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      Bianca Everdene
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      Hi Hippie

      Some are, and we are at the vanguard, blazing a trail to be followed.


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      Alison Anderson
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      As others have mentioned, women wearing pants are not crossdressing.  They are wearing pants that have been designed for, marketed for, made from material for women.

      Women wearing clothing that is typical for a male to wear are often just a little different when women wear them.  Not always, but enough times.  For example, pants may be tight fitting or be leggings, or be patterned.  Jeans have shallow front pockets (although they may be wide enough to put a phone in horizontally), or have some feminine embroidery on a back pocket.  Tee shirts may have a boat neck or V neck, or may be in a color or pattern that is feminine, or have a feminine applique on it.  A button down shirt may be made of a shiny satiny material.  A schoolgirl’s tie is loose around her neck.

      Women wearing these items are (for the most part) not trying to look like men.  They’re not wearing their hair short or binding their breasts when they wear something unisex or menswear. They’re not trying to “rough up their face.  Most male crossdressers want to enhance their breasts, fill out their hips, and/or cinch their waists.  They want to wear makeup, jewelry, nail polish. They want to wear a wig.  They want to look female.  It’s rare to find a man who wants to wear a skirt, a dress, high heels, makeup, etc. and still look like a man.

      Most women want to wear pants.  Most men don’t want to wear skirt or a dress.  When a man wears a skirt or a dress, we do our darnedest to call it something else.  The Scotsman isn’t wearing a skirt, it’s a kilt. The pope isn’t wearing a dress, it’s a robe.  When you come out of the shower, you’re not wearing a terrycloth skirt or a wrap dress, it’s a towel around your waist or a bathrobe.  Scrooge wasn’t wearing a nightgown (although Wee Willy Winkie was), it’s a nightshirt.

      I do agree that people are more accepting of crossdressers today than in the past. But with women not crossdressing, and men unwilling to look like men wearing typical women’s clothing, I have to say no.

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      To be honest with you I hope so

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      Paula Here
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      It is an interesting question. As i sit here in my jeans, designed and marketed to women,  that was once not allowed for women.

      I think women liked wearing pants when they started and the fashion industry decided that we had better make them for the female figure and market them to women. So women today may wear clothing that took inspiration from mens fashion. But is decidedly female.

      The high heel was mens fashion,  pants was mens fashion,  wigs were mens fashion.

      Until we see dressed, skirts, nice top, makeup, and high heels marketed to men. We are still 50 or 60 years behind the fashion curve.

      That a fashion show this year men were dressed in skirts and dresses and the negitive comments the images received from the general public says we are still 50 years behind.

      There may be more of us who dress in womens clothing than women who dress in mens clothing. But fashion and the public have not embraced us yet.



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      Laura Lovett
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      Without having seen the article, I’ll answer the question as I read it:

      It’s a bit of a generalisation – many women don’t wear men’s clothing – the jeans, trousers, even Dr Marten’s boots and biker jackets – all stuff that I used to wear in the 1980s and 1990s – are marketed at women and designed as such.

      Many women stick to “traditional” dresses, skirts, burkas, etc – the point is that actual cross dressing women are far and few between – I certainly see more cross dressed men.

      Dresses and skirts designed for men haven’t really caught on – at least, I only once saw a guy wearing such items, and he is a television presenter.

      So I think we’re well past where women are, WRT CDing.

      The only case I’m aware of with mass FtM CDing was the war, when women suddenly had to take on traditionally male jobs – and wear the overalls, so I don’t think it’s true to say that women have been CDing for years.

      Interesting question – thank you!!

      Love Laura

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      Laura Lovett
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      High heels were inspired by riding boots, and the fact that a king (Louie IV??), was really short, so wore heels to appear taller. I seem to recall Louie being fond of wigs and lace too.

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      Don’t forget the famous underarmor type compression leggings too.

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