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      Hi ladies!

      I had an interesting insight this morning as I was dressing. That insight was that as crossdressers, we’re probably healthier than the average male! Why is that? Well, because as women, we want to look our very best. We want to be able to fit into that LBD or bathing suit, we want to be able to buy those cute fashions we see at the stores, we want to look nice and pretty when we go out in public. This means we’re more aware of our feminine presentation, we’re watching our weight, and we’re careful about what we eat. This means that we’re eating healthier, we’re eating less, we’re not eating junk food or drinking too many sugary drinks, that kind of thing. We may also do more exercises, because, let’s face it, while we may not be vain, we definitely want to look our very best as women!

      When we’re in our male roles we may not be as fastidious about what we eat, or about our appearance, but one additional benefit of crossdressing (and yes, there are lots of them!) is that our male selves definitely benefit from the care we take of ourselves as women.

      So of course, that got me to wondering…

      Does crossdressing make you healthier?



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      I have found that I check my sugar intake as much as possible and I have been eating more salads than years before. I do take care of my nails and moisturize my skin and face. I do watch my weight and try to keep it down and lose that dad belly, which translates to NO beer! Fewer carbs! Oh and exercise by walking and yoga. Never worried about that in my 40’s but now I do.

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      I would say yes.  I watch what I eat and workout very regularly.  Frankly I want to try to look good in a dress, but I also want to be heathy and live life to the fullest, so I am careful.  Although calories don’t count on Bdays and the Holidays 🙂

      I truly believe it also helps with my mental health because after I confessed and came clean to my SO I was able to accept that I am what I am and that frankly I love being a woman albeit part time.  The whole coming clean and accepting myself really helped to alleviate all the stress, tension and confusion that was running around in my head.



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      Dawn Judson

      Yeah, I do take slightly better care of my body because of my female persona– especially my skin. I’m not a vain man, but I’m a very vain woman. I also find that, as a female, I seem to have more strength & endurance.

      Concerning mental health, I once battled depression & anxiety, but not any more. My wife thinks that it may be because I had to suppress my femininity. Now that Dawn is allowed to “come out & play”, I’m much more at peace.

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      I’m not sure if I’m healthier but I’ve always watched my weight staying within a ten pound range. When it goes up I cut down on portions and when down I get second helpings… lol. My problem is my body shape from DNA, it is what it is, and every pound I gain seems to go to my belly…. sigh. My belt is my fat monitor.

      I do take much better care of my skin shaving and moisturizing than I ever did before I came out. In the past few years with peels and scrubs I’ve improved my fascial tone a good bit.

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      Mary Priscilla
      Duchess - Annual

      Initially, my response was elated to my my mental state as I am extremely happy when dressed and able to interact with others. On second thought, I realized that my physical health has improved as I am far more conscious of my weight and, as a result, overall health.

      The doctor is in and taking appointments.


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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      Yes.  But I see it from a mental health perspective.

      Crossdressing helped relieve my gender dysphoria.  Being in a better place mentally and emotionally was the catalyst for making better health choices.  So yes, I reap some health benefits from crossdressing.

      I also believe if I’m happy it has a positive effect on the people around me.  As a social animal I need people in my life.  To have that I have to live authentically.

      My closet manifest a lot of dark times.  I wasn’t much fun to be around.  Those days are over.


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      Angela Booth

      Yes it makes you think more about your health. I gave up smoking as it wasn’t good a didn’t think very feminine.

      Is the next question does it make you wealthier? Well even though I have saved on not buying cigarettes I spend a lot on clothes. While my wardrobe is richer my purse is poorer….

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      J J

      For me, yes, but for others I am not so sure. First off, I get pleasure from dressing, so I am a happier person, which probably does help make me healthier. I have always tried to stay fit and trim, and over all healthy, so in that respect I doubt it matters.

      Others still struggle with dressing and all the negative thoughts and sham that some feel, so in that respective I suspect they are less healthy. Also, since gg’s can have many body image issues, I suspect those obsessed with their appearance may have negative health outcomes as well.

      If we are in a good place with our dressing, then I do think we can be healthier and happier for it. All the positive energy and stories throughout this site, hopefully, helps those still struggling with their dressing.

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      A definite yes for me. I’m taking better care of my hair and skin now more than I have ever have in my entire adult life.

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      I think that crossdressing has made me more aware of my body, as in fat belly and rough skin.  I try to moisturize now like women do.  I don’t seem to know what to do about my belly fat, but I’m considering options. I still exercise each day, 3 to 5 miles of jogging and walking.  It doesn’t take the fat off though.

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      Love this question! I say yes it does. At least for me because I’ve come out as transgendered and been diagnosed as having gender dysphoria. So I now present as a woman regularly both mentally and physically. I admit I have not come out to my entire circle of family and friends yet. My spouse, close friends and my brother know me as Debbie Lynn. It’s been wonderful to finally be the woman I’ve always know has been hidden inside me. Hugs! Debbie Lynn

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      Hi girls,

      Many of you may know that I have passed crossdressing and have transitioned to living as a woman, legally a female.
      So the best way to answer this question is to quote my cardiologist. He told me that I’d found the fountain of youth! As a result of transitioning, my lab results showed a dramatic reduction of bodily stress levels and my heart functions were that of a much younger person. He said I’ve probably added another 15 years to my life and that I even look 15 years younger than I am.
      I can tell you that is a definite boost to your mental health as well, I’ve never felt happier in my life than I do now living as the woman I always knew I was.

      Big hugs ladies,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      CD’ing makes me happier, more content and more outgoing which in turn benefits my mental health. Physically, I do take better care of my skin and maybe some of the more unused muscles in my legs are stronger from walking in heels.

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      Hi Holly, Ladies,

      I am definitely healthier especially related to weight due to crossdressing. I want to fit into all those fabulous dresses and outfits! I’ve improved my diet due anyway being slightly more seasoned anyway. I don’t drink much. Also, something most guys don’t do, is I focus on the skin care. The benefit goes the other way as well. Walking around in heels feels like a workout! Then I go skiing and the legs don’t burn as much going all day. I suppose acceptance of being “strange” and a CD was also the big part. In the past I would drink to try push these feelings down so I couldn’t act upon them.


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      Plenty exercise to keep in shape.

      I eat healthier with an eye on keeping in shape and also a healthy diet helps the condition of the skin.

      I use skin products with an SPF to reduce wrinkles but also reduce risk of skin cancer.

      I tell myself  cocktails containing fruit juice are healthier than lots of beer LOL

      etc etc

      B x

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      I didn’t make a conscious effort necessarily, but since I started dressing I drink less, and although I was exercising already I have added more to my routine.
      I’m still having trouble with controlling portions when I’m eating though. Food is one pleasure I find difficult to cut back on. 😋 Thank goodness for body shapers!


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      I believe that it has made me healthier . It’s made me look at my body and showed me that I really need to tone my body to look better . It’s also made me eat healthier and reduce alcohol consumption .

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      Well, at this moment, I’m the only ‘No’ vote.  I had to vote that way because it’s about 75% my own desire to keep my weight somewhat decent (I started going to the gym before Covid and now I’m back at it), about 15 because my spouse wants me to stay healthy (she keeps trying to make me eat healthier than I usually do) and that leaves about 10% because I still want to fit the clothes I do have, well, at least for a few more years, anyway.  So, it’s mostly a No, but there is some crossdressing in there a little.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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      Yes, it definitely makes me healthier, for multiple reasons. I’m not in that great of shape, but I do consciously want to get rid of my belly fat. And I try to remember that when I’m eating or grocery shopping. Also, cute running skirts! 😊 women’s running wear is a great reason to want to go out running or hiking.

      My mental health also needs at least some feminine expression. If I can’t dress and get out once in a while, it just drags me down in the dumps and depresses me. I’m definitely a happier girl when I’m dressed en femme. Hmmmm, should I be interpreting that to mean something more for me?

      Nancy ❤️

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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      When I am in femme mode I definitely eat better. I find I think about what I am going to eat and then try to eat it without messing up my lipstick. I also know that when I am in drab, I eat yo reward and comfort myself, I know that is a bad reason, just being truthful. My weight is not the best, and I know I have to lose a lot. The more femme I am the more the weight comes off. Now if I could just get my doctor to prescribe 24/7 femme time to shed the pounds, lol.

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      Yes, if for no other reason than it relieves one of the biggest killers of humans, stress, which can lead to many diseases. So to help stay healthy, dress often! Amazing what a new pair of panties, or shoes can do for oneself.

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      Has as absolutely nothing to do with my health one way or another

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      Eat better and exercise more as I care more about my appearance

      Less stress as I’ve come out to my wife though I do get stressed when I’m trying the find the right matching shoes!

      Happier as I am more myself


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      I voted no because I spend too much time on this site sitting around when I should be exercising.

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      Hi Holly, i answered yes because not only does it encourage you to keep fit because surely we want that nice body? But it also, i find, helps your Mental state of mind too. There really are so many benefits that doctors should prescribe it……

      Fiona xx

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        Agreed. That’s a good one, Fiona! I love it. ❤️😁


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      There have been studies on men wearing female clothes. One study found that men who wore panties were more confident about themselves and had more self esteem. If you enjoy something them doing it will make you happy. Life is too short to worry about what others will think or say about what you do.

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      Thanks for this thoughtful question Holly.  I find that I tend to be watchful of my weight and am quick to correct transgressions that make my clothes not fit well.  So, I guess that does make me healthier.   Marg

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      Agreed. We want to look our very best, and we must discipline ourselves to look our very best. I feel that cross-dressing is a powerful motive to exercise, eat less, and eat healthy to keep our girly figure. So “yes” got my vote, sister. 👗

      XOXO Rev

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      I voted yes Crossdressing has definitely made me healthier like others I continue to watch my weight and calorie intake i also added a daily skin routine a few years back that I feel has really made a difference.

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      For me, dressing makes me happier and less stressed; even my wife notices it and often comments on it. I also exercise more – I have a home gym and exercise in girly sports wear – sports bra, Lycra panties, short gym skirt, women’s gym shoes…

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      Like everyone here it certainly helps the mental state of mind and a real relaxer but in addition it keeps me exercising and love to jog or bike ride when weather permits in a sports bra and tights or yoga pants. It also keeps us aware of our shape like the belly so I am always watching that to keep my girlie figure. And lets not forget the benefit of walking in heels to keep calf muscles strong.

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      Hi girls,
      My answer is a resounding and definitive yes, in my case throughout my life I tried several times to adopt a healthier lifestyle and exercise but I always ended up giving it up, now I understand that it was because I did not have a true motivation unlike now that my crossdressing is my great motivation for the last 2 years I have been living a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet, exercise and sleeping the recommended time, and I will continue living like this for all the years that I have left haha. In addition, I also think that seeing the result of a healthy lifestyle (in my case I have lost 22 pounds and reduced my waist measurement by 5 inches in this 2 years) is very beneficial for our mood and motivates us more to keep living a healthy lifestyle, plus it definitely helps us look our best when we transform and are femme.

      Greetings to all girls, mua!

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        Thank you for sharing this with the sisters. It’s nice to know that cross-dressing has helped motivate you to lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle, and that you will continue to do this for the rest of your life. Congratulations on your weight loss. I’m so proud of you, and you look amazing! I also continue to exercise not only to stay slim and trim, but look my best when I transform as Rev. Like you, I plan on doing this for the rest of my life to look good, feel good, and stay healthy. I love being a CD!

        Sigue así y mantente saludable, novia. 💖

        ❤️ Rev

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