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      I am now the proud owner of a beautiful set of Divine Collection Hera breast forms from the Breast Form Store. These are their latest and greatest forms and I have to agree that they are indeed pretty awesome.

      I had intended on writing a true review and having it posted as an article, but since I am a closeted girl I more often than not have to type any crossdressing musings from my phone rather than a proper keyboard due to time/opportunity. Which is why a well polished review has not been produced yet. That said I promised that I would post about them when I finally received them so consider this a preview.

      Prior to these forms I have been using an inexpensive set of teardrop forms purchased from Amazon. Those forms work perfectly fine and if that’s what you can afford I would without a doubt recommend them. The teardrop shape however is not a natural breast shape and since these Amazon forms were neither attachable nor do they have a tacky back they tend to move around as you wear them. It was for these reasons I wanted something different. And that led me to the Breast Form Store.

      With the many options they offered there was certainly something that would work better for me at a reasonable price. However, the Divine Collection Aphrodite forms kept catching my eye with their realism. I finally called them about them they told me about the upcoming Hera’s and how they were an improvement over the Aphrodite forms. Hmmm so I elected to wait. And I am glad I did!

      Yes this was a major purchase. Did I truly need the nicest forms available? No not really. But a girl wants what a girl wants….

      They feel amazing to the touch (not quite as soft as the real thing), they are very realistic visually, and they bounce and move as advertised. I have not yet tried using an adhesive with them but the tacky back does a good job of keeping them where you want them you just have to wear a bra with them. In short I am very pleased with my purchase.

      I think by fielding questions my formal review will be more complete so let me know what’s on your mind.


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      Awesome I am happy for you! I am curious as to what size you purchased and what size do they make you when you wear them. I have many breast forms and would get rid of 4 sets to have the ones you purchased just saying definitely a little envious lol. I have worn truly attachable breast forms one time the Aphrodite it just feels so different when the forms are attached versus in a bra with a little tape or in a pocket bra which is what I do most of the time. The Hera are supposed to be soft like the Gold Seals or the Amoena Breast forms.

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        So true April. I love the sensation of wearing the forms without a bra and just love the jiggle and movement as well as the pull and weight over my regular breast.

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          Yes it just brings the feeling and sensations to a different level when wearing attached even when having attached with tape the feeling is just different. I do have some foam ones for golfing they are light and keep the appearance when golfing enfemme. Wish there was a way here to trade and barter I would love to move up to the Hera for sure I have too many sets. With two being the Aphrodite size Medium and Large.

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        My original set of forms allowed me to achieve a 40B sizing. When shopping for the Hera’s I spoke with one of the ladies there and we discussed the difficulty in finding attractive bras in that size. She suggested I go for 40C as that would provide me with more bra choices.

        So I ordered size 6 and I do in fact fill a 40C bra now.

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      I’m so glad you are loving your new beautiful breasts! If there ever was a girl who deserves a nice set of knockers, it’s you babe. Enjoy them and treat those new boobies to some lovely bras because you deserve it for being such an amazing and lovely person.

      Hugs with nice knockers in beautiful bras,

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        Thank ya Betty, you’re the best!

        These boobs really are amazing 🤩

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          They truly sound amazing I am glad you love them would love to have some for sure dint know how to deal with bad ingrown hair bumps whenever I remove cheat hair.

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      How realistic do they look? I remember a company RealBreast used to make really nice ones that were single piece and looked pretty real. I’m looking for something I can show a little cleavage in for some photos.

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        They do not perfectly match my chest complexion and therefore the overall appearance is diminished some, but aside from the slight variation in skin tones they look remarkably real.

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      Thanks to you, Darcy, we are $650 poorer because my dear sweet husband had boob envy. I blame this on you, bitch:P But seriously, they are coming next week and I plan to share my results after rigorous testing. Why the rigorous testing? I perceive them as a threat and I have to make sure they aren’t too perfect. As the SO, I NEED to have the very best wrack in the house.

      Hugs while suspiciously eyeing your forms,

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        LOL well what can I say other than that they are awesome? Though you will happy to find that they don’t fully pass the feel test. They are very close but not perfect. You should be able to retain the title of Fairest wrack within your domicile madam 😉

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