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    Rikki Jones
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    Good morning ladies.

    I’m curious to know more about anyone’s experiences with over-the-counter hormones. Is it possible to grow some boobs with this method? I’m a gurl who likes small boobs … perky A/B cup type sizes. You know , ones that don’t need a bra and I’m wondering if I could grow mine to the point where I could look girly with bras and such but no be too noticeable en drab.

    I also would like to know about the effects of said “supplements” on hair growth , libido , and erection ability.

    Thanks in advance, Rikki

    PS: A moment of vanity/insecurity: I’ve changed my profile pic from a bogus FaceApp creation to a pic of me , albeit with makeup and hair provided by a makeover app , but the new one is really me and I’m amazed.

    Amazed , number one that I look pretty good , at least I think so , but the most amazing thing is that I’ve now put my real self out there on the web as a woman which is something I never dreamed I would do.

    Anyway , I would love to hear your opinions on the look. Thanks again.

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      rebekka moore
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      Hi Rikki!

      The age old question we have all asked and hoped for! Some as you will/have read have had success but as one of the gurls told me, “don’t you think if there were a magic pill to grow boobs we would all have them?!” πŸ™‚

      I know I would! I’ve tried Fenugreek, no difference in anything. I’d like to try others and probably will. I’m maybe an A cup now, mostly because I’ve gained weight!!!! (That “19” in “COVID” has to stand for something!)

      But I too would love to have a/b cup breasts, without having to resort to surgery or breast forms!

      Love and hugs, and may your cup runneth over!


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      everyone has their own way of their body reacting to different things some work great while others don’t


      for me finally getting the real HRT stuff hopefully next week once insurance approve it but for about 6 months was taking a Herbal supplement. It was a 3 bottle setΒ  60 tabs in 2 and 100 tabs in the one.


      would take the 60 tabs twice a day and 100 tabs 3 times day. Breasts did grow about week now I am a natural 38CΒ  As for hair growth couldn’t really say about it would or wouldn’t as awhile back had all mine lasered off.

      Oh sorry here the link to the product taking


      Feminizing Supplement Pill Three Pack Kit: Crossdressing, Transgender and Crossdresser Clothing and Accessories (cross-dress.com)


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      Patti James
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      What about the Nature Day products that are advertised on the CDH website?

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Rikki,

      As Samantha’s links will tell you, all of those supplements are mostly wishful thinking.Β  A few lucky girls get noticeable results, but they are not the norm.Β  HRT is the only reliable route.Β  I can’t, myself, but for those who can, it is much easier to get them approved than it was in times past.


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      Rachel McFadden
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      Although it makes me a bit sad, Samantha is absolutely correct.

      If some sort of OTC supplement were to contain enough estrogenic compounds to have a significant and consistent effect on your body, you’d really want to be taking them under medical supervision as messing with your body chemistry that badly can have all sorts of nasty effects.

      In most cases however, the OTC supplement won’t contain enough (possibly any) meaningfully, consistently active compounds and consequently, you’re just wasting your money and, given that many supplements aren’t that well controlled in their ingredients, still potentially risking your health.

      Rachel xx



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      Samantha Roarke
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      So you can do HRT or implants….everything else is smoke and mirrors.

      So I did a little SEARCH on here…. The search icon is in the upper right hand corner of the page.





      Most of the herbal online is snake oil, HRT is the only real deal!

      Thanks, SR

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      Rikki Jones
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      In a very timely stroke of luck , while reading another forum post asking us about how we feel wearing bras I came across one woman’s recommendation for Pueraria Mirifica as a natural breast enhancement method. Anyone have any experience with this method?

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