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    Late Sunday evening my sister in law wandered in to see my stockinged feet and pedicured bright red nails on display.  The next day it was agreed that “She who must be obeyed “ would speak with her sister and our granddaughter and include them in the circle who know about Lisa.

    Today having been told it was fine with both I had the opportunity to check with my granddaughter.  We had a lovely chat and the subject of men’s inability to do up bras came up.  My granddaughter assured me that in her experience men when faced with several rows of clips on a bra were completely baffled. Regretfully I had to agree with her since I was able to undo a woman’s bra one handed at sixteen but it took more than forty years before I managed to take that to the next stage and do a bra up.

    it’s so lovely to be relaxed and natural as a crossdresser with family.

    I’m such a lucky girl.


    lisa xxx

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      Yep I can undo the SO’s bra one handed in seconds but still battle hooking up mine.
      I am glad your in-laws were so understanding and open. My SO didn’t say anything about it but we went to her sister’s house for Easter. Frankly her family are more than a bit uptight, so I felt like I should remove my nail polish and at lest appear more drab for the day, did have lace panties on under my jeans. I suppressed the urge to wear my fancy fashion pantyhose and skirt with bra and forms but thought it might be a bit much. I don’t know if I will ever come out to them. Which seems rather sad! Of course I haven’t come out to my brother either I am not sure how he would react, again sad! He is still a “Trumpie” so I sort fear the worse.

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      Trisha Lilly Hibbert
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      Hi Lisa, it’s amazing news that you can be more open. I find the conversations you can have are soo much more feminine and you can be more relaxed too.

      Love Trish

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      Regine Rich
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      That’s wonderful Lisa, so happy for you
      Hugs, Regi👩💕

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      Layla Jones
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      Wonderful story and experience so happy for you and your family you and they are very lucky layla x

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      Olivia Livin
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      Hi Lisa

      Thats awesome about family and I’m happy for you, I know it made my life easier having them know. Much better than them finding out through gossip or a slip up from someone else.

      Doing up bras gets easier with practice, I went from not possible to bras with upto 3 hooks, over 3 and I still have to do it in front where I can see.


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      Amanda Burton
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      Glad that your family accepts Lisa, it’s a wonderful moment, and such a huge relief of fear from rejection, that sadly does occur. 

      But on a bra, the best way is to put the bra on backwards. First put the cups behind your back exterior of cups facing outward, and pull rear bands with the hooks around to the front of your chest. This enables you to do the hooks up easily one by one, absolutely easy as you have full vision of them. Then twist the whole bra around you till the cups are at the front and the hooks are now at the rear. Now gently pull the banding to the underside of your bust line. Now hold the top of the cup at which point the strap starts. Pull the strap and cup out straight, putting your arm through the strap,as you do this lift the cup over the breast, at the same time the strap will have traveled up the arm, once the breast is  sat into the cup the strap can be pulled completely over the shoulder with ease. Repeat the other side. Once in  position  the bra can be adjusted all round easily and the breasts if required can be adjusted in their cups to sit perfectly. This is also an extremely good way in reverse to remove them too.

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        stephanie plumb
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        Hi Amanda,

        I do mostly use the “swivel round from back to the front technique”, especially with bra’s with a tight band.  I have several 38″ bands (my actual chest measurement) with smaller cup sizes – C cup – for use with my smaller forms, otherwise 40″ and 42″ (the recommended size for a 38″ chest) for my larger forms.  If I am not rushed I do try to do up behind my back.

        There is one girly thing you haven’t mentioned though.  I am reliably informed that many GG’s “swoop and scoop” their boobs into their bra’s to seat them correctly.  This does work with forms too – it is simply repositioning them to correspond with the style of bra.  I have noticed that sometimes forms will try to obey gravity and attempt to creep out under the underwires of a looser fitting 42″ bra and need pulling gently back  into place.

        I always take off a bra by unhooking it in-situ behind my back, and holding my boobs in place with my left forearm and hand, whilst the straps slide sensuously down over my arms. Often I keep my boobs in place until the bra is totally removed.  I love this intimate feeling of support and contact. An invisible bra!

        flushed, Steph xx

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          Beth Green
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          Yup, sounds exactly like I do it. Both on and off. It’s laughable that we can take off a girls bra in the pitch black back seat of a car doing all sorts of contortionist moves, and do it in mere seconds. But we can only do our own in full light in front of us.😂

          Somewhere along the way our male brain forgot to transfer this knowledge to our female half.



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      Samantha Jo
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      Hi Lisa

      Really pleased for you to can share Lisa with some of your Family.

      Samantha x

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      Eona Oh
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      Fantastic! You are a lucky girl! ❤️

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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Lisa that’s lovely they are both accepting of you.

      Love Sarah xx

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Well that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you! It would be good to share with a wider circle. I wouldn’t mind sharing with more, but I fear that is some distance away as yet.


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