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    I think I have posted this before but edited so here is the full story.


    I worked at a small retail store and they encouraged their employees to dress up for halloween. My store had 6 employees, all women and I was the only guy. All the employees came up with a group costume  pimp and hoe with me being the pimp. My reaction was why do you all get to have the fun? What if I wanted to be a hooker? To my surprise they said ok you can be a hooker also. My next day off I told my mother about my halloween plans at work. She said oh I got a dress you can use, she then gave me a red leopard print dress with slits up to the hips on both sides and a pair of black thigh high boots. I found a belf at a thrift store that said BAD GIRL and I also picked up a pair of black opaque tights. When I tried everything on I didn’t like what I saw, mainly my gut sticking out the tight dress. I showed my mom and she said I looked good. I showed her my gut problem and she said I got something for that. She brought me a one piece bodice with a built in bra and said here this will suck it in and give you a set of breasts. Halloween day I got up early to get dressed I combed out my hair.  I did not need a wig my hair was shoulder length. I was an avid hiker at the time and the sun lightened my hair. So I had long red hair with blond streaks in it. After putting on the tights I go to put on the body suit only to realise it was a thong. I put socks in my bra for boobs and added eye makeup and a pair of girl sunglasses and I was off to work. Before I left my parents wanted a few pics of me got some with my car and others on my dads harleys. When I arrived at work I was getting hit on as soon as I got out of the car. Who could blame him? He saw a hot blond pulling up in a bright red 68 mustang. When I was getting out I heard “Hey there nice mustang you know what they say great curves never go out of style.” I looked at him with a smile and in my male voice I said I agree. His reaction was “Ummmm is that a 65 6 7 8 ?” all while stuttering. I laffed and said its ok man its halloween. When I walked into work my boss was waiting on a customer and she lost her train of thought. She told the customer sorry I got distracted when I seen him the customer said wait is that a guy??  All that day I got hit on by men and women all day I got a few numbers. I was invited to do drag shows at a local club, i was told if you was gay and dressed like that more often you would have guys chasing you. I walked by a couple and I heard the guy said to his girl “Why don’t you dress like that for me?” she said back to him ”If I had legs like that I would.” Another guy said to me “I had to see you for myself that was my son hitting on you when you was getting out of your car. He said he didnt know you was a guy until you spoke. He was right about you you do make a good looking woman.” I got a phone call from a former worker she asked me what was I doing. I said working she said” Im at the grocery store and over heard some people saying you have to go to the dollar store and see the hot as f#@k trannie. I knew you was the trannie.” The grocery store was on the other side of town. That was how my day went I was being hit on my boots got filled up with numbers. I even had pictures taken with me and of me. When I got off work a friend of mine pulled up and said get in I want to take you to see my mom. So I seen her family and then her girlfriends family. All had great reactions her mom has an 8×10 of me in her living room to this day. One of the cashiers at work was flirty with me that day she told me the next day she and her friends thought I was hott. She was into guys that crossdress.

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