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      I have recently left the safety of ordering online and headed out  to the women’s section of our local stores. Incidentally, I always hated shopping in the men’s department but love shopping the women’s . The selections and variety are amazing and I just get lost in the whole thing. I can hang out for hours!

      Anyways, I was out yesterday and wanted to try on a dress as well as a couple blouses. I didn’t know whether to head over not the ladies dressing room or take the items back to the men’s department…


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      The dressing rooms I have used sweetie are unisex. So trying on clothes in public is no problem hun. I even tried on women’s clothes in a women’s boutique after looking at all their dresses.

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      Angela Booth

      If there are no unisex, ask the staff, If you are still unsure use the returns policy.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I always use the women’s dressing room if presenting female.  Otherwise I’ll ask an associate or use a unisex dressing room.


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      Whenever I go shopping it’s always in the womens department. Most of the the stores have unisex dressing rooms now. If not I use the dressing room that’s in the womens section. No need to carry all of my clothes over to the mens section!

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      Diana Stockton

      I choose based on how I am presenting.  But when I go into the Men’s I grab an item and place it over the others on my arm to cover them.

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      Pretty much do what others have said here. If in male mode I will take the clothing into the mens dressing room and if en femme I will use the women’s or a unisex if available. Only time I declined is if there is a line to get into a crowded women’s room. These days with trans awareness I don’t think anyone will say anything. Just present yourself if asked that you are trans and going through transition and dont say you’re a crossdressing male.

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        A Perfect response Deborah.  Thanks,  Marg

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      J J

      If there are SAs around I just ask to try my items one and let them direct me to the appropriate room for that stores policy. Most often I am just directed to the women’s dressing rooms, but occasionally the men’s (has only happened a couple times when drab.) If en femme, I has always used the ladies dressing rooms. In most lingerie shops there is no choice, and I have stood in line at VS with a few bras in hand with all the other ladies, which was quite enjoyable, actually.

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        Diana Stockton

        Oh the lines for the ladies dressing.  Macy’s has closed the majority of the dressing rooms.  It is always interesting standing in a line for a dressing room en femme.

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          J J

          Yes, it is interesting, but I have never had a negative experience. Mostly just some smiles.

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      For me, it always depends on how I’m presenting. In male drab – head to the Men’s Dressing Rooms. When being my pretty self, it’s the Women’s, no question. If you act like you’re supposed to be there, hardly anyone will ever question you.

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      Lady things on the women’s side, man things on the man side. If you get any guff from the salesperson, you are shopping in the wrong store.

      I find that as soon as I own up to shopping for myself, I cease being a pervert and become just another customer.

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      I used to shop at Dress Barn before they closed. I was normally dressed as a woman when I shopped and the SA would write my name on the door of a dressing room as she helped me pick out various item to try on. Occasionally I would be in male mode a peruse the clothes racks. The SA would ask if I needed any help and if I needed a dressing room. I accepted her offer several times and tried things on with no issues. Sometimes I even stepped out to ask for her opinion. I really miss that store.

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        J J

        That is my experience at Dress Barn as well. Very accepting and willing to help without the least judgement. Too bad they are no longer in business.

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