Do you have a preferred color palette for your lipsticks and eye shadows?

This poll asks if you have a preferred color palette for your lipsticks and eye shadows.

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    Holly Morris
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    Hi ladies!

    As I was getting ready the other day, I realized that I seem to have a preferred color palette for my lipsticks and eye shadows, my “go to” look I guess you’d call it. For my lipsticks, I tend to buy shades of red for the most part. I have a few pinks as well, but even that could be considered a shade of red in a way. And for my eye shadows I tend to go to shades of blue, green and silver (yes, I grew up in the 60s when almost all women wore blue eye shadow). I don’t overdo it like women did in the 50s and 60s, but I do like those colors as they compliment most of my dresses and outfits. Of course I also have some gold, bronze and other more modern colors as well, but those are reserved for special occasions.

    So of course, that got me to wondering…

    Do you have a preferred color palette for your lipsticks and eye shadows?



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      Good question, Holly.

      I voted “yes” and like you, I tend to buy mostly shades of red lipstick. 💄

      I love the color of red lips best, and bright pink is usually my second choice. For eyeshadows, I usually use a light shade of purple, or the classic, beautiful blue. I love wearing blue eyeshadow. 💙


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      I would have to say my preferd lipstick is pink or red. I have been told that I have girly lips by my wife so I like to highlight them when I am dressed up. As far as eye shadow goes I like to experiment with different colors. I recently bought a pallet that has some yellows and green in it and I have been excited to give it a try to see what I can do with it. Luckily I think I might have the freedom and time to dress up this week end so I just might get my chance.

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      Sofía Alejandra Hurtado Espinoza
      Princess - Annual
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      Hi girls,
      My answer is yes, I have a favorite color palette for my lipsticks and my eye shadows. For my lipsticks, without a doubt, it is red, it is my favorite color and I simply love showing off my red lips, the shades of red that I like the most are the dark ones. For my eye shadows, although I like to use brown and dark pink tones, my favorite color palette is purple, especially the darker tones, although sometimes I also use lighter tones, I love how they combine my brown eyes with dark purple and how they look together with my red lips haha.

      Greetings to all girls

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        Registered On: December 5, 2020
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        You do have lovely red lips, and I also love how your choices of eyeshadows combine with your beautiful brown eyes, girlfriend. 👁️👁️ 😘

        ❤️ Rev

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      Alex Kline
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      For lipstick I have to go kind of bold or bright. My lips are really small and thin so when I wear litgher shades I don’t like the way it looks. For eyeshadow I prefer color, so never really skin tone shades. I’ll do blues, pinks, greens, even darker colors, all done tastefully of course. My eyeshadow also depends on what color eyeliner im using. It really all comes done to my outfit and try to match.

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      Alison Anderson
      Registered On: October 15, 2018
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      I usually use a berry colored lipstick, although sometimes if I want a softer look I’ll go with a pink color.

      But for eyes, I have a couple of different color palettes that I’ll use. I tend to have more fun with eye makeup, using different colors and color combinations depending on what I’m wearing and the mood I’m in.

      Since I’m firmly in the Yes and No category, I’m going to have to choose other.

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      Registered On: March 19, 2021
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      I recently did research. It reminded my skin undertone is cool because of my blue veins. So therefore red, pink and blue are the best colors to wear for eye shadow and lipstick hun. So that is what I will do outside of cosplay mode honey.

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      Pink for lipstick. It can be various shades of pink but it must be pink in color.

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      Sandy Craig
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      Great question Holly and Yes I do.

      Early 2009 I went for a professional transformation and later followed up taking makeup lessons. Victoria uses a Every Day look as the base which was perfect with me. A few years later I signed up for a Lancome National Makeup Artist Event and Jason picked my entire face and eye pallet combo which was pretty much the same but with a few added colors. I use this as my standard everyday GoTo even now. Recently I did a online facial scan with a Lancome app and the base foundation remained the same after all these years. I do make subtle changes and have added more Highlighting in the last 6 months. Lipstick is my most noticeable change for makeup.


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      Wendy Swift
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      Yes !

      – for lipstick, I have only 3 colours, red, pink, and purple.  I mostly go for the red, as it pairs well with pretty much any outfit I am wearing.  Pink comes a close 2nd.  I find both red or pink also goes well with my skin tone.   When it comes to purple, I am sort of on the fence.  I have 2 shades of purple from maybelline that is much too dark for my skin tone and I rarely use it.  However, I also have one from l’oreal that is much lighter which I like but it doesn’t have any stay on power.

      – eyeshadow, I have 3 colours again.   Blue, purple, and a colour called Amber Rush.  I read a few articles that these 3 colours pairs well and brings out my eye colour very well.  I don’t use the purple one as much, as it looks like I’ve been in a boxing match and took one too many hits to the eye.  I love the blue or amber rush, as it does pair well with my eye colour.

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      Angela Booth
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      I have a specific routine for daily use and use various brands.  The foundation is always the same and use low key colors for the day and can dress it up a bit for occasions.

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      Fiona Black
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      When I started dressing fully, I used Revlon plum lipstick but now have switched to a red Revlon color that is a shade darker than an average red. I like my appearance much better as a result.

      I have hooded eyes so eyeshadow’s effect is somewhat limited but use an e.l.f. set with light tan, mocha, medium and dark brown colors which blend well with my new Clinique foundation.


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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Holly as like most of us girls im a red lipstick girl really love my reds and for eyeshadow what ever matches to the dress or outfit im wearing at the time  thanks for the post he he ..


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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
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      Hi Holly,

      Like you, my preferred lip colors are reds and dark pinks. I have very fair skin, when my skin tone is color matched for foundation, there’s only one that is lighter. I’m a pale face LOL.
      My eyes are blue, and my girls at my MAC store, along with what I like the look of, created a custom palette of eye shadow colors. They all have names that are useless for describing their color, so I’ll just say that the three I use the most are: A very pale shiny champagne that goes all over the upper eyelid, a very intense dark brown that goes in the outer corner of my eyes, and a coppery bronze that goes on the outer upper eyelid. This color palette makes my blue eye just pop!

      Hugs girl,

      Ms. Lauren M

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