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    Hi Ladies, I remember many years ago an article written by Virginia Prince asking if, you want to be a woman, do you do the dirty work with or for you SO. Dirty work, like cleaning the house while wearing a house coat and other things not what you would call Girly Feminine.

    For me, I don’t want to dress as an everyday Girl, cleaning, vacuuming , dusting etc.

    Nor do I care to always dress  as a lovely Girl on the way to her Prom (however that will be nice).

    The Reason I Crossdress , I really enjoy the beautiful  Feminine Girly Feeling of wearing lovely clothes, casting aside everything masculine and inviting with all my emotions the FEMININE, to take over.

    I do not want to be a Girl that puts on a MUMU and knee pads to clean the toilet, or does the dish’s. When I dress, I just want to feel Pretty!

    I love nylon panties as as opposed to Cotton. I adore wearing a Bra in a pretty Pastel color with Lots feminine lace on the cups. Just adore Pretty Slips, both half or full as long as they are pretty Feminine with Lots of lace.

    I , always prefer cute Skirts and Dresses over anything in men’s clothes.

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      Paula F
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      Doing ‘dirty work’ is just as much a femme thing as it a guy thing.  When I was still in school and dressing in secret from my family, my mom would always remind me that my room “won’t clean itself.”  Which was just a way of saying that she was not going to do it.  So after school, I would sometimes get dressed in some of my girl things and clean my room.

      45 years later, I still clean my house enfemme.  If I waited to clean when I wore guy stuff, nothing would ever get cleaned.  I won’t wear anything that shouldn’t be worn when cleaning, usually jeans and Tshirt, girls tennis shoes, etc.  But, the chores must be done and I don’t have anyone else living with me to help, or maybe do it all for me.  It’s all part of the life.


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      Deni Smith
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      I have “cleaned house” in short shorts, tank top,wedge sandals , and earrings. Very comfortable and productive. The best part is putting out the trash at nite en femme.

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      I like to look my prettiest at all times, but if  have an unpleasant task to do, I won’t be wearing any of my nicer clothing.  Leggings, a tunic, & a pair of flats will work just fine.

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      Beatress Donald
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      I like all parts of feeling feminine including housework and cooking.  I dress appropriately for the occasion.  When finished with the work part a nice bath and dressing for dinner make a perfect day.

      Enjoy it all


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      Laura Lovett
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      I am more motivated to do the housework en femme.

      I will absolutely wear a housecoat over an old dress for dirty work, cook meals in a pretty, flowery, lacy apron, and do the vacuuming in heels and Stepford wives type dress.

      It feels lovely and energizing, and, when I get the chance, my wife always appreciates the results.

      A beautiful, sensuous means to a noble end 😊

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      Celeste Starre
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      Let me put it this way,I’m not going to get all dolled up to clean the house. On the other hand the house refuses to clean itself and I’m not going to do it naked so casual clothes it is.

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      patty williams
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      Hi Gail thats a good question,

      I have thought the same thing as my wife said I could dress en femme and clean house.

      Now a sexy french maid outfit would be wonderful but not practicals what would one wear and still feel girly and get the job done..

      I need to think about that and I bet we could get some very good input from the girls on her.

      I was wondering if a nice sexy pair of short shorts and a tank top would be good in the winter and maybe some cute old jeans and a cute top in the winter, of course with a nice bra and panties.

      I need to examine this further.

      Thanks for such a simple but needed topic.

      Hugs Patty

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      Stephanie Green
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      I enjoy the feelings I get from dressing and acting in beautiful and/or sexy feminine ways.  The thought of dressing in something like women’s jeans, t-shirt and sneakers and doing something mundane like housework or grocery shopping does nothing for me.  There have been times when I’ve thought about the possibility that I might be transgender and want to live full-time as a woman.  However, my lack of interest in the doing everyday things in everyday attire makes me think that I could never make the leap from cross-dresser to transgender.

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      Emily Alt
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      I want to experience living as a modern woman as much as possible. Life happens. There will be days that are decidedly not glamorous. That doesn’t diminish the experience though. I still feel feminine even when I’m a mess. And it gives me a better appreciation of the glamorous times. Presenting authentically is what’s important for me.


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      Amy Myers
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      I actually like to wear underwear, lingerie style, around the house and doing housework.


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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      I don’t own, and will probably never own, things like house coats and house dresses. They hold no appeal for me. When ever I do things at home, I am usually dressed but very casually: shorts, jeans or skorts with full undergarments. I don’t do cutoffs and ripped jeans and shorts.

      When I leave home, the basis of the outfit may start with the above, but with makeup, jewelry and sandals/heels (no flats other than sneakers) added…

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      T.J. Byron
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      Dress for Impression;

      Well…when I get dressed to go out with girlfriends for lunch or brunch, I prepare 2-3 days prior. I may start with a pair of stockings, or pair of shoes…even a bag I haven’ t used for a while. Then I build the outfit around that.

      I lay out the unders, foundation, outer wear, shoes, stockings, nail paint, padding,  jewelry, wig, fragrance. I start putting on makeup, then below the waist.

      That takes 2 hrs.  I can’t do that every day.

      At 74, I just don’t want to do that on a daily basis…sorry group!  I am in ” Guy” mode pretty much everyday life as a husband, friend, neighbor,father or grandfather.

      My family is around everyday. Some know of my dressing,some don’t.

      Hope this message makes sense and resinates with others at  CDH.


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