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      Hi everyone, first of all i am sorry for not posting for a few days but i have been poorly with some sort of bug, dutifully passed onto me by a work collegue.

      I was thinking of crossdressing scenarios that you might get caught up in, some funny and some serious. My biggest fear was to under dress and get involved in an accident, get taken to hospital (assuming i’m still alive) and trying to explain to the doctors why i have a nice pair of Red panties on.

      Have you ever got caught up in a real-life scenario? Maybe gone out dressed up in the car and got pulled over by the police? Whatever it is, if you feel comfortable sharing your story, please do!!

      With Love, Fiona xx

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      Fiona –

      I don’t have any stories to relate, however, the fear you have is the same one I have.  As a result I don’t underdress when I go out as much as I would like to.  The closest thing(s) that have happened to me is being in the gym locker room changing and forgetting about my toes being painted (fire engine red) and my legs being shaved.  There were others in the locker room at the time but I don’t think anyone noticed.


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        Hi Suzanne, yep, i can relate to that one! Same, went to the Gym, got undressed and realised i still had panties on, thankfully though, i also had gym shorts on too! i went in the swimming pool as normal but decided to shower and take my shorts and panties off but hide the panties in the shorts. I just put my trousers on commando style!! and beat a hasty retreat thanking God i hadnt been noticed…..

        With Love, Fiona xx

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      Hi Fiona,

      Once I forgot I was wearing earrings and walked into the office with them on.  My secretary was shocked to say the least.  I babbled a weak cover about my wife having some fun at my expense but I don’t think she bought it.  I swore her to secrecy but who knows how many people she may have told.



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        Hi Michelle, Hmmm, i can see how that could be awkward but kudos to you for thinking up a good excuse!!

        With Love, Fiona xx

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      Hahaha! You named the one thing that actually happened to me a few months ago…

      I was sitting at a red light after a night of errands (late night shopping, groceries, walmart) literally less than a 1/2 mile from my house, and whamo, got rear ended by a drunk driver (who actually fled on foot after the accident). I didn’t get hurt, but my car got totaled. Multiple people asked if I was okay etc and stayed with me until the police came. Even when I called 911 to report, the dispatcher on the line kept calling me ma’am. Ma’am are you alright. Ma’am you’re going to be okay. Ma’am, for your safety don’t get out of the car until we get there. Ma’am we’re on our way.

      So even through that all, I stayed in Carmen mode. LOL.

      Anyhow, police arrived, I handed them my license, registration, etc. and surprisingly, they didn’t act any different towards me in any perceivable way. Treated me like any other person in an accident. They called me ma’am the entire time… well, one referred to me as Miss. I don’t think they batted an eye to be honest.

      Silver lining is I got to upgrade Carmen’s car (a sporty little 2 door that I bought specifically for her) to a much more mature wagon.

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        Wow! what a story and for me that would be worse than the accident!! Glad you got through it all ok, thats the main thing and also nice to see that the Police treated you with dignity and respect too. Thanks for sharing Carmen.

        With Love, Fiona xx

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      Hi Fiona

      To you and anybody else who has this fear.

      Nurses, Doctors and Paramedics are professionals, and confidentiality is every bit as important to us as it is to Lawyers, Psychiatrists and Priests.

      An old saying when you come into hospital ‘leave your dignity at the door’. At some point you will probably be naked poked and prodded and have things inserted or removed, at your worst and showing your best to struggle to recovery and discharge.

      I cannot guarantee your red panties wouldn’t raise some eyebrows but you would not be judged or treated differently. Yes you would  be embarrassed but always take with you the fact you are doing nothing wrong, “yes they are my panties, do you like them?”
      You can bet the staff in the Emergency Room will have other more important things to deal with like keeping you alive.

      B x (25 years a nurse in a large regional Hospital).


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        Well thats good to know Bianca! I must admit that with me getting out more the fear is not as bad as it was prior to me leaving the house for the first time, however, it is always at the back of your mind!

        With Love, Fiona xx

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          Sorry you have been poorly Fiona, glad you are fighting fit again.

          B x

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            I am up and down with this thing Bianca, one day i’m ok and the next i might feel awful. From what i gather, a lot of people have had the same thing but it doesnt test positive on a covid test. There are some really weird bugs around at the moment.

            Fiona xx

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            Fiona Black
            Baroness - Annual


            I had covid back in July. After feeling pretty sick for a week and taking 2 home covid tests that read negative, I felt better for a few days then it came back. I had a PCR test then that read positive. I found out that the home tests are notoriously unreliable.

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            Take care of yourself  my friend. The hospital has lots of staff off sick at the moment. Our immunity to other bugs took a hit during the pandemic/ lockdown, so our immune systems are playing catch up at the moment.
            B x

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        As a surgeon who used to work in ER I fully agree, the hospital staff have seen it all and do not really care. Though some times I have wanted/ wished I could come out to the crossdressing patient and we could be friends but I never had the guts to do it. If I was much younger I might tell some crossdressing patient that we were sort of colleges.

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      Hi Fiona I’ve never been pulled over by the police when I’ve been driving while dressed, if i go out driving when I’m Roz i seem to be more careful in my driving so as not to be pulled over i don’t speed and i take my time deciding where to go, plus i only go driving at night when I’m Roz people can’t tell who you are in the dark X

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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      GG girl friend says Honey, don’t worry. They’re gonna cut your underwear off whether you’re wearing tighty whiteys or satin pink ruffled panties. Don’t worry about that.

      And I wasn’t expecting my ARNP to see my dark red toenails.
      Just said, “There’s something you need to know”
      She was completely cool. We had a sort chat about how I was letting this out after abusing alcohol to hide from my self inflicted shame.

      She leaves. Her nurse comes in.
      Same admission.
      Tells me of a discontinued OPI color she loved.
      I find a China Glaze equivalent for her Christmas present.a
      In between those visits, I come in for a flu shot.
      She hands me a clipboard with release forms.
      Sticky note on top
      “You Don’t Know Jacques” OPI
      Busted out laughing.
      “I saw somebody wearing it and thought it would be a good color for you, so I asked them what it was.”

      Feared nightmares can become dreams of a lifetime.

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      Hi, Fiona, I’m glad you are back.  I was thinking this morning that we hadn’t had our fix of Fiona’s thought provoking posts in a while.  I’m glad to see you are OK.  Sorry, I don’t have any stories, because I’ve never been out yet, but I’m sure this post will fill me with scenarios that will scare me to death and keep me in the house.  😳

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I was concerned about some crazy scenarios like that my first few times out. However, I live in the suburbs of the NY City metro area and soon realized that the cops around here have seen anything & everything so they could probably care less how I was dressed. I never worry about anything like that anymore. I’ve stopped cops a number of times to ask for directions & never had a problem. It’s the same for hospital emergency rooms here, they have seen it all before & would be too busy trying to fix you up to care about clothes.

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        Amy Myers

        That’s my take on it too, not like it wouldn’t be terribly stressful but my wife know and my kids know about Amy now.


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      [postquote quote=714268]

      I’m glad somebody said it. It’s interesting to read the amount of people fearful of a car accident or ER visit. The fear of the other people being worried about how you look. Aside from what all they have seen, in that moment they are just trying to save you. Everything else becomes irrelevant. EMT’s have even commented and nurses that often they aren’t paying attention to what anyone is wearing. They are literally just focused on you getting the attention you need.

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      Angela Booth

      Out in the car with my mother when a tire blew. I had to pull over and changed the tire, no gallant driver stopped to help. Then it happened again a few years later when I was with a niece. This time I couldn’t get the wheel nuts free so called breakdown. The guy didn’t bat an eyelid, the car is registered and whoever is driving can call so my niece made the call.

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      Caty Ryan

      1/. Many moons ago I went to a dressing service in Sydney NSW. Once I was all dolled up and the woman looking after me started to make things “interesting” a big…..big …. fella burst into the room intending to rob all and sundry. I dont remember if he was armed, , (probably too scared…,) just remember giving him my wallet, (the other one, sans all my ID etc, just the cash for the session)and then pleading with the people who ran the place to get the make up off me and get me the hell outa there. (Otherwise witness in a robbery case and divorce would have been the next thing).

      I somehow got a cab back to my hotel, and got reception to get me back into my room to pay off the cab. Back into the room and I think I “hid under the sheets” for a few hours!!

      2/.One of my first ever “driving whilst dressed” occasions took me from Sophie’s Dressing Service in Plymouth UK to what I thought was a CD/TG friendly B and B down in Cornwall. Loved the drive down, but when I got to the B and B I was greeted by this “figure” clad entirely in “BDSM black”. Scared the panties off me..

      The whole place was covered in BDSM type posters and prints. Too tired to go anywhere else, but next morning I was “outa there” quicker than a 747 on take off.

      3/. Playing “female sales rep” for my company in Perth WA industrial suburbs,, Trouble is it was late at night. Yep… Blue flashing lights time…

      Licence and hire car details correct. “Time you went back to your hotel SIR!!!”





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      I had a knife fall on my foot one evening while wearing flip flops requiring a trip to er for stitches. I had a lovely shade of metallic mauve nail polish on my toes and nobody said anything. As many have said, they don’t care other than the injuries.

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      Like Fiona Black, I live in the New York City suburbs. And like Carmen Cruz, I got into an accident a few years ago.

      I was heading to the supermarket en femme from my home. (I had gone to the beach en femme, forgot my change of clothes, so had to stop at home first, changing my path to the supermarket.) As I was passing a light, a car going the other direction made a left into  parking lot right in front of me. I couldn’t turn in either direction and hit the other car on the passenger size door, exploding my airbag and totaling my car.

      Someone who was a part time fireman came over and helped me out of the car, concerned about the smoke (it was just the dust from the airbag explosion). Offered to get me a seat from a nearby business (I didn’t want to sit), held me firmly and supportingly on my elbow, talking me through it. Treated me as a lady. I was pretty much OK (more on this later). Police and an ambulance were called. When things cleared up, I went back to the car to get my purse, paperwork, and get things out of the car. That’s when I noticed my wig came off. Because I had been at the beach, I had on clip-on bangs, but my wig was off.  I discretely put it back on. I also took photos for the insurance company.

      I called my daughter who was home to pick me up. I gave the police my paperwork who happened to be female, and went into the ambulance for a checkup. I didn’t have to talk or give anything to the other driver.

      I had to give my name to the ambulance people, and obviously gave my male name. They didn’t bat an eyelash. They did a quick checkup, and saw nothing that would require hospitalization. I also didn’t feel I needed to go to the hospital. I left the ambulance, and the police gave me my paperwork back, again absolutely no comment.

      When my daughter got to me, I noticed I was bleeding on the thumbs by the nail bed. I’m guessing it was from the airbag exploding past my hands. She ran into a store to pick up some bandages for my fingers. I later found I did have a couple of small black and blue marks also from the airbag, but that was the extent of the injury, despite hitting the other car at 30-40 miles per hour. The other driver admitted fault, and I don’t know what their reaction might have been when they saw who the other driver was on the accident report.

      The bottom line is that emergency personnel are there to do a job, not comment on what you are wearing or how you are presenting. You are probably not the first male they’ve seen wearing panties, and if you are, you probably won’t be the last.

      This reminds me of the end of the movie Dragnet. Tom Hanks comes up riding behind on a motorcycle. The driver removes their helmet and long golden locks fall out. She asks him if he’s coming over later. He answers, “I have to. I’m wearing your underwear.”

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      I had a dermatologist appointment, and I didn’t realize she would need to look at my feet.  I had cute metallic teal nails.  She inspected each. And. Every. Toe… And she didn’t batt an eye ☺️

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      J J

      I had my car break while going down the freeway at 70 mph. Basically rolled it off the freeway, through a light post and into some trees (fortunately missed the trunks, which likely would have killed me.) the air bags we t off and I had to crawl out through the window. Turned out I was pretty much unhurt and declined a trip to the hospital. As I was sitting there stunned and shocky, I realized I was wear a very sext pair of VS panties. Oh, at least they where clean so my mother would have been happy.

      I got pulled over once en femme in rural Nevada. I had taken off my wig but it was on the seat next to me and the male officer only ask if that was a wig to which I just replied yes. I got my ticket and drove on.

      Life goes on and getting caught dressed really isn’t that big a deal, so enjoy your dressing and don’t worry too much about it.

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      I felt so bad for a NASCAR driver once. He was in a track accident and took him to the track hospital to check on him, he wasn’t hurt. But during the race they went to a reporter for an update. The update was that they found PINK nail polish on his toes! Come on really! You didn’t need to tell the world that!

      I have a bad time with my finger nails splitting in dry winter weather, so my wife applied vitamin E and then sealed them with clear coat. I have always kept my nails long. Even as a kid they would draw comments but they come in handy picking up small things. Any way when my wife was done she commented that my nails looked prettier and longer than hers! All I said was I loved the look! She gave me the look!

      I broke my Femur 🦴 last summer and while being examined, once of many times, a nurse looked at me and asked if I shave my chest! If looks could kill! First it wasn’t a question that was needed to be asked, and second I was all drugged up and couldn’t answer if I wanted too! Ever since I finished my chemo, a few years ago, I started growing hair on my belly and chest. I never had any hair there before and yes it bothers me, so I do remove the baby fine hair. I thought nurses knew better.

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      Came around a corner driving once and low and behold ran into a drivers license check. No where to go but forward. The officer was very polite, I handed him my license, he looked at it then leaned down to look and I said “yeah it’s me”. He looked at the registration, insurance card, walked to the back to check current tag sticker. Walked back handed me my things and said have a good day. He was very professional and didn’t make a scene at all.

      Another time was in the toilet and my dress hem got caught in my pantyhose. A older woman in the toilet saw it and said “Hun let me help you with something” she reached around and pulled it out. She said it happens to all of us once in a while. She was a sweet older southern lady.

      Things will happen you just have to hold your chin high and go thru it as best you can.

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      Medical professionals have seen it all. They are there to help you, not comment on the style of underwear you have on or the color of your toenails.

      I had an emergency situation and was taken to the hospital. I was wearing my sweatpants and a t-shirt, but underneath, I was wearing some pretty white nylon panties. I am sure they noticed as they were moving me around to do tests and x-rays. At one point, the tag on my panties must have been poking out the top as I felt one of the nurses slide it back under my waistband. No one said a word. I go to all my doctors’ appointments wearing my panties (I don’t even own any male underwear anymore). I have been stripped down to just my panties and a hospital gown (open in the back) for my dermatology appointments. Of course, my doctor has seen me in my panties, but again no comments or even a strange look.

      With all of that, I do not worry anymore about what would happen in case of an accident. There are too many other things in the world that I should worry about. What someone might think about me wearing women’s underwear is not one of them.



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      I sometimes like to half dress when I’m lucky enough to have some time on my own in the house – usually a comfortable sweater/blouse and some panties and tights. I have a fairly large garden, surrounded by a good fence and high bushes, so if I’m feeling daring I sometimes go out and sit and read.

      My one fear is that I accidentally get locked out or someone knocks on the door and decides to peep over the garden gate.

      For individuals who haven’t come out to family or friends, I can tell you this is a constant fear!

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      Genetic girl friend said “don’t worry.EMTs will cut off your clothes no matter whether you’re wearing tighty whities or pink satin painties with ruffles and bows.

      Had 6 month checkup with my ARNP. I had taken off toenail polish the last visit and hadn’t had to take off my socks.
      So I left it on for next visit.
      This time she says take off your pants and socks and I’ll be back in a minute.
      Panic turned to “It’s my life” before she came back..Left my socks partly on. When she came in I said “There’s something you need to know”
      She was totally cool. Maybe even a little intrigued.
      Told her I had realized I was abusing alcohol for 50 years to escape my shame. I don’t drink now.
      She says “Mental health is just as important as physical health”

      Then her nurse comes in. I said I guess you see this.
      She says “What”?

      I point. Tell the CD/drinking facts. We end up talking colors and the pleasures of pedicures.

      I come back in a couple of months for flu shot. She comes in with release form on a clipboard.
      There’s a sticky note
      “Don’t Know Jacques”

      After my laughter subsides a bit, I ask what’s this, how did it happen.
      “I saw somebody wearing it and I thought it would be a good color for you”

      What I had thought would be a nightmare turned into a beautiful dream.

      She says my favorite color was discountinued.
      I look it up. Manicurist says there is something very close in another brand. I give it to her for Christmas. She loves it and gives me a hug.
      I get a thank you note.
      “Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me your story. I’m so glad you’re becoming comfortable in your own skin.
      Embrace and enjoy it!”

      I know these things don’t always turn out so well and my being a long time patient in a larger city helped.

      But as others have said, the event is often much better than we fear it will be.

      The more I become comfortable with myself, the more comfortable I become with others, and the less I fear some of these situations.

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      Just before Christmas  I went out to a bar in a city in Northern  New Jersey  ,all dressed  up ,had to find a parking  spot ,well I found a garage  ,got out of my truck and locked the doors behind a little nervous  I left for the bar ,when I got there found out it was a gay bar and packed ,packed made me more upset just wanted to relax ,decided  to go back to my truck ,to my dismay I locked my only key inside ,had to go to the attendant to find help ,she kept saying mam well help well ,I waited  2 hrs for a lock Smith to open my truck  ,and when I had to pay ,I had to give my driver’s license  and credit card ,My photo in my malenes and all dressed  as Cathy had to do it and was charged  400 dollars ,he didn’t say anything  but act like a professional  ,went back to the bar for a drink then went home ,a real lesson  ,Cathy

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      I know that I already posted to this once, but reading the responses, reminded me of something that happened a few months ago, one of the first times that I dressed completely. It was late, and my trash was full, so I needed to take it down the hall to the trash chute. So, I decided to just do it and opened the door, and took it down the hall and let it go. That’s when I realized that my door had somewhat of a self closing function. Normally in male mode, I carry my door keys with me all the time, but I forgot that the keys were inside my unit, and began to realize that dresses have no pockets. Luckily when I got back, the door hadn’t fully closed, and I could still get in, but I at least avoided a nightmare scenario of having to sit in the lobby waiting for someone to open the door so I could get back in my unit. I learned a lesson that night.

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      J J

      Here is another…

      I went in for my colonoscopy and wore my usual bland black panties, but panties none the less, figuring I would need to undress, et cetera. Which I did behind the curtain and folded them between my clothes where they weren’t visible for later. Next thing I know I am at home on my couch fully dressed…no recollection of any of it. I don’t know if I got dressed by myself or with the aid of the nurse. Just no idea at all. Turns out the sedatives they use do that quite often and my anesthetist daughter says “yeah, we call it truth serum since people tell us all kinds of things.” So, I have no idea if I put on my own panties, and whether I had a discussion about it , or not.” My daughter also says “what is said in the OR/ stays in the OR.”

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      Hi Fiona, Ladies,

      Anything related to driving always makes me hesitate. It’s the worry of being pulled over, accident, or some nut job road rager. When I do drive en femme I try to have everything as planned out as possible and drive carefully. My favorite outings are ones where I stay longer or show earlier on a business trip and walk around from the hotel to an area. An example of that was having an extra day before a conference started in San Diego and it was in the area of Seaport Village. Another is just being at home and walking around as I have a fairly large plot hidden by trees from neighbors.


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      I once remember a EMT speaking to our company about safety and one of his calls. He said you see a lot of things while out on a call. Once someone was wearing red lace undies! He said they would talk about them after and wonder if there mom knew. I wanted to get a tattoo that said “Mom knows, so what!”

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      Tonya Johnson
      Duchess - Annual

      Oh yes. My experience happened a few years ago. I had driven through this speed trap area several times before but for some reason this time I was distracted for some reason and got pulled over. I had to laugh when the policeman walked up to the car and I spoke in my normal voice. His response was “Oh”. 😆 I guess since I was so comfortable en femme he then proceeded to tell me to slow down and have a nice evening. Luck was on my side that day.

      ❤️ Tonya

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      Only two times comes to mind;

      the first was wearing a beautiful brand new floral two piece top and skirt in Cape Coral, Fl. I felt like heaven! Spent a hour in Kohls browsing. I noticed I was being watched by a manager off and on . I just chalked it up to being read by her, no big deal I thought. Bought a cami, left the store, climbed into the car, and my top got stuck on the seatbelt device. After fiddling to get loose, I discovered the factory price tag and manufacturers tag still on my top. I had been shopping  with tags on my clothes. Lmao. I was sure I had removed all the tags before leaving home. Guess not! Now I know why she was following me. On the upside, the tags were from Nordstroms. Talk about a learning lesson.

      Stopped in Orlando by police during  a drinking and driving blitz. The usual questions but not usual looks when comparing my pic on my licence with my glammed up look. Just told to be safe and have a fun night.

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      Several years back I was in a serious motorcycle accident. I ended up losing my left leg. When the accident happened I was wearing a pair of black satin hip hugger panties. The EMTs has to cut off my jeans so I was laying in the road and everyone could see my panties. Then at the hospital after surgery, I was in recovery and the surgical nurse came to me and asked how I was doing. Other tysn still feeling a little groggy I was doing good. She then leaned close and said very sorry that we had to cut those nice panties off yiu. I know those weren’t cheap. I just looked at her and she winked and left.


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