Do you have a specific way that you fold your panties? Or do you even fold them?

This poll asks if you have a specific way to fold your panties, or if you fold them at all.

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    Holly Morris
    Registered On: April 15, 2022
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    Hi ladies!

    We’ve had such great response to my poll question about folding bras that I thought I’d ask the next question about folding panties. I admit it, I’m a neat freak, so I like to keep my lingerie organized. Bras, panties, slips, hose, etc. are all always folded, sorted by colors, and then put away in my lingerie drawers. When I fold my panties, I lay them down flat and then fold the top half down over the bottom half. I then fold them in thirds, one side over the other side, so that they are nice and neat and when I put them in my lingerie drawer I can easily see the style, pattern, color, and material. To me, this makes sense and makes it quick and easy to select the panties that I’m looking for each day.

    So of course, that got me to wondering…

    Do you have a specific way that you fold your panties? Or do you even fold them?




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      I follow my wife’s pattern. I lay them back side down, fold the two sides to overlap in the middle and the fold the crotch part up to meet the waist band.

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        Jessica Skye
        Registered On: October 27, 2022
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        I do the same πŸ™‚

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      Julianna Frances
      Registered On: July 29, 2022
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      I fold them very sloppily. When my girlfriend does my laundry they are all folded the same and very neatly.

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      April Flowers
      Registered On: September 7, 2021
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      I fold my panties in the same exact style as the Victoria’s Secret store displays(above the drawers holding each panty size). Watching the women employees there continually refolding with such speed, after a customer has picked them up to judge the purchase, I thought maybe I can do the same. I’m serious ladies when I state for me when in a hurry, it is much faster to pick out the correct style and color. And I really need that organization due to a couple of wardrobe malfunctions. To be specific, I grabbed a pair of panties which happened to be black and forgetting that fact for a moment, decided to wear a light pair of white business pants to the office.
      And yes, I discovered how “see-through” they were when I overhead a couple of “gentleman” mentioned it to themselves as “Did you notice her panty color”. Ah, life goes on.

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      Duchess - Annual
      Registered On: April 15, 2022
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      I am obviously in the minority! I just toss them in a drawer.

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      Rayna Carlian
      Registered On: March 4, 2020
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      If it’s bikinis/briefs, yes, lay them flat front facing up, fold in thirds vertically, then fold in half.

      Thongs, get tossed in the drawer….lol…I have more of those than any other, so the drawer looks a mess.



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      Marg Produe
      Registered On: March 16, 2022
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      Hi Holly,Β  Just a brief answer here.Β  I just wash them in Tide No Scent, dry them on a rack and then lay them on flat stacks in my drawer.Β  Since mine are all essentially the same except for their colors, there are no special rituals here.Β  Β  Β Thanks,Β  Marg

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      Diane Buffy
      Registered On: January 26, 2022
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      Mom always folded her panties in half the long way then top down so that was the way I always folded them and put them back in her drawer, so to this day is how I fold mine.

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      Suzanne Martin
      Registered On: January 8, 2020
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      Fold in thirds and roll, stack them by style

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      Becky Davis
      Registered On: February 10, 2022
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      Yes I do but it depends on what type they are, hipsters and bikini’s and briefs fold in 3rds and then half so they make a nice neat square. Thongs fold in 3rd’s and then roll them take less room in my drawer

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      Registered On: August 1, 2018
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      Hello Holly Yes, I do have a particular way of folding my knickers as well. Front face down then a slight fold from the left, then a slight fold from the right, then front to back fold. Then face up & lay in the draw, my normal day to day wear ones in one pile & then my best ones in another pile.
      I do like to keep my clothes neatly sorted,
      love Helenmarie

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      Requal Joanne
      Registered On: December 15, 2020
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      Two thirds and fold also for this girl.Β  Β Keeps them neat and tidy in the draw and easy to choose which pair to wear.

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      Managing Ambassador
      Registered On: January 21, 2018
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      Allysa Grant
      Registered On: November 1, 2022
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      I like to fold mine in thirds and then in half.Β  I can see the pattern and easily find what I am looking for . I keep them separate by style.

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      Meghan Brandice
      Registered On: April 15, 2022
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      No never did with panties or bras or foundations under garments BUT ever since I started Β Crossdressing 50 years again I’m a fanatic about neatly folding up my nylon stockings, laying them carefully over their inner cardboard panel, slipping them all back into the original cellophane bag. And sliding the whole contents back into the original hosiery box, and clipping shut like new. This way I can easily see and reference to what style , color, brand name is in each carton. I keep a separate master box for Thigh-Highs, ( 15+ pairs.) and one for all my varieties of nylon stockings ( over 40 pairs )

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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
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      Hi Holly,

      Mine are sorted by color and type, then simply folded in half and neatly stacked in the drawer.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Emily Alt
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      My panties invariably get a few random folds when I toss them in the drawer….

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual
      Registered On: August 8, 2018
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      My gosh Holly, were you taking lessons from me?


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