Do you adopt feminine mannerisms when in drab??

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    Caty Ryan
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    Hi girls,

    As I have “oft” posted here, due to a house move earlier this year, my Caty time has been drastically reduced.

    I try to compensate for this by underdressing as much as I can and adopting things that females do instinctively as a matter of course.

    My three are as follows.

    1/. I sit to use the “ladies” and always put the seat down and shut the door
    2/. I try to remember to get in and out of my car imagining I’m wearing a very short skirt. (Cant have anyone seeing my imaginary stocking tops or panties)
    3/. At times when I remember to do so, I make female hand motions as if I have long fingernails or pretend I’m walking in heels. (Slowly with one foot out in front of the other.)

    Any advance on these??


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     Roberta Thomas 
    Registered On: September 15, 2018
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    I often find myself saying ” fab”in a female voice whenever I am trying on something new.I did it on Friday when my wife and I received two pairs of red Mary Jane shoes from Pavers Shoes,the UK shoe specialists.When I was dressing in private I usec to stand in front of the mirror and sing along to songs by female singers.As I am a good mimic and can sing I coulc do a very good female voice.Made me feel so girly.

     Rachel Wells 
    Registered On: October 29, 2018
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    When I think about it, if I’m sitting down and crossing my legs, I’ll try to do it in as demure and feminine way as I can manage. Advice about walking with your shoulders back and chest out has made me realise how much I tend to hunch over if I dont think about it.

     rebekka moore 
    Registered On: January 7, 2017
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    No but in drag, I do!

     Zoe Peru 
    Registered On: July 26, 2017
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    It’s subtle, when walking through the isles at a women’s clothing store, I reach out and feel the textures of the clothing.  It’s a small pinch like movement using my index finger and thumb.   Women do it all the time.  Z

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     Ginger Ephengee 
    Registered On: December 31, 2018
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    Yes, I’ve watched myself adopt different things in my growth. All which I’d say were natural progression. Being your trueself feels so right in the time. I love to notice and savor the moments when I present a femme version of myself to my fiancee. (Especially if it garners her attention)


    I love this question. When I reflect on it, all the mannerisms started with taking a shot at it. I want/need much more courage in my future growth. Taking a shot at being happy, just in the moment and just living.

    Stay true girl!

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     Michelle Liefde 
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    Funny you should ask this Caty!  I was just thinking about this the other night.  I have noticed that I have unconsciously made more feminine gestures and movements when I am in drab.  I certainly cross my legs more lady like and even get out of cars as though I am wearing a skirt (while wearing pants).  I use my hands more when I am talking and even put my hand to brush back my hair (which is a short hair cut).

    And truthfully, I don’t mind at all, though I will try to make an effort to not if I feel that it would be an issue in a place.



    Registered On: October 1, 2018
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    For me sometimes I will do fem things while I’m at work and I don’t even realize it. I think some of my coworkers are taking notice. I realized recently I am transgender and really over the hiding part now.

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     Laura Lovett 
    Registered On: November 18, 2018
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    Very much so – although I like to see myself as two separate personalities at the moment, we are one person.

    I’ve been burying feminine tendencies in a pathetic attempt to “be a man” all my life, and when I am Laura, I encourage everything that is effeminate in a willful and playful way.

    Burying a part of me has been detrimental to my life – I am finding that by expressing myself in a more female way, I am becoming stronger and better defined as a person – not to mention happier and more successful.

    No-one comments on sudden little feminine movements or mannerisms – rather they seem a little entranced, I’ve noticed, seeming to see such things as interesting.

    So I guess the “secret” is to be yourself 100%. Others like that and it makes you happier.




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     Jasmine Jeffries 
    Registered On: December 28, 2018
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    Thanks Caty when I am dredded I go a little over board I hate to say I turn into a woman literally walk sit mannerisms I am a whole different person I am the woman I should have been. The rest of the time as a male I am very masculine go figure played football and was good at it. Nobody would even guess II was a crossdresser my little secret in short t thank you ladies for making me feel at home at this site hugs and kisses Jasmine.

     Gabriela Romani 
    Registered On: October 7, 2018
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    Hi. No, not really. Other than after (or during) an “extended chance to dress” when I spent several days en femme then I may catch myself trying to smooth a skirt I’m no longer wearing while I seat or the like.

    Otherwise, no.

    Gaby 💜

     Nancee Smith 
    Registered On: June 6, 2018
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    Happy New Year Caty!

    yes I often find myself in feminine mood while in drab either on purpose or naturally. I like to move as if I’m wearing a skirt or dress… how I sit , bend over and not just getting out of a car (or truck) but how I sit and drive .. I’ve mentioned before on another posting that I checkout women at stop lights and while driveing  And I emulate their movements and actions .. how they hold the wheel and place their hands .. I find myself doing it without thinking. It’s obviously the inner female in me happily coming out.



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     fiona moss 
    Registered On: October 7, 2018
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    Hi Caty, sorry if my typing is a bit wobbly, too much vodka last night. Ok, the answer to you question is yes! all the time! its mainly the way I stand, i’ll stand cross legged, or move in a womanly fashion. To be honest, I still feel girly inside even dressed drab but of course I have to try to suppress the actions, with difficulty, so my work collegues dont twig on…..

    Fiona xxx

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     Davinia Hart 
    Registered On: June 14, 2018
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    Hi Caty, I’m the same with the first two. The second I found I had to for comfort reasons prior to a hip operation. Now I do it all the time. Let me add another: crossing of legs, a topic raised in forum a few months ago. This has to be done in a feminine way, not only for the obvious reasons but because it can look so attractive if done properly. I now always cross my legs as if I’m wearing a skirt (which of course I am a lot of the time). Even in drab, it both looks and feels so much nicer.

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