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    Hi All

    So i thought fingers back to keyboard and write down about my return trip from my daughters place up in Newcastle. She’s just finished Uni so inthe the back of my car i have most of the stuff She’s bought/ been given over the last 3 years..

    She now has a summer job up thereon a holiday camp, so she has a mobile home where she is now staying (on her own) so i was able to stay in the spare room.

    The following day she had gone to work so i had a shower dried and opened my bag… i don’t know how it happened, must be magic, but there was my red basque with matching panties and stockings,  heels,  a pink top and a black denim pinafore dress and my forms from the day before.

    I knew i had a couple of errands to run so i couldn’t put the top, dress of heels on at that point so i did abit of underdressing, it felt great! Drab clothes over the top and i was ready for the first part of the day…

    A trip to the metro centre, only went the as i wanted a couple more pairs of panties!! After that a trip to Costco for fuel.

    That all done it was time to drive home but where to change, as i was driving round the carpark i saw a secluded area with no other cars or people about, so i thought.. go for it.. and i did. I parked up ,looked to see nobody about, got clothes ready for changing,  put forms in, pulled my drab top off and the dress back over my top half, wiggled out of my trousers and then pulled the dress down. Then the hard bit.. getting those heels on! Without having to open the car door… eventually i was done.. now time to check  the sat nav and make my way back to Norfolk UK…

    As i was driving away i gelt the adrenaline start to dissipate, i didn’t realise how worked up i was the nerves, would i be seen, was i seen?? These questions started to go thtough my head, once i had calmed down a bit more after a couple of miles, it was Who Cares… it’s my life, if anyone has a problem it’s not me it’s them!!

    So now more relaxed,the foot whent down, spped upto 70mph.. ish. Cruise control on, air con and cooled seats on and enjoy.

    I was more relaxed than the previous day, when going passed other drivers, my arm didn’t come upto hide the bulge in my chest, i was relaxed it was wonderful.

    For a change i didn’t need to have a rest stop, but i did start to get hungry.. then i say those golden arches in the distance. There was then that – oh hell – moment.. I’m dressed.. should i pull over and change pr just carry on and not eat? ‘What the heck I’ll just go for it through the drive through’ and thats what i did.. was a little apprehensive, as you can imagine, but i did it.. ordered, payed, collected and left.. no strange looks or comments from the staff, it was great. Parked up down the road, ate and continued on my way enjoying who i was and what i was doing. Parked up about a mile from home and changed my outerwear to drab, got home, SO not home, she was at her parents, stipped off and had a shower… sat down with a drink and relived those wonderful few hours… and tried to plan some more excursions, unfortunately dont think there will be any soon….

    Big hugs and kisses to you all


    P.s thank you to allthat have read this and my othe ramblings xx

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      I’ve only done it once, top, skirt and wedges, no wig or make up. I stopped for gas twice and drive through fast food. What a thrill! I can’t wait to do it again.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Driving dressed is thrilling and fun. Been there done that. Like you I was dressed but with tight fem tee and D forms, big fem sunglasses, long ponytail and fem jeans when I got hungry. What to do? Take forms out, remove fem sunglasses, or to heck with it? I said to heck with it, no one knows me here, so I went through the drive through. It was busy and a place where you paid at one window then picked up your food at another window. What the heck, go for it.

      The first window lady saw my breasts and stared not smiling as she gave me change. The second window lady was busy but did a double take before handing me my order and I thought she was bringing me to the attention of another girl working beside her… not sure but I just smiled and drove off… little thrills in vanilla world.

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      Cassie Jayson
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      Good for you Jules. I’ll bet you are planning in your head how you can get more ‘Jules’ time when, were and how.
      . Cassie

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