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    Sharon Wiltshire
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    I don’t really want to use breast forms, body shapers or hip pads.

    I understand the attraction, as it does give a great feminine figure, but not sure it is for me.

    Trying to dress without means different styles

    Does anyone else dress without padding, and how do you dress ?

    I have found that tube skirts, skinny jeans and jeggings look ok, with a t shirt or shirt, and ballet pumps (my wife isn’t keen on me wearing heels (I am already 4″ taller – why would I want to tower another 4″ above her, I guess).

    I am not sure any dress style would suit, as separates can be sized appropriately, as a male body has different upper and lower proportions.

    I have pretty much dressed every day in the last week, a unisex black T shirt for those video calls, with a skirt and pumps below (sometimes with tights/pantyhose or leggings as well), and reserve the feminine tops for the weekend.

    And my wife is finding it easier (at the start) to deal with what I guess is a more androgynous look.

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      Lee Ann Rakers
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      Hi Sharon,

      I hear you.

      Do this though. For you.

      Go on Amazon and order YNOT breast forms. Size B is maybe $25, Get yourself some privacy and put them in and see how you feel.

      Warm hugs,

      Lee Ann



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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Sharon,

      I don’t always wear forms or pads myself, but I rarely wear dresses, either.  Shapewear  (girdle or corset) can make a big difference in your look, as do skater skirts or any skirt which billows out.  Ladies’ jeans and slacks are cut for hip space, so provide the illusion somewhat, even without the pads.  IF you are proportional, a padded bra without forms can do for a B cup,  and a form-fitting top unless you have broad shoulders.  If you are broad-shouldered, then a loose top, and you will need forms to give balance to your look.

      I’m partial to ballet flats, myself, and they will work with almost any casual outfit.

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      stephanie plumb
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      I wear forms for many reasons. One pertinent (or should that be pert? Lol), is for the silhouette they create – the female profile, the iconic female look, the appearance of breasts.

      A woman with breasts is instantly identifiable at 500 yards or more because of the effects of light on their curves. Highlights and shadows tend to make them ‘ stand out’.   Numerous times I have been able to say ‘yes that’s a woman’, when other identifying features or androgynous clothes give no clues.

      I have spent countless hours observing people at a distance to identify what characteristics people see that enables them to make instant judgements on the the sex of the person being viewed.  This is to help me improve my ‘acceptability rating’.

      Now, this is a big help, when you are and about, to being accepted as female. Breasts? Tick in the female box. So even before you get anywhere close you have already been identified as female.

      I have in mind a post around this issue.  How we superimpose on others what we think they see when in realty they don’t, because we see ourselves as being the centre of attention, when we are not. Clumsily put, but does it make sense?

      Stephanie P.

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Sharon I am with you. Going all natural androgynous look. I have gone from a 10-12  to a 14-16 on bottom I am starting to like what i see. Unfortunately my middle and top has expanded as well. I love the look of the empire tops. I am done with padding just too hot and too much trouble . I would love to have everything just go in place naturally, Really excited about HRT Hopefully it will stop my hair loss, get me in a better mood more often  . Looking for a yoga class and eating much healthier foods. I know exercise will help, so i plan on shopping longer and more often.  One day at a time we will all get there. Luv Stephanie

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      Olivia Livin
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      I do really like my breast forms for the look and feel but as for the rest of the padding options, they just provide all the wrong feelings of hot, and bothered lol

      They are reserved for special occassions in certain outfits

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      Michelle Bailey
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      Hi Sharon I don’t use any padding in the lower region only a good tuck to give me a lovely smooth front,I expect one day I might try a little padding but no rush  ,up top I do use silicone  forms which I love, not to large but give me a C cup size ,also that whether now my natural’ breasts’ are growing can fill a A cup and partly a B cup ,maybe won’t need to use the silicone ones sometime in the future . Michelle  xx

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      Celeste Starre
      Registered On: June 26, 2018
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      I don’t wear padding. I’m lucky that I’ve had breasts since I was 13 although I didn’t feel lucky back then (think high school locker room).  Anyway,my best friend is the empire waist in tops and dresses which makes the most of what I have.

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      Registered On: May 25, 2019
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      Can definitely relate… as much as I love my padding, sometimes I just can’t work up the energy to deal with that stuff.

      Lately I’ve found that my leotards and bodysuits can smooth out my figure just enough, (especially paired with control top tights) while still being way more comfy than shapewear. That can really work well with some high-waisted jeans, or especially a flared skirt.

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      Registered On: March 2, 2020
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      Yes! I have silicone fillets, but my last 2 trips out were without. If I thought I could pass without I wouldn’t use them again, although I’m hoping for a bit of ‘natural’ shape soon…. I still wear a bralette even without forms

      Seren xx

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      Well Sharon, I have breast forms partly for the reason you mentioned, and partly because they make me look less…fat 😳😅  Otherwise, padding shapewear…no.  Hate it.  Hot, uncomfortable & just all around a pia to deal with, so I did away with em.

      Like you said, skinny jeans, jeggings & the like can work fine with a variety of shirts, blouses whatever.  I also like tops that are smocked…form fitting around the chest area, loose about the abdomen / hips…kinda like a peplum type thing.

      Dresses are fine, I tend to stay away from the bodycon sort but go for the skater or shift style, sizing it by the bust measurement & if its waisted I need that to be exactly where I need it or very close.

      Oh another stunt is patterns, it’s not as big a deal with separates but with dresses I usually avoid solid colors or stripes, but rather look for prints of some sort, I feel they draw the eye to the print.

      So that’s basically my take on it lol there’s certain things I just ain’t gonna be able to wear but it’s all about finding stuff that works with your body shape 😉


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      Janice Fadden
      Registered On: June 13, 2020
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      What a spectacularly wonderful question. I’m dying to hear some tips as well.




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