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      Hi ladies!

      We’ve had such great response to my poll question about folding bras that I thought I’d ask the next question about folding panties. I admit it, I’m a neat freak, so I like to keep my lingerie organized. Bras, panties, slips, hose, etc. are all always folded, sorted by colors, and then put away in my lingerie drawers. When I fold my panties, I lay them down flat and then fold the top half down over the bottom half. I then fold them in thirds, one side over the other side, so that they are nice and neat and when I put them in my lingerie drawer I can easily see the style, pattern, color, and material. To me, this makes sense and makes it quick and easy to select the panties that I’m looking for each day.

      So of course, that got me to wondering…

      Do you have a specific way that you fold your panties? Or do you even fold them?




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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      My gosh Holly, were you taking lessons from me?


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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      My panties invariably get a few random folds when I toss them in the drawer….

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      Hi Holly,

      Mine are sorted by color and type, then simply folded in half and neatly stacked in the drawer.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      No never did with panties or bras or foundations under garments BUT ever since I started  Crossdressing 50 years again I’m a fanatic about neatly folding up my nylon stockings, laying them carefully over their inner cardboard panel, slipping them all back into the original cellophane bag. And sliding the whole contents back into the original hosiery box, and clipping shut like new. This way I can easily see and reference to what style , color, brand name is in each carton. I keep a separate master box for Thigh-Highs, ( 15+ pairs.) and one for all my varieties of nylon stockings ( over 40 pairs )

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      I like to fold mine in thirds and then in half.  I can see the pattern and easily find what I am looking for . I keep them separate by style.

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      Two thirds and fold also for this girl.   Keeps them neat and tidy in the draw and easy to choose which pair to wear.

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      Hello Holly Yes, I do have a particular way of folding my knickers as well. Front face down then a slight fold from the left, then a slight fold from the right, then front to back fold. Then face up & lay in the draw, my normal day to day wear ones in one pile & then my best ones in another pile.
      I do like to keep my clothes neatly sorted,
      love Helenmarie

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      Yes I do but it depends on what type they are, hipsters and bikini’s and briefs fold in 3rds and then half so they make a nice neat square. Thongs fold in 3rd’s and then roll them take less room in my drawer

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      Fold in thirds and roll, stack them by style

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      Mom always folded her panties in half the long way then top down so that was the way I always folded them and put them back in her drawer, so to this day is how I fold mine.

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      Hi Holly,  Just a brief answer here.  I just wash them in Tide No Scent, dry them on a rack and then lay them on flat stacks in my drawer.  Since mine are all essentially the same except for their colors, there are no special rituals here.     Thanks,  Marg

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      Rayna Carlian

      If it’s bikinis/briefs, yes, lay them flat front facing up, fold in thirds vertically, then fold in half.

      Thongs, get tossed in the drawer….lol…I have more of those than any other, so the drawer looks a mess.



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      I am obviously in the minority! I just toss them in a drawer.

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        karley delaware
        Baroness - Annual

        I’m with you Davina ………………when the Pink Fog envelopes me, I am just a wild girl looking for a particular panty to go with an outfit ………….karley

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      I fold my panties in the same exact style as the Victoria’s Secret store displays(above the drawers holding each panty size). Watching the women employees there continually refolding with such speed, after a customer has picked them up to judge the purchase, I thought maybe I can do the same. I’m serious ladies when I state for me when in a hurry, it is much faster to pick out the correct style and color. And I really need that organization due to a couple of wardrobe malfunctions. To be specific, I grabbed a pair of panties which happened to be black and forgetting that fact for a moment, decided to wear a light pair of white business pants to the office.
      And yes, I discovered how “see-through” they were when I overhead a couple of “gentleman” mentioned it to themselves as “Did you notice her panty color”. Ah, life goes on.

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      I fold them very sloppily. When my girlfriend does my laundry they are all folded the same and very neatly.

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      I follow my wife’s pattern. I lay them back side down, fold the two sides to overlap in the middle and the fold the crotch part up to meet the waist band.

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        I do the same 🙂

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      I fold mine exactly as Kimmie describes. Additionally put them in draws sideways so that I can see all of them and can choose the pair I want. I separate my panties according to colour in the draw – black, white, blue and pink

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      J J

      My panty drawer always starts out neat as everything is folded, but entropy as a law still applies to my panty drawer and soon all is kaos as I rummage for just the right panty or thong for the day.

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      I fold each side to the middle then roll from the bottom. I use 3 containers that have individual slots for each pair of panties. One container is just for thong panties and the other 2 are cheeky and bikini panties. Nice and neat and easy top choose from.

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      I wear mostly thongs and started out folding them. One day my wife told me that she couldn’t stand folding them due to how small they are and she said I am just going to toss them in your drawer. So that is how they are now. I do separate the ones that I have a matching bra to and keep them kind of folded with the bra but other than that they are just thrown in my panty/sock drawer.

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      Liara Wolfe

      I do, but then I again I am CDO (that’s OCD for those of you that can’t put it in alphabetical order, lol).

      Hugs, Liara

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        Love it! I use that same line all the time ( think I originally heard it from a standup comedian on Netflix/Amazon Prime)! But for some reason always add proper before alphabetical order. Which, now that I typed it, seems a little redundant since the word order is already implying proper. 🤪

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      I’m a very neat and organized person generally but my panties are all in a pile in my drawer so I just pick a color and pull a pair out. Now my bras are all folded and sorted to style and color.

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      I am very particular when folding my panties. I fold my panties and roll my thongs. I have when my wife puts my panties away after the laundry. I swear she is messing them up on purpose. She just throws them in and somehow they all get messed up. So I try to put away my clothes away

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      Many years ago, when I first started accumulating my own panties to wear ( as opposed to occassionally and furtively slipping on a pair of my late wife’s), I never knew quite how to store them efficiently and ended up stuffing them unceremoniously into various corners of my drawers or cupboards – where I thought nobody would find them).

      As time went by, my wife (who had learnt of my proclivity and encouraged it) not only expanded my collection, but coaxed me into building up a complete female wardrobe and also coached and helped me to present as a passable female version of myself.

      She seemingly welcomed the arrival of another woman into the household and gradually positioned me as the subordinate female, relegating to me a list of traditional “female” duties and activities.

      Among these, of course, was taking responsibility for the laundry and as she was insistent at least that her more delicate underwear be laundered by hand – I proceeded to become really proficient at this task (under her instruction and training).

      Needless to say, it now became necessary to correctly and efficiently fold her panties for the most efficient storage and also quick and easy selection from her drawers as she later needed them.

      I therefore undertook a study of this esoteric art (partly through observation and interviewing of female friends) but mainly through articles and video clips available on the internet.

      Now that I have a female wardrobe much larger than my male one – and spend most of my offtime en femme – I find it completely natural to correctly fold and store my panties.

      For those of you who have not yet undertaken this discipline, here is a typical example of a helpful tutorial:

      Love to you all,

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      Not really, since I’m still half hiding (SO is somewhat accepting but most days doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with it). I just keep them in a fabric bag.

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      Get out! I fold mine almost exactly same way. Except I start with front of panty facing down when laying them out flat, fold the bottom up to the top, then do the same trifold thing. Too funny, Holly. I’ve always wondered if I was the only OCD weirdo with an organized panty drawer. My wife just balls hers up and tosses em in the drawer. Regardless if they’re all twisted up or whatever. Now that I’ve been doing the laundry for a short bit, I asked her one day, “have you noticed if your panties have been giving you better coverage lately?” She says, “huh, what do you mean?” I told her after noticing that the crotch area in all her panties tend to get wrapped up and stuck around the elastic inner lace, and that I thought they’d be more comfortable for her if I flattened them out before folding (you know, to prevent her from getting major wedgies). Needless to say, being that she couldn’t tell any difference one way or another, her panties no longer get folded and only one of us has a neat and tidy panty drawer 🙂

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      Two words: origami crane.

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        Ok, reality: hold at waistband, gusset towards me and dangling, fold in half on gusset to waistband center line, tuchus out. Turn, flip up gusset, flip down waistband to meet gusset. Fold in half, roll.

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      Lay panty on bed, oriented as if I were sitting down in them.  Fold crotch up to touch the waistband.  Thongs get their “crotch” (such as it is) folded “backwards” instead of forwards.  Raise right (because I’m right handed) side to fold in half horizontally.  Stack with alternating waistbands up and down, alternating horizontal folds to the left and right, to try to even it out.  When done folding all of them, put on left side of drawer, and remove for wearing from the right, so that in effect it forms a queue, to try to wear them evenly.

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