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    Cindy Hunt
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    Hi, my name is Cindy, and this is my first post. I have been reading posts here for many years but finally have the courage ( I think) to place a post. I have been crossdressing for over 40 years, am married, Wife knows and accepts me as a crossdresser but does not like it and mostly will not have a bar of me when in Cindy mode. So, I would like to talk about going out in public with some form of girl mode happing.

    I have always wanted both my ears pierced and at the age of 42, had my left ear pierced. I work in a very hard, male dominated area with short minded butch males. ( Who can pee the furthest competition would be a good night out for them). So, I expected push back and many comments. No body said a word. Move forward 10 years and on the start of a 3 month trip in our caravan to southwest Victoria, Australia, had my other ear pierced thinking that after the trip I could take it out for work and nobody would be the wiser. I never did take that second ear ring out and not a single person ever said a word to me about it.

    On that trip I also wore a pale pink nail polish in my fingers some days, thinking I was far enough away from home nobody I new would see. Wife not very happy but I think she understood. Guess what, not a single person said a word about it.

    For the last 6 years we have spent at least 9 months on the road traveling around Australia in our caravan, going to remote or quite bush camps where we can and into caravan parks at other times. and once we are far enough from home I let Cindy out a little bit, nail polish but pale pink when we go shopping, nice earrings in camp but back to my small sleeper earrings when out in public. Dress or skirt in camp but back to drab with sometimes a bra under my shirt when out in public.

    Back in August we were stuck in Queensland due to covid 19 border restrictions and could not do are normal 12 weeks 2000 km slow trip home to the Adelaide hills in South Australia. In the end I put my wife on a plane to fly home , she has MS and was not up to the long days and heat we would encounter driving back via the Northern Territory ( 4500kms) the only option available to us to get home.

    And this is where I said stuff it, If I am going to spend 2 weeks alone driving the 4WD and caravan home then Cindy is going to be there. Dropped the wife off for her plane trip home and then painted my nails, changed my earrings to very girly mode, put on a pink bra under my women’s denim shirt, very girly bracelet on wrist.  Go Cindy.  Guess what, nobody said boo to me, I spent afternoons sitting under my caravan awning in a skirt and pretty top with makeup,  when I filled up with fuel I had on very girly earrings, my favourite girly bracelet, pink bra under my very obvious women’s denim shirt, ( I am sure the bra did show) and for 2 weeks Cindy had the time of her life.

    I was terrified the hole time that some one would have a go at me, it never happened. I was and still am my worst enemy, Cindy does nothing wrong or illegal out in public but still is terrified of when that random person will clock me and have a very loud go at her. On my trip I had a over the petrol bowser conversation with a motor bike cop who was filling up his machine, I made the comment that his fuel bill would be far lower than mine, I was wearing very girly earrings and bracelet, nail polish and my bra was visible. He did not bat a eyelid and just had a conversation with me like all was normal. My 450 beats per minute hart rate was unnecessary.

    So what is my point?  Yes you will one day get bad comments from some random but you, we, do nothing wrong and for the most part nobody cares what we wear. Go forward in your life, be who you want to be. I hope I have the courage to continue being Cindy in public.

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      Jill Quinn
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      Good for you! What a great and inspiring story. I hope you get to go out dressed up more often.
      Hugs, Jill

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      Stephanie Roberts
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      Hi Cindy!
      Well done on writing your first post.
      Thanks for sharing a wonderful story!
      May you have more opportunities to let Cindy out in the future.
      Love and hugs, Stephanie 💖

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Cindy,

      What a terrific story!  Hope You allow Cindy out again soon.


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      Liara Wolfe
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      What a wonderful story Cindy. Thanks for sharing.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Hi Cindy.

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiring story. Now that you’ve broken the ice I hope to see more of your well written informative posts. Best wishes to your wife.

      We are our worst critics and its so hard to overcome our imagined fears. I hope that now you’ve lived as Cindy for some time that you’ll continue to embrace this side of yourself more often and with less fear and more confidence. Let Cindy out and promote the sisterhood as often as you can, just don’t engage in any pissing contests.

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      Registered On: October 7, 2021
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      Cindy sorry to hear about your wife having MS, my father took it in 1953 when I was 3 years old. Mum had to bring me and my sister who was 6 years older virtually on her own and worked out to make ends meet. My father eventually ended up in a hospital ward specially for MS patients where he died in July 1980, 13 days after turning 70.
      I hope God is with you as you attend to your wife and continue your life as Cindy when you can be.

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      Cassie Jayson
      Registered On: September 29, 2019
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      Soooooooo nice to hear from you Cindy. Sounds like you had the most delightful time. Letting Cindy out meant so much to you. have talked with your wife to share with her how happy you were spending so much time as Cindy.
      I would almost be willing to bet you are looking for more opportunities to let Cindy out more. Hope you might be able to share some Cindy time out with you wife.

      . . . Cindy

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      Stephanie Kennedy
      Registered On: March 15, 2019
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      Hi Cindy I really enjoyed reading about your wonderful trip Letting the part of you out for just while must of been so exciting to say the least. I am sorry your wife is dealing with MS and had to return home. Maybe the next trip she will decide that meeting that part of you could be very interesting. You are so right no one really cares what clothes you choose to wear. The best is always try to blend in and wear what is appropriate for the event or the trip. If you like pretty earrings and and bracelets then just wear them. We are all just humans trying just to get along. Life is much to short not to be able to express how we feel . The goal for all of us should only be the best possible person we can be. Those of us who are married just have to understand there only room for one Queen in a household [My wife’s words]. She will defend her position right to the end. She finds us  cute and a little funny. That tells me she at least trying to understand. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I truly wish for many more trips like that. Never feel shame for identifying with the gender who brings us life and gets to enjoy dressing in pretty clothes and accessories. Thank for sharing such a wonderful story.

      Luv Stephanie


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      Registered On: February 5, 2019
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      Hi Cindy,

      What a great first post! A  lovely tale.

      Good on yer, Sheila 😉

      Marti xxx

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      Hi Cindy

      You’re a braver girl than me!

      Thanks for the story



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      Raquel Smith
      Registered On: August 26, 2021
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      Hi Cindy. That sounds like a fabulous adventure. You were lucky to get that two weeks (your wife’s health, aside, and I hope she is doing well). But what a fun time. Thanks for brightening my day.

      Much love,

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      Registered On: October 10, 2021
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      Welcome Cindy ,

      What a great first post !

      I loved that story.

      Love Sylvia.

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      Clara Cross
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      Happy to meet you Cindy. What a great story….makes me more than a little envious of your travels. The motor cop had that conversation with you “like all was normal” because it was. So happy that you were able to experience Cindy in all her glory!
      Best to you,

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        Alana Teal
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        It’s nice to meet you Cindy. I’m jealous, it sounds like you had a nice trip. We just need to learn not to second guess ourselves. I’ve learned that most people would hardly notice that my legs were waxed, or that I was wearing panties (except for recently when I had a rip in my jeans) still nobody seemed to notice, or at least not comment. They don’t seem to treat me any different either.



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