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      Just curious if others have had this experience while sleeping and remembering dreams of being crossdressed. I seem to have several a week and sometimes more than one a night. The dreams vary from being out in public and being as discrete/hidden as possible. To being fully open to all those around me.

      Mind you I am not out to anyone in my family, neighbors, or really anyone other than the fine folks here at CDH.



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      Sadly, I don’t remember dreams anymore. At my age, I am dreamed out. JJ

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      Hi Charris
      I have them too several times a week. Sometimes in full female mode,sometimes in stealth mode, sometimes getting caught. Always something to contemplate when I wake up.

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      I dont have many…but when I do I am usually about to get caught by someone who doesnt know.  Usually a panic situation trying to get out of some complicated female garb

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      I have about 2-3 dreams per week about being dressed. They are usually pretty ridiculous and funny. Sometimes I’m out having fun and sometimes I’m in panic mode for some reason. I usually get a pretty good laugh the next morning.

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      yes i have deams about being dressed, mainly about being out having coffeee with others, one i do though is to tray and get to sleep i think of every thing that i love to wear and imagine myself like that, whether it be dresses , nighties, underwear or what ever, its relaxing to me i do fall asleep


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      I have dreams in which i am a woman. Sometimes from my perspective and other times looking at myself. They are very vivid and real. Shannon

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      Oh God, Yes..Can’t find my clothes, I’m wearing bra and panties; or someone stops by and my lingerie is hanging everywhere…

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      Very rarely, but when I do have crossdressed dreams, I’m in some compromised position.  Ugh!

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      I occasionally have dreams of being dressed. Maybe I’m just in heels, usually some other female attire. I’m always afraid of someone noticing but they never do or don’t care. I wish it would be like that in real life. I wish I would have more crossdressing dreams.

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      Daydreams? Too many to count! The main one is being casually but obviously dressed, in a nail salon with my wife, and having full on gossip sessions where I don’t have to watch what I say at all because I’m in no fear of being given away (everyone already knows and is cool with it). Just one of the girls.

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      Hi Charris
      I have had lots of crossdressing dreams I just wish they would come true.
      Sarah xx

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      Amy Oxley

      I can only remember having a couple of dreams.

      First dream we had the entire family over to visit. We are all sitting in the garden when I suddenly realise I have forgotten to change back to male mode. Panic set in and I ran up stairs to change. That dream woke me up in a sweat.

      Second dream was very similar, family including my mother were sitting in our garden with us when I suddenly realised again that I was wearing a dress. But this time I stayed still and although I was aware that people had noticed I was dressed, no one made any comment and the conversation carried on as normal. I remember the wonderful feeling of freedom I felt sitting there in my pretty dress.

      If only life could be like the second dream.

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      I’ve had a couple of very vivid dreams about CDing. And at 65, I don’t have too much recall of my dreams. These have been an exception. The only thing I could say that would pass the moderators is I was someone’s lover.

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        when you go to sleep wearing a lovely silky nightdress the chances of dreaming about being CD i would have thought is quite high. I guess it´s about the mood you in when turning in for the night.

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      Sounds so VERY familiar to me! So joyful!

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      Caty Ryan

      I do so reasonably frequently, but the details fade away quite quickly once I am awake.

      Sad… But true.



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      Thank you all for the great responses. It is not easy to recall dreams, oddly enough the ones we remember the most are those that effect us emotionally. You tend to always remember the scariest moments as well as the happiest.
      After reading the responses it seems we all have similar dreams. Each one reminded me of one I have had or at least something similar. From being afraid of being caught, forgetting your in girl mode, or even going on with no one even batting an eye.

      I only asked this question because 2 nights ago I was able to lucid dream through one. It was amazing.


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        You are right. In most of my more memoral nightmares, I’m back at work. And have no idea what I’m doing.

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      Valerie Kennedy

      Interesting question Charris! I rarely do; the few I have had I am often half en femme…like wearing the clothes but no wig, or makeup and male clothes. I suppose it’s probably symbolic of me not being out to more than just three people

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      I have occasionally. Sometimes I was a woman. But that’s very rare. I think Dani was driving that dream (ever seen the Disney movie “Inside Out”?) 😉
      Even at 65 I am still having the dreams where I show up to school or work or someplace else naked.
      Great topic.

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      Dreams, dreams and more dreams.  As stated in one of the posts “if only they would come true”.

      Yes, Requal has been in my dreams from time to time. (over 60 years)

      As Requal does not get very much time to appear, she just has to dream, dream and dream on.

      Beautiful post Charris.

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      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      hi Charris…………….sometimes I have wonderful dreams…………not of crossdressing…………..but being ….THAT GIRL!!!! ……………………..short and cute with a long ponytail …………shy boyfriends I like to tease ………and get them to talk to me………………..having conversations with my mother (Ithink she wanted me to be a girl) …………………….boys always wanting to help and show me how to do things………………girls…….fussing over little karley………………..fixing her hair……………..being protective of her………………….just sweet little karley…………………………………

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      Patty Phose

      I have them all the time.

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      Once in a while I have dreams where I am dressed as a woman or end up in a situation with the opportunity to dress up femme. But I also have dreams where I am a fully functional woman and as such I have both been married and given birth to a baby daughter at a hospital.

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        Wow, never had kids yet!  That would probably be a good topic for you to start to see how many others have had the same? Oddly, being gender fluid, that has never ever crossed my mind. Wonder why?

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      J J

      Yes, moderately often. They seem to be occurring more frequently as I dress more often. They seemed to have replaced my naked in public dreams, as now I am usually dressed en femme in public. Sometimes it is just lingerie, a la the pitching in lingerie and garterbelt scene in Bull Durham.

      They also seem to involve me trying pass it off as normal, often in front of relatives. Occasionally they are dreams of being out and about and it is perfectly normal.

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      I have had dreams, for example, that I went out to the bar and a guy sent me a cocktail with the waitress and I went and thanked him and we talked and he liked it and he fell in love with me and I kept calling to invite me to his apartment because he says he lives alone now he keeps sending me text messages and says he can’t wait for the day to see us again

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      Sarah Car

      Often dream of being on a night out dressed up , having dinner then on to a show , nice dream but can never happen in real , unfortunately.

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      Wendie Cross

      I do and most mornings I smile remembering the dream.

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      Pretty much every night.

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      I have had multiple.  I still dress secretly, so family doesn’t find out.

      I have had dreams where I was caught, I purposely dressed to be caught, I was out to everyone, and sometime I have dreamt I was a woman.

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      I do have them, but not as often as you.

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      I dont really have night time dreams. I do have day time dreams of being dressed. Sometimes they are innocent. BUT sometimes the day dreams are well. I will leave at tnat.

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      I have only had one dream where I was dressed. I have also had a dream where I was a cis gendered female. I think it’s the best dream I have ever had that I can remember.

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      Yes I do. I have dreams of being caught…but those who catch me don’t ever blink an Eye in the dream. Wife, mostly, in those dreams it’s just a part of life, no big deal.

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      Hi, well, only 1 dream that I recall.  It was in a different time, place, and totally different culture, as a late teen or early 20’s young woman. But it was so unbelievably real.  I mean, I could feel another person’s hands and fingers doing an exam on my body, besides watching the Moon rise, feeling the clothes I was wearing (silk), the wind across my face and body, hearing other sounds in the night.  Oh, and it was pretty much 1st person, as in I’m looking out of this female body, having my awake time memories and thoughts, but also knowing some of the circumstances around me.  Just wish it had continued and/or I could remember more dreams like that <sigh>

      Hugs, ChloëC

      ps according to some reports of nighttime sleep which I remember reading, we are in a ‘dream’ state at least 3 or 4 times per night (well, the majority of subjects, anyway), but we seldom remember any of them, or if we do, it’s only for moments after we wake. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if I (or any of you) have more cd/tg dreams than we all might realize.

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      Staci Gal

      I do, occasionally.  No real specific details, but the dreams are very pleasant.  Staci…

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      [postquote quote=742093]
      Thank you

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      I do occasionally.
      I’ve been having them for many years. Early on they were filled with shame and a need to hide or change. But as I continue to get older and more relaxed with my dressing, my dreams seem to follow suit. In recent dreams I’ve been almost fully dressed in either a dress or skirt, and much more relaxed in the dream environment.
      It’s not every night, though. At most it’s once or twice a month.

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      I have them occasionally, but since I have been slowly coming out, they have been less in number. Mind you, I’m not totally open, but it’s as if I’m facing one of my biggest fears and the reality isn’t as scary as the imagination.

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      I very seldom have such dreams.  Please tell me how I can have more.  I often sleep in nighties, but when I do have deep peaceful sleep, no dreams.  When in man grab, very restless and dream a lot , mostly bad.

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      Sure, I have dreams about wearing girly things, and sometimes about doing girly things with the guys!

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I used to dream….and occasionally have nightmares about getting caught.  The dreams became reality.  I get caught every day.  I’m not crossdressing anymore.


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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      When I was young I used to have the same reoccurring dream all the time. This probably started around age 10. My family was Catholic and I went to a Catholic Grammar School. Not sure if this explains anything or not. I used to dream that a couple of Nuns would chase me down, running and hiding all over the neighborhood. Their intent was to catch me and dress me as a girl. I would run and hide but they caught me most of the time.

      That dream left me around age 16, but I would have it 2 or 3 times a week. over the years I have had an occasional dream of being a girl but not very often.

      I hadn’t realized it until now but since I started going out dressed a couple of years ago.  I really don’t have CD dreams. I just have memories now.

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