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    James Brine
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    I’ve been at a loss lately looking at Jewellery (non-earrings). I’m just not sure what would look nice with what? How does body size impact it? etc… Considering my shopping is online, trial an error isn’t the best option for me. Does anyone know of sites I could read or video’s I could watch that could be helpful?



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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi James Great question It is defiantly important when finishing an outfit. The eye will be drawn to the pieces you choose. You do not want to overwhelm your outfit you just want to add to it. . If you have large hands then you do not want to wear pieces that draw attention to your hands. Like large colorful rings. Play to your assets. Start with inexpensive costume jewelry and then add pieces that have a special meaning in your life. I try to have  3 pieces that match that will go with a few outfits. It is important, take the time learn.

      Luv Stephanie

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      Stevie Steiner
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      Thanks for this post James, I’ve never thought about what jewelry matches my skin tone or body shape.  Just looked for things I thought were pretty and would match what I’m wearing.  Still working on that.  Mostly I’ll wear necklaces, and sometimes bracelets and earrings of course.


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      Mary Jane
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      Need to know your skin tone. Gold doesn’t go well with cool skin tones.  Whereas silver will. Maybe rose gold.

      I only wear earings myself. I think what ever you wear, wear it with confidence.


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      Jewellery is completely new for me or so I thought as I have always avoided wearing rings or chains. I then had to qualify that thought in that I do have some very nice cuff links and in male mode love to wear good quality shirts with cuff links. On Tuesday “She who must be obeyed” bought me a ring as some of you may have seen in a separate thread. Of course the sizes in the jewellers were too small but a new one the correct size can be made.

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      Christine Relleum
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      Rings are an issue for me. The biggest size out there for ladies is 12 and I have difficulty getting them on and off my finger. When I was trying some on at Torrid the other day I was afraid at times that I’d be stuck with a set they were so tight. Does anyone sell decent looking ladies rings in larger sizes?


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      Bianca Everdene
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      Hi James

      Its just another one of those things women have been learning (consciously or unconsciously) and part of what makes them just look so naturally good but we don’t really know how?

      Posh events-delicate and real gold, silver, gems.

      Night out on the town-statement pieces, chunky necklace, bracelet, earrings, colour matched to the outfit.

      Casual daywear, out for coffee, cheap n cheerful, supermarket or market stall, as little or as much as you want.

      Just as important as dressing appropriately for what you are doing, and coordinating an outfit.

      But, as with things like make up, hair, even how you smell it’s very subtle.

      And so much fun finding your own style.


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      Robyn Drake
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      Flea markets and thrift stores are great places to find cheap costume jewelry to play with.

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      Celeste Starre
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      As to body size just measure your neck and wrists as lots of necklaces and bracelets won’t be big enough.  As to the other,the only way I know is to put them on and look in the mirror.  If you like the way it looks then your good.  If you shop Amazon prime at least shipping is free both ways and there are other places that offer the same.

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      Samantha Roarke
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      I just wear a few little things. Necklace mid-length, a small cute watch, wedding ring, and a few bracelets. That’s it.


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      Roberta Broussard
      Registered On: July 20, 2020
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      Take a look around   Femme Secrets – Male to Female Transformation Tips, Advice, and Inspiration (feminizationsecrets.com)   You might find the help on this and a host of other subjects too.

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