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    Hey Ladies…. there’s been a lot of stories and podcasts on dopamine and how cell phone use, social networking, other stimulation can cause it to be released, resulting in the brain feeling all the good things we tend to like.  Exercise and sleep are also linked to natural ways to increase dopamine in the body.

    Has anyone heard of any connection or no connection between cross-dressing and dopamine releases?

    – Lea

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      For me it is a great way of releasing stress and depression as well and do think this connection is valid as described here

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      Juliette Parfois
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      Yes! I was on Mirapex, which is a dopamine agonist and, believe it or not, crossdressing is the ninth most common side-effect of the drug. You can easily confirm this with a bit of research on the net. It certainly took my latent crossdressing to a new level. Fortunately when I came off the drug, the urge to crossdress was still there!

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      Rei Durden
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      If it feels good it releases dopamine.

      Junk food, alcohol, sex, drugs, social media video games, masturbation and on and on. All good in small doses but these are examples of habits that would be considered bad when they are out of control/balance.

      I’m no expert, but many healthy positive things in our lives such as love and  generosity also feel good but can be bad when not in balance with other areas of your life.

      What I’m stumbling all over trying to say is that surely there is a connection between cross dressing and the release of dopamine, it feels good doesn’t it?

      Again, I’m not even close to an expert though.

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      Christine Fun
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      When I’m in a sad mood, I force myself to dress and it changes the day. Better than any drug. It is hard sometimes, so I start by just looking at my nice dresses and then somehow one just pops on. Whole new day of fun.


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      Falecia McGuire
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      These are excerpts from the website:  <https://www.lightinthecloset.org/gender-euphoria/&gt;

      The act of cross dressing may cause the brain to release endorphins. The intensity of this high may diminish over time, and the individual may seek additional stimulation by going out more in public, taking risks, or by prolonging the cross dressing experience. . .

      Endorphins are a group of substances formed within the body that naturally relieve pain. They have a similar chemical structure to morphine. In addition to their analgesic and pain-relieving effects, endorphins are thought to be involved in controlling the body’s response to stress, determining mood. . .

      It is common knowledge that exercise can release endorphins into the blood stream. Endorphins are also released during orgasm, simple laughter and during the act of cross dressing. Activities that release endorphins may help to relieve stress and depression. The act of cross dressing may actually help treat depression and could be used as a form of self-prescribed therapy. . .

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      stephanie plumb
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      Yes. It’s called the  “Pink Fog.”   Seriously.    Dopamine – a neurotransmitter – is the driving force. It causes a cycle of motivation, reward(pleasure)  and reinforcement.

      Stephanie P

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