hope you find peace and it helps. I think most would share that it is the acceptance of ones self as a female and not questioning it so much as to the why. I think once one is comfortable with ones self regarding dressing and the feelings that accompany this you can look forward and figure where it all fits into ones life. Good luck



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      Laura Jane Moore
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      I started counseling about two months ago. It is with an LGBTQ related group and I am a little disappointed. Any insight I am getting is from my own conclusions…. not anything the counselor is offering. But I am not quite sure how it should work. I do all of the talking and am getting feedback only when I ask for it. I requested a female counselor but got a male who asmitted he has no experience with crossdressers. I’m not getting a lot out of our exchanges although I do get to dress during our video sessions and talking and presenting as female are both cathartic.

      Any girls here care to share their experiences with counselors? I get the sense that I am not paired with the right person. Any suggestions? Should I be more patient? Am I expecting too much? PM me if you’d like.

      Welcoming all thoughts on the matter –


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        Heather Jameson
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        Actually Laura, that’s what counselling is about, they ask a question you start talking and thinking and before you know it you’ve answered the question yourself. They have no great words of advice or a miracle cure, you are the cure. You talk it out or think it out until it is straight in your mind. When you are accepting and at peace then you are cured, counselling just makes you look it straight in the face.

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        skippy1965 Cynthia
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        If you aren’t comfortable with the counselor you have then don’t hesitate to ask for a new one that is more in line with what you expect. It can take a few times til you find someone you can understand and who understands you as well.

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      Celeste Starre
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      Yes it is hard as I’ve been there and done that. It’s the reason I got a divorce 21 years ago and have been very happily single ever since.

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      skippy1965 Cynthia
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      One of the first articles I wrote here was about counseling-https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/starting-counseling-and-the-road-to-recovery/

      I highly recommend counseling- it can be life saving.

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      Sandy Jayson
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      For me right now right here at CDH  is my counseling  All you ladies have helped me resolve where I am at now and given me some direction where I want to go.  The counseling I need is with family members so my kids can see how happy my CD makes me feel and accept it on some level instead of bad mouthing  me to there mother.


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      Counseling I think is important. For years I resisted seeking it. Then after almost committing suicide I realized I needed to talk to a professional. It wasn’t a cure all, but it gave me a lot of insight into myself. Today my keyword in my life is balance. There are no clear cut answers. Good luck and remember you are not alone.
      Yours Terri

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