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    Hello all

    I have never worn any make up, so my question is.  Is it hard to get foundation/eyeliner/ lipstick off. what I mean is will soap and water remove it or does each item need its own “Remover?”

    Dying to sort my eyebrows out and get rid of some wrinkles (Can anybody recommend a good trowel…lol)

    Many thanks in advance.

    Wilma X

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      Liara Wolfe
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      Soap and does work. The way I do it, is I use a nuetrogena makeup remover sheet first then clean with soap and water. I get everything off with no problem, including mascara and eyeliner.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Lauren Mugnaia
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      Hi girls,
      Seeing as I am a trans woman full time at my workplace, I wear full makeup everyday. I use a makeup remover with cotton pads to remove all my eye makeup, which is eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and eyebrow pencil. My favorite makeup remover is “Take The Day Off” by Clinique. It works like a charm, hold the soaked pad on your eyes and after ten seconds gently wipe it all off. For removing the rest, which is primer, concealer and a bit of foundation, good old soap and warm water with a wash cloth removes most of it. After I’ve done that I use a cleansing moisturizer from Cera Ve, massage that all over your face for a minute and then rinse it off and gently towel off your face. You’re done, and you’ve cleansed and moisturized the skin on your face!

      cheers ladies,

      Lauren M

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      you might think I crazy, I use Soyl Industrial Hand cleaner with Fibril, yep the kind you use after working on your car,  it has no solvents in it. I gently rub it on including around my eyes and 99% of the make up is gone. may still have a light tint on the lips and some mascara on the eyes

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      Hi Wilma,  you’ve already received good advice and suggestions from the others, so I’ll just cover the issues with soap and water.  Back in the day, long before the internet (70’s and 80’s and a little into the 90’s), there were times where I went full make-up – lipstick and gloss, two shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil (after a little trimming), a bit of foundation, several shades of blended blush, and of course fragrance.  It felt…great to be able to do all that.

      But, to do that, first I knew I had to have way enough time to enjoy it, and second, way enough time to remove it all. So yes, I used soap and (warm to hot) water, and tried to be very gentle about it, soft cloths, etc. And then a shower to continue, and then back to wash basin to do it all again. And then an hour or so later in front of the mirror again, to make sure all that eyeliner was really off.  And maybe another gentle warm soapy wiping to make sure all the fragrance was off.  And then a little later check it all again.

      Today, I really don’t apply anywhere near that, I’m dressed right now, and just a little lipstick.

      So, if you have the time and the right cleaning supplies, go for it.  Just make sure you allow time for removal.

      Hugs, ChloeC

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      Marg Produe
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      Hi Wilma and Natasha,

      For years I have been removing makeup for both myself and others with  Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes.  They are the best that I have ever used.  They come in different sized packs and you can get a  pack of 25 for around $8.  No need to wash when done using them.  Just wipe and toss and they don’t seem to irritate faces.  They also have a refill pack that I buy and then just put a few in a baggie and toss that into my makeup bag.  My wife is a dancer and says that Neutrogena Towelettes are usually seen in the dressing rooms too.  You can buy them at any drug store or online.  I hope that helps you.  Marg

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      Gabriela Romani
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      In general, women want their makeup to last longer once they have applied, so that is what most makeup companies try to provide them with.
      So, for starters, stay away from anything which is described as “long lasting”, “water proof”, “stain”, etc.

      There are two main things you will need to have, in particular if you don’t have running water: a jar of “cold cream”, and a roll of “shop disposable towels” (the ones similar to kitchen towels but are heavy duty, normally they are blue).
      Cover all the areas you applied makeup to with cream. Don’t be shy, use a good amount. Let it sit some 30 seconds, and start whipping your face with the towels.
      I’d say at least 90% will be removed. Repeat on the areas where you still can see any traces of makeup. Or, have some baby oil and cotton pads on hand to remove the rest. (And a good mirror and light source so you can inspect in detail)

      Goes without saying… don’t go crazy with mascara, may be the most complicated to remove.

      And once you think you are done, check the area near the tears ducts in both eyes, your nostrils, and any creases in your lips.

      Good luck.

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        Carmen Cruz
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        I’m going to second this comment for the cold cream, but add “damp” towelettes for removing for a faster effect, though dry towel works in a pinch.

        Cold-creams (like Ponds) are extremely gentle and moisturizing at the same time and well, makes your skin just naturally glow healthy with consistent use. I’ve found the longer you let it sit on your face after rubbing it all in, even makeup left in the creases, waterproof mascara, any tint on lips, and even lash glue, are all that much easier to simply wipe away without rubbing.

        Ah yes, cold-cream… I love thee.

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      Lynda Jones
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      HI Wilma,
      Don’t buy waterproof mascara it’s pain to remove. I keep makeup wipes in my car all the time. I found Neutrogena eye makeup remover pads work great. Check out the makeup section and you will find all kinds for makeup remover wipes that will fit in your purse or pocket. enjoy


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      Natasha Inaskirt
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      I would be fascinated to know this too. I put some makeup on yesterday without foundation and made my face sore removing it. Perhaps I am using the wrong makeup remover?

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        Hi Natasha

        I’m thinking of wearing make up at work but need to know if i can remove it easily without carrying a pharmaceutical company in my back pack.

        I sit for 3.5 hours in a radar office, so I could experiment if its easy to remove. There is no running water at the office so would need to take some with me.


        Wilma X

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