Have you tried an alternate language en femme?

Is your femme self bilingual or even tri-lingual?

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    My last hair and makeup and dress shopping session pre-Covid happened dans la belle province de Quebec. I spent the day speaking French and “Harietta” lost the “H” quand j’etais la. Have you used an alternate language en femme?

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      Lucinda Hawkns
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      Never went out doors in fem to shop, when I am home and have to talk to wife I do not try to change my voice to a feminine voice. to hard for me to try to give a female sound.   I just enjoy the feeling of wearing female clothing from head to toe

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Does Diva queen count

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      Margeaux R
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      Yes I do. Sometimes I’ll speak French, as my femme name is a French name. Sometimes I may throw in some German that I know as well. It’s just fun to mix it up.

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      I am actually Dutch and I speak with a broken-English accent. (I know people say it sounds ‘funny’) …but that’s just how I am!

      That also being said, growing up in N-Central Europe, you learn 4-5 languages in school anyway, so I can speak French, German and Italian too – so I was a little unsure as how to answer!

      Thanks! 🙂

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      Daisy Marie
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      Hello girls, how are you? Daisy can speak English with a British accent.

      Hola chicas, cómo están? Daisy puede hablar español sin grandes problemas.

      Ciao ragazze, come state? Daisy capisce e può parlare un poco di italiano.

      Salut, comment allez vous? Tout va bien? Daisy comprends et peut parler un peu de français.

      Hallo Leute, wie gehts? Daisy kann unterstehen und sprechen Deutsch, aber das ist sehr beschränkt.

      Olá garotas, como vocês estão? A Daisy nasceu no Brasil e, portanto, fala português fluentemente.



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      My native tounge is Swedish but l am also very effluent in English and can make a simple conversation in German.

      With Danes and Norwegians i can usually speak Swedish and they answer in their own languages. I use to mix it with Norwegian words l know specifically though.

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      Lily-Rose Nielsen
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      I have never tried an alternate language en femme. But Swedish is my native language. I speak English, Lily-Rose speaks mainly English. I speak a little French. Il est plus difficile d’écrire en Français. Mais je parle un peu. And I speak a little German. So maybe  I should try?

      Lots of Hugs


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        Polly Stewart
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        Hejsan Lily-Rose, jag själv kan Svenska ganska bra trots att jag lämnade Sverige några år sen.

        Et voilà je parle bien français aussi et oui, c’est difficile à écrire… on peu dire « merde »!

        But my mother tongue is English. As a ski instructor in Europe I had to have a smattering of other languages to describe each skiing technique to all sorts of individuals.

        xx Polly

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      Carolyn Kay
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      I have a hard enough time with English, lol.

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      Managing Ambassador
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      Ymay emmefay elfsay iteswray erhay ostspay inay igpay atinlay.

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I am fluent in 2 dialects of American redneck, and have a working knowledge of the Queens English, so… no not really.


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        Rhonda Jones
        Registered On: March 17, 2019
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        Great humor, Bridgette .

        Rhonda .

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      My femme self definitely talks a lot more sense….does that count???

      Smiles, grace 💋💋

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