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      Anyone belong to any of the crossdressing communities on Reddit? I joined a few of them about a year ago but have decided to delete my Reddit account altogether.I do not think that they are the safe spaces that this sight is.There are some very glamorous posters on there who are delighted to accept compliments about their profile pictures but engaging them with them by Direct Message is a bit hit and miss.I have followed a lot of profiles and have sent DMS hoping for girly chats but not everyone replies.The problem I had was that I have never taken any pictures of myself dressed.As a result a lot of members are a bit suspicious and probably think I am seeking hookups which is not the case at all.One or two have been chatty and realised that I am just an honest to goodness crossdresser.Some will only reply if you sign up to their Only Fans but personally I do not want to subsidise other people’s CD wardrobe.Also,some of the posters dress in a rather sleazy way which is not my style at all.Another thing is some of the members have been slightly rude or offhand to me when I.have complimented.It is a slightly toxic environment..I believe that I am better off without it and I am glad I have left.CDH is a much safeer and happier community.

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      Samantha R

      I am on several Social Media sites, but not Reddit. I have heard several similar comments about Reddit and have avoided it.

      There are no other sites like CDH, this is a unique site that we are fortunate to belong to

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        What other social media sites if you don’t mind me asking?

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          Samantha R

          Hi Dani – I have my guy sites on FB and twitter. Samantha is on tumblr, quora and CDH.
          Was on Fiona Dodson until I found CDH. Don’t go there much any more

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        I don’t remember how I found CDH, but I am glad that I did.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I’m on several trans subs.  I use them for support and to learn more about the medical, social, and legal aspects of being trans.  I’ve learned a lot.  I don’t use the site for chat.  I ignore the requests I get.  Reddit is kinda the wild west.  You can talk about almost anything.  Topics that would never fly on CDH are common on the subs I’m subscribed to.  That’s good if you’re looking for an outlet.  But you have to remember that Reddit has a lot of trolls and dissenting opinions.  You could get attacked or criticized for your views.  I can deal with that.  But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


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      I’ve engaged Reddit a bit. I didn’t have any issues but I didn’t get a lot out of it.

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      Peta Mari

      Personally I don’t accept friend requests from anyone without a profile pic and a fairly broad bio filled out.

      I only engage on CDH, and not interested in other forums.

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      Reddit is what it is, I visit regularly to see what is happening, admire how well turned out some of the girls are and get the view of the world from the Reddit perspective. I much prefer Reddit to twitter and I have all but given up on facebook. It is extremely unlikely that I will respond to DM’s, chat requests, etc. from people I have never met on ANY social media. Reddit is no different.

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      Hi Roberta
      I agree you have to be very who or what site you engage with, I have viewed that site and I have always treated it with suspicion and never engaged. I am a member of another forum which I know is safe, for me if I am unsure then I steer clear of them. This site Roberta is the best out there.
      Sarah xx

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      “I have followed a lot of profiles and have sent DMS hoping for girly chats but not everyone replies.” Roberta

      Don’t take it personally if people don’t want to engage privately. There can be a few reasons why they don’t want to do it.

      One reason could be time, the amount of time being on-line dealing with everything and everyone generally, let alone privately, especially if the person is some sort of celebrity.

      I don’t like communicating with forum people privately because I am a proponent of people learning freely from each other and that can’t happen in private.

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      For the past few days most of the subreddits, including the crossdressing one, have been taken private or gone dark altogether as the moderators have been protesting Reddit’s plan to increase the charges for 3rd party apps to access their data, probably as a way to steer users towards Reddit’s own app. There’s no indication of when these forums will return and although I’ve had minimal interaction with others on the crossdressing subreddit I do miss the posts. Hopefully it will be back soon.


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        The subreddit is back, so everyone can get back to getting inspiration from some of the ladies there.


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      CDH seems to offer some sense of safety because of all the things the admins, moderators, and each of us community members have done to make this a special place. You truly have to seek this site out.

      Reddit, Facebook, and even some of the other CD looking sites just feel too open for anyone to randomly find them and get up to no good.

      Anywhere we are, online or real world, we cannot forget that we must stay safe.

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