Do you use the Ladies Toilets when you go out dressed Femme?

I have often wondered if any of you use the Ladies toilets when you go outside dressed Femme.

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  • Yes! of course i use the Ladies Toilets!
  • No! i use the Mens Toilets.
  • I wait until i get home.
  • I have never gone outdoors so i am unsure,
  • I use the Mens for now but i will eventually use the Ladies Toilets.
  • Other ( please specify below )
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      always the ladies when dressed, Its much safer

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      Michelle Wilmington
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      My 1st choice would be a private unisex or family bathroom, but failing that, yes I’d use the ladies room when presenting myself as a woman.

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      Rhonda Jones
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      The first time i went out en feminine i needed to use a public toilet , bath room to you girls .

      Here in New Zealand we have whatΒ  are called uni sex toilets , that means any one can use them . they are a single cubicle , and are completely private .

      And yes , i was a good girl .

      Rhonda .

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      JessicaCross Johnson
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      I always use the one that is aproiate to the way I’m dressed at the time, when I first went out en femme I was a Mexican eatery and went into the boys room and although there was no one else in there I felt really out of place. Ever since then I use the ladies when I am out en femme and feel much more comfortable when I’m in there.

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      Registered On: June 14, 2016
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      I have never had to use the facility when outdoors when dressed enfem.Β  I do use the ladies or non gender when I am at an event or something and dressed enfem.Β  But it has always been inside a building.Β  It hard to drop trow while tucked, so the local tree is safe.

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      Amy Myers
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      This is a cautious issue, but when enfemme, it would be more of an attention getter if one were to use the Men’s, instead of the Ladies.

      Manners and minimal voice use, and as Olivia mentioned, careful if there’s kids around.

      My last time at the mall, and I had to use the ladies, I had an interesting experience. Now my real age is 66, and most don’t take me for that, and then with makeup, I likely look 50 something. So, this young woman, mid 20’s perhaps started talking to me, as she was washing her hand vigoursly. She was working on a store display, and got some pine sap on her, and was having trouble getting it off. Sadly, I didn’t have anything to help her with. I’m thinking that she was taking me for a Mother figure, and I have a daughter about that age.

      A bit scary, as I certainly didn’t want to be made, as I was on my way out at the time, but it all seemed to go well. She thanked me, and wished me a Good Day.



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      Olivia Livin
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      I use the gender neutral or family bathroom whenever possible and if not, the ladies….with caution. I will watch to ensure no minors have entered or ask my gf to check for me. I believe respect is earned and not demanded and I also respect the right of parents and their children to feel safe. I am not a deviant and believe the same of most of the ladies here that I know, but we all know that they do exist in society. The parents who’s kids are using those bathrooms do NOT know your intentions and may assume the worst. As a cautious parent and grandparent who takes them out, if I can tell you’re a man, you’re not going in the ladies room while they are there. Please tread carefully and on the side of caution ladies.


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      Registered On: January 27, 2019
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      Usually the mall/shopping centers, etc. have a room for families for aΒ  parent of the other gender can either change a baby or help a toddler.Β  I try to use them.Β  Legal issue are too great for the ladies room and I would not be comfortable going into a men’s room dress en femme.Β  But I try not to use public restrooms at all and attempt to avoid them for my home instead.

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      Samantha Roarke
      Registered On: April 17, 2019
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      This is a very simple yes.

      Would a guy use the girls bathroom, or a girl use a guys bathroom in a “normal” setting? No.

      So you, presenting as a female (real or not) should 100% use the bathroom labeled for said gender.

      With this being said, use your manners and be and act lady like.

      Here are some helpful hints:

      1. Sit to pee, would a girl face the bowl and aim for it? No, so sit you butt down!

      2. Act like you’re suppose to be there, because you are!

      3. Don’t peep or gawk…Creeper!

      4. If you are NOT alone, comment on their outfit, shoes, purse….Small talk.

      5. I always bring a tampon in my purse…it’s not for you silly! But the poor girl in need of a life saver! Be that wing-girl, she will NEVER forget you!

      6. Always, do a once over in the mirror. Wig, lipstick, overall look check. Check yourself out, it’s okay! Just a no judgement reset before you go back into the wild!

      Hope this helps you!


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      Jannie Murry
      Registered On: October 15, 2019
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      I went to a outlet mall fully dressed en femme that was futher away from where I was used to shopping. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be that far away from my home and I could wait until I get home to use the toilet. However this time I knew that I couldn’t wait until I got home and I needed to relieve myself I found the food court and saw a sign that said Ladies Room. Holding my head high I walked down the hallway and saw that there wasn’t a door just a open doorway that led into the ladies room. I stepped into the room and saw two rows of stalls some open and some occupied I went into a open stall where I relieved myself then went to where the sinks were where I washed my hands and touched up my makeup This was the first time I had ever used a Ladies Room and it was such a beautiful experience for me that I always use a Ladies Room when I have the need to Thank you for letting me tell my experience


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      Emily Alt
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      I will always use the ladies toilet or a unisex toilet when presenting as female.Β  It just makes sense and is the safest option.Β  Being discovered in the men’s toilet by a homophobe/transphobe could be quite dangerous.Β  Of course common sense should always prevail.Β  Be aware of your environment and avoid places you’re likely to be unwelcomed.


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      Brianna 2 Heels
      Registered On: October 5, 2019
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      The 1st time I went out as Brianna I used the men’s room and after I came out my girlfriends told me that I used the wrong bathroom and next time let them know when I needed to go and they would go with me to the ladies room. Awesome friends!

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      MacKenzie Alexandra
      Registered On: May 20, 2016
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      As I usually present as a man regardless what I am wearing, I generally use the men’s restroom.Β  This has been awkward if I need to wait for a stall which I use exclusively if I am wearing a dress or skirt.Β  I do, however, use the women’s restroom if I am presenting as a woman.Β  I have never had an issue using either as above.Β  In either case, I take care of business and exit.Β  As someone else mention, I will elect to use a family or unisex bathroom, if available, for inconvenience.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Anne Preuss
      Registered On: December 13, 2018
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      I couldn’t imagine using the men’s when I “get my Anne on”. πŸ™‚

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      Amber Martinez
      Registered On: May 12, 2019
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      When I’m out shopping as amber.with my woman coworker or my new woman friend my landlady.i always use womens room just go in do my business and go on from there.just be like all the woman in there

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      Bren Whyme
      Registered On: November 30, 2018
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      Good Pole Fiona!!

      Ahh heck, I just pull what’s left of it out and pee on the floor!!!Β  LoL

      Of course I use the ladie’s restroom! I would never consider using the mens!! However, where I live, many of the newer and larger establishments are now providing us with Unisex Restrooms, which I opt for when available….

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Fiona,

      of couse when wearing ladies attire I use the Ladies room.


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      I wouldn’t even consider the gents if I’m femmed up – always use the facilities appropriate to your appearance.

      Love Laura

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      Patty Phose
      Registered On: May 7, 2016
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      When I’m out as Patty, I always use the ladies toilets. I don’t make a big thing about it or try to time when I go in. I just go in, go in a stall do what I went in there for and leave.

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      T.J. Byron
      Registered On: October 18, 2018
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      I use Both, men ‘s andΒ  lady ‘sΒ  toiletries.

      Dr. T.J.

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      Registered On: January 24, 2017
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      Hi Fiona, I’m assuming you are asking “When dressed en femme which toilet do you use?”Β  So I answered that I use the Ladies Toilet when fully in female mode.Β  But when in male wear, I use the men’s toilet – otherwise I’d definitely be causing a stir.

      And another BUT, there has been times when I was dressed in male mode and going into the men’s toilet when I’ve been stopped and told that I’m going into the wrong toilet (at Costco, at hotels, at restaurants) – and that I should be using the ladies toilet.Β  I guess I do a good job in passing (and without any makeup) even while dressed in male wear.Β  It does drive my SO crazy that I’m so often mistaken for female.

      Hugs, Krista

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        Fiona-Ann Moss
        Registered On: October 7, 2018
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        Uggghh! a blonde moment!! sorry Krista! Yes, i have now edited the poll to say when you are dressed Femme.

        Thanks for pointing that out, omg!! i’m going mad!! **roars laughing**!!

        Fiona xxx

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      T.J. Byron
      Registered On: October 18, 2018
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      I use Both, men ‘s andΒ  lady ‘sΒ  toiletries.


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