Do any of you use your dressing as a form of stress relief?

Do any of you use your dressing as a form of stress relief?

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      My automatic response was yes and that is true, I do use CDing as a form of self therapy. However, I think that is the wrong way to look at it.

      If I were in a sealed room, running out of oxygen, would taking a quick breath from an O2 tank be a form of therapy? Sure, it would make me feel better for a while, but that is because I need O2 to live. Just as I need O2, I need to express my feminine side. The reason I started to come out was that my mental health was spiraling in a dangerous way, my head was in some dark places. I have been out to my family for about a year. My mental health has been way better and my relationships with my family have been better.




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      Jocelyn Prescott
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      I definitely do. I work a high stress, fast paced job. It requires a lot of my time and energy both mental and social energy. At the end of the day I’m weighed down with decision fatigue and everything else.

      I don’t dress fully at home due to SO, but I have developed a nightly routine. I kiss the wife, shower, and spend some time applying lotion before slipping into my panties for the night. The whole thing takes away the days stress.

      When I do have time to fully dress Jocelyn has no stress. She’s carefree and enjoying sitting at home with a glass of wine and cuddling up with a good book or just chatting online with other girls.

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      Roberta Denny
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      I,voted no because I am able to dress as Roberta almost everyday.Twenty years ago I would have said yes.Back then I was working in my old office.It wasn’t a high powered job I was a clerk at the lowest grade.But as I took a lot of pride in my work I would take any brickbats thrown at my team personally.This led me to book the next day off.Going instore to buy some new clothes and pantyhose/ tights and going home to try them on served as great therapy.

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      Cindy Rush
      Registered On: June 12, 2020
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      Great Anwsers

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      stephanie plumb
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      Yes … and no.   I mostly don’t dress for stress relief per se, but to release the real me whenever I can. And this does have the benefit of bringing stress relief. Like other girls here the “feel good” feeling is quite overwhelming when I am able to be myself.  Sometimes the pressure builds so much that I feel I will explode if I don’t experience the true me,  so I guess this is true stress relief.

      There is a flip side though (isn’t there always?), and many of us experience it.  It is when we can’t be ourselves and this in itself causes much of the stress we feel and need to release.

      Stephanie P

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      Paula F
      Registered On: August 7, 2019
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      OMG yes!  The difference in my personality and demeanor and attitude is like night and day from when I get home from work as compared to 30 minutes later after I have changed into the proper wardrobe and put grumpy in the closet one more time.


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      karley delaware
      Registered On: October 23, 2017
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      All the time!!   My work environment is with “neanderthal ” guys with woman who do not think I am too much of a man because of my short stature and build, my interest are not considered manly, my demeanor is not aggressive. I am trapped in a blue collar job for pay and benefits.  As karley, I am that short sweet girl, the guys fuss over and be  protective of………….eager to tell  and teach me things…………….the girls see me as a little sister they want to be protective of …………and also want to tell and teach me things…………….

      Dressing helps keep me balanced emotionally and psychologically by exploring past hurts and misunderstandings as the girl I think I should have been.  I think my mom wanted me to be a girl but could not communicate that because of the other boys and her mental condition.  So when dressed, I will explore  and relive  as a girl……………..karley

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      Diane Crow
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      That is a wonderful question. When I started crossdressing with any seriousness a year ago I felt a level of self love that I had never experienced before. In fact I received the love from myself that I had never received from anyone else. The loving caress of my soft hairless skin. The luxury of shaving my legs and the amazing feeling of actually feeling my skin against fabrics. The act of looking in the mirror and loving how I look. Feeling beautiful and complimented. I had never, sadly, experienced a love anywhere close to that from my parent’s, wives or anyone in my life. The simple act of experiencing the love of self was so foreign to me, any simple act of self love was a revaluation to me. Being able to embrace the feminine portions of my being have had an enormous impact on my self esteem and my creativity. Releasing the self doubt and genuinely, openly, embracing me in all its complexity is the most liberating form of therapy I can imagine. So I guess the question “Do I use dressing as therapy?” for me not just therapy or the act of therapy, but an actual reveling of the inside expression’s of the love I feel for myself, inside, becoming tangibly visible on the outside.



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      Amber Scott
      Registered On: June 30, 2019
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      I work in a high stress job. When I get home Amber comes out. Stress levels plummet immediately.

      Love and Peace,


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      Penny Jay
      Registered On: August 4, 2020
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      Like others have said, I don’t consciously dress to reduce my stress but I do feel a lot calmer while dressed and afterwards. My wife has also commented on this, occasionally saying “go and put a skirt on or something, you are so worked up right now”.

      Is it the process of concentrating on ones self, a little bit of pampering and feeling better about ones self afterwards? Putting number one first for a little while? A nice distraction from whatever situation large or small?

      Anyways, I just love it, and all you lovely ladies here on CDH 💘


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      Christina Roberts
      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      i certainly do dress to ease stress, anxiety and when dressed it is so soothing and relaxing and so calming.

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      Caty Ryan
      Registered On: August 27, 2017
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      Caty has been a part of my life for 40 something years. In those early years she was “stress relief” from a broken marriage and this contiuued until the turn of this century.

      A new and loving relationship came along about then and Caty had a few years sabbatical. But post that she came back with a vengance and now when she can be herself, fully made up, dressed and “out in the world”, its feeling of inner peace thats almost impossible to describe

      Escept to say. “Hi Caty, how are you today?”. Response. “Just fine thanks” I am “me”.




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      Tabitha Tee
      Registered On: July 30, 2020
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      I could have answered this either way. On one hand, being Tabitha gives me a outlet for feelings I must otherwise bottle up, on the other as a closeted girl I always keep an ear tunes to the driveway lest someone come home early.

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      yes I use also as therapy. more mood relax and testosteron discipline control and   decrease.

      also  There are other reasons to be a woman.


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      Cindy Rush
      Registered On: June 12, 2020
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      Keep all these interesting views coming LOL XOXO

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      Laura Jane Moore
      Registered On: July 10, 2020
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      It soothes my soul and as I get older I have become much more patient with my makeup … as others have already said… the whole dressing experience makes me whole.

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      Joanne Jackson
      Registered On: May 26, 2020
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      Yes, it is a nice form of stress relief as it makes me happy.  Makes me whole.  On the other hand dressing is also stressful in and of itself.  ‘what will the kids say?  What will the neighbors think? Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!”

      I will say that, for me at least, it is becoming less stressful as the wife becomes more accepting (yay!).

      So more relief than stress these days.


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      Dylie Wink
      Registered On: September 30, 2020
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      It’s always been very therapeutic for me personally lol. It’s like I can’t stop once I start sometimes xD

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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      It’s a Yes, and No answer for me… I don’t ‘purposely’ look forward to dressing for the thetherapeutic value… however when I’m in my panties, bra, forms, baby blue nighty and am putting a bit of make up on, I find it very relaxing and makes me feel happy on the inside… I enjoy that imensely…

      Gen 💋

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      Patty Phose
      Registered On: May 7, 2016
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      I absolutely love being Patty. I dress everyday. When I’m all dressed and made up, I feel so good. I love how I look and feel. It seems to put off stress and worries I may be having. If I go out, now I’m totally distracted from those stress and worries and totally focused on my going out, with all the fear, excitement, thrills and rush that comes with it. Being Patty is like an escape. I become someone else.

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      Registered On: June 29, 2018
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      Yes, my crossdressing is definitely a form of stress relied. However it’s much much more than a stress reliever to me! It’s absolutely essential to my happiness and mental well-being and that’s why my wife is so supportive of my thrill of crossdressing!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

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      Abby M
      Registered On: October 7, 2020
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      I have been working on my physical and mental health due to the time I have related to the pandemic. I had always wondered about this and finally acted out on my impulses. I honestly felt that how I have been conditioned by society that when I do something, I’d just be like I’m glad I tried it but it isn’t for me; I honestly kept thinking that I might feel a little bit sick about it or something. To my surprise, every time I try on something new I feel good about myself. I feel confident and sexy. I feel like it is doing wonders for me, I just feel like if I revealed what I am doing to others in my life that they wouldn’t be so understanding. So while I feel that what I am doing is therapeutic, I’m doing it privately.

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      Heather Jameson
      Registered On: April 1, 2019
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      Definitely, I find it very relaxing to dress as it lets me express the real me. No ugly clothes, some pretty stuff and Heather just shines on through. I used to commute 45 minutes to work and used to love wearing a nice pair of heeled boots in the fall and winter, if I had a bad day put my boots on for the drive home and felt much better by the time I got home.

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      Alyssa Blair Harris
      Registered On: July 2, 2020
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      Interesting question and one I’ve been thinking on recently. I am currently quite rundown and stressed and haven’t dressed in some time. In the past, a good dressing routine has helped me alleviate that. I answered “yes” but as another poster as Mary Ann says, I think its more a case of feeling whole. Not dressing, feeling slightly scared almost of re-engaging with the femme side, is part of the reason I’m not relaxed. So, it would be a therapy to dress, but not because it is therapy, but because I am lacking it in my life at the moment.

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      Deborah Sullivan
      Registered On: February 27, 2020
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      I prefer enjoying both worlds equally. I love the transformation which allows me to be myself

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      Mary Ann Summers
      Registered On: April 29, 2020
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      I agree with Suzette…I do not necessarily use it as stress relief, It is more like I’m incomplete and scattered when I’m not Mary Ann. She makes me whole and then the world makes sense when I am completely her. I just feel more in my element so therefore the stress of my living my life as my male self seems to melt away.

      I hope that somehow make a little bit of sense.

      Hugs, Mary Ann

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      Kay Anderson
      Registered On: June 1, 2020
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      I chose yes. When I put on makeup, a wig and clothes I feel like my true self. There is a feeling of being congruent and complete.

      Besides dressing being therapy, my therapy resulted in dressing. The more I worked on myself, the result was Kay stepping out from the shadows. Kind of a two way street.

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      Debbie Werner
      Registered On: September 12, 2020
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      Registered On: August 5, 2018
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      Absolutely, it has been that way for years. Besides relieving stress it allows me to be my true self and that is a form of therapy.

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      Kelli Marlowe
      Registered On: August 4, 2020
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      Absolutely! Something to look forward to at the end of a long day of work/errands

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      Laura Lovett
      Registered On: March 26, 2020
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      Yes, that’s a big part of my reasons for dressing.

      The feeling of the last finishes to the look is so de-stressing that I feel joyful to step outside and get on with living, freed from my day to day worries – it’s like a holiday from myself, except that I am being myself, only in a more authentic, happy and relaxed way.

      Small things become sources of wonder and enjoyment, nothing seems to be a problem with no solution – I dream up solutions to all kinds of things that seem minor road blocks in my male life, most of which seem to work.

      One issue I do face from this is that prolonged periods in drab make me question whether I’m imagining this phenomena… My male side can get so negative without a regular dose of Laura!

      Love Laura


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      Tiff Any
      Registered On: June 1, 2019
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      I guess getting to see me complete externally provides some therapy , I’m feminine inside so adding the makeover gives me as close to full female as I can get.

      It’s certainly relaxing & soul filling 🌹🌹😊😊


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      Grace Scarlett
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      Hello Cindy

      I do agree with Suzette, I am definitely 100% more relaxed when dressed, but there again, when I’m out and about En femme, there are elements of stress in that too…so it’s a bit of a mix really. ( fighting for the last bargain on the sale rail with two other girls can be a smidge stressful… especially if you don’t get it..haha)  ❤️ grace xx

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      Suzette York
      Registered On: September 4, 2020
      Topics: 1
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      Not sure that i would say that i use it as a form of stress relief and there are times when even dressing is very stressful.  However, as you say since i feel more at ease and natural dressed en femme i do find that i am much more relaxed and feel more myself when dressed and even for a bit afterwards having had some time to be my authentic self.



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