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    Sazza Symons
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    I don’t know about you but over the last five years I see fewer women wearing women’s clothes. Most women I see are in trousers, and men’s footwear. Men’s coats.

    I rarely see women during the day (or night) looking glam. Skirts, dresses and heels are a rare sight where I live in Northern UK.

    So if anything will make a crossdresser stand out, it’s that HE is wearing the women’s clothes and the ‘real’ women aren’t. Sometimes I feel like I might stick out like a sore thumb wearing feminine clothes. Not because I am a man – but because women’s clothes on women is so rare.

    It’s so sad. I wish I lived in the 1950s where most women wore dresses and skirts.

    Your thoughts, please.

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      Robyn Devine
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      I can completely agree with you.  The same problem here in America too.  Between uber-feminisim brainwashing and plain laziness, women dont bother looking like women anymore here either.

      At least in life so far, there was a time a woman didn’t even consider walking into the office without heels and hose on her legs.  Nowadays its flip flops, stretchy pants and a ratty t-shirt, no makeup, etc.  Little respect for an office, much more…seemingly little to no respect for one self.

      We as crossdressers, take the time and effort to look like a lady.


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      Wendy Me
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      I don’t feel I agree with that, GG’s have every right to feel comfortable  in the work place. I sure they have a large selection of dresses/skirts/shoes when they feel the need, worked in large companies and most wore dresses/skirts. I do know many that have large walk closets that are packed with clothes, my daughter has more shoes too count, my other two only wear dresses when  is expected to, my wife in the summer wears dresses/shorts and pants/leggings when it gets cold. On the rare occasion I go to church for something 90% of the GG’s are wearing dresses/skirts which is nice to see, my wife does every Sunday.

      I will close with, we dress because we enjoy it, would I like to spent an hour every day getting ready for work, and walking around in high heels all day at work NO, that is why many women kick them off under their desk. They can dress as they want but it certainly isn’t undermining the fashion industry and we don’t run it.

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      Jeannie Jones
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      I would say about half of the gg’s in my office wear skirts and dresses regularly and 2 inch heels. I also take note of how they dress and act for ideas for me.

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      Kelly Terry
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      This is one of my issues going out dressed also, I’m standing out more because I’m wearing skirt/dress and heels than because I’m a man in “womens” clothes.

      Even when I was working in a downtown office it was far between the more feminine look and even when they did it was mostly pants of some kind and at most some low (<2″) heels.

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      Jeannie Jones
      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      I just bought some new Bali bras. The fitter had good advice.

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      Val’sheril Starsong
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      I completely agree.  Now granted, I fully realize how unpragmatic feminine clothes can be in many situations, but even so it seems a disproportionate amount of GGs spend most of their time in unisex-style clothing.  Oddly, I’ve also noticed this with the trans woman community, at least in my area.  My theory on this is that for crossdressers it’s mostly about appearances, looking (and feeling) as feminine as possible, while with women (trans or otherwise) it’s a deeper, more internal thing.  Either way, I’m doing my part to keep the industry alive!

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      stephanie plumb
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      There are a group of women from a nearby travellers site that go to the local shops in their nighties, dressing gowns and slippers.   Say’s it all really.

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      Alicen Thairms
      Registered On: July 15, 2019
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      I think women are wearing trousers (or slacks/jeans) nowadays because they are more practical. My SO and her friends are usually in trousers with a nice top and coat; however they do wear skirts and dresses when they feel like it.

      I usually see what women are wearing around my way before I go out – some are still wearing a skirt or a dress and coat; so I just wear a similar outfit to them when I go out ..a bit of blending in ….:)

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      Deborah Sullivan
      Registered On: February 27, 2020
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      So true indeed. Many times I might feel overdressed while just wearing a skirt and heels shopping

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      Registered On: April 30, 2016
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      Fun observation. I guess it’s become so much the norm, that I hadn’t really noticed, but it’s true. Few women dress feminine in everyday situations. So, it just goes to show the best way to not get “clocked” is to blend in. Wear what’s appropriate for the venue and the occasion. Or, wear whatever the heck you want and don’t worry about what others think.

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      Rachel Cross
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      ok i dress sort of sexy to get attention but alot of women dont want that. at the bar they come to talk to me because im more like them. i treat them like a woman and they treat me like one. something i think most men dont do anymore. they have no respect for women and for a woman dressing sex without a guy by her side is probably asking for trouble. woman usually dont dress sexy for men anyway. they dress sexy to out do other women. i dress sexy and it seams to attract more women than men. and i dont have a problem with that.

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Sazza,

      I am in total agreement with you.  I’ve been out one time in a dress, and I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I hesitate to venture out in a skirt for any real shopping, for the same reason.  Even in church, only very young girls and a few very old women are to be seen in either garment.  It’s frustrating, having to wear jeans or slacks in order to pass.



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      Registered On: September 14, 2020
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      Well I know my 24 year old daughter still love to glam up. Yes she wears pants a lot but give half a chance she dresses to the nines. I will have to introduce her to garter belts and stockings. i tend to wear thigh highs myself but may give them a try, they are sexy!

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      DeeAnn Hopings
      Registered On: November 10, 2019
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      True but I believe in the 50’s you could be arrested for wearing women’s clothes in public.

      Years ago in New York City you had to wear at least 3 clothing items that matched your assigned gender at birth. That was the law, but I don’t know how prevalent that was.

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      Candy Can
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      There are some exceptions.
      Went to the PO this morning to pick up a package. There was one Lady also checking her PO box before heading to work, I think.

      She was wearing block heeled sandals, and a pleated skirt, chiffon-ey, and a nice top, light make-up.

      Not overdone in any way. She had a lovely ‘swish’ to her walk and just looked so feminine.
      Not young either – 40s or probably a well maintained 50iss Lady.

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      Paula F
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      One thing is for sure, we may not be keeping the whole women’s fashion industry afloat, but we definitely are with the lingerie sector at least.  And yes Sazza, it is a sad thing to see happening all around us, everyday.  It used to just be the butch lesbians you would see dressed like a man, but it has become much more prevalent in general society as a whole.

      One of my dearest lesbian friends asked me one night at the club why I preferred to dress and present as a woman on a daily basis.  My reply was that “as in physics, with equal and opposite reactions, the more you women dress like a man, the more I have to dress as a woman to save the world and maintain the balance.”  And I am so happy to see our ranks growing all the time and rest comfortably in the knowledge that we just might save the world after all.  LOL.  The Balance Must Be Maintained!!


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      Celeste Starre
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      True but I believe in the 50’s you could be arrested for wearing women’s clothes in public.

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      Bianca Everdene
      Registered On: April 11, 2017
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      Hi Sazza

      What you say is so true, sometimes it’s hard to tell the men from the women, apart from the physical differences, men tend to be taller, less hair etc. Sometimes a touch of pastel   colour in the waterproof jacket is a giveaway it’s a woman🤣

      I want to go into my nearest city tomorrow. In a sale Recently bought a beautiful flowing maxi skirt, pleated pale pink with leopard print through it, fitted top and denim jacket. Even without heels I think I would be the most overdressed woman out there. Such a shame. I usually don’t want to attract attention, but yes, anything overtly feminine like a skirt seems out of place nowadays. Was even thinking if ‘outing’ myself to work colleagues as an excuse to get dressed up for a Christmas night out! But looks like COVID has even put that on hold.

      What is the world coming to!!!

      Maybe we should all start fashion shaming women by showing them how it should be done🤣glamming up the high street.


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