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      I can guess alot of you have done this, some of you may wish to do this and some of you wouldn’t even contemplate this…

      Me…. I love to do when ever i get the chance!! Unfortunately now, it’s not that often.

      So when I get that call from my daughter.. ‘ dad, you know I’ve finished university,  could you come over and get my stuff as I’ve got to move out of my accommodation…’ alright I’ll do it, i tell her  then the little grey cells start to work… this could be a very enjoyable experience.

      What i haven’t mentioned is my daughters uni is 6hr appox. drive away, a stay over night, then drive back….

      So i get to workon the logistics of it all, I’m very lucky as my SO lets me wear panties/ knickers 24/7, unfortunately she not awear that i have a few it of female apparel that i love to wear when ever i can.  So packed the car ready to go i.e. black top, knickers, suspenders with stockings,  a black bra and short blue denim skirt and 2″ heels. The morning of the trip i get up at 0430hrs, my So says she won’t be gettimg up too, so i throw my drab clothes on run down to the car and pull out everything except skirt and heels go to the bathroom and change into the preferred items.. lol.. then i go up and give the SO a hug goodbye, panic sets in when her hand slips and i think she’ll feel the bra, but all is ok.

      The its travelling time. As i leave the town i pull over into a lay-by and remove the drab and put on the skirt and heels. What an absolutely wonderful experience of driving while dressed. I was a little apprehensive to start whem i though people would be looking into the vehicle all the time, but when i got more relaxed and really didn’t care about what people thought it was wonderful.

      The journey ended all to soon and before i knew it it was time to find a lay-by to re-drab myself.. then met with my daughter and filled my car with all her stuff!!

      I stayed overnight and drove back today.. and that drive is a whole different story.

      I will have to put fingers to keyboard soon to tell that part.

      Anyway big hugs to you all

      Jules xx

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      Hi Jules,

      oh yes!! Every chance I get. I love to drive out to the local park and stroll the walking paths. The feeling of freedom is so exhilarating!

      Best wishes,


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      I love driving while dressed…I have a daughter that lives just outside Orlando and one in Miami so when I drive back I am completely dressed. The drive from Miami is 11 hours and Orlando is 7 hours of pure bliss back to Atlanta. I use the rest area women’s restrooms and have never had an issue.

      I’m glad Jules that you get to do that on occasion,

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        I have been out driving many times while dressed. I love doing during daylight hours. I think I’m passable enough that no one would give it a second thought that there really is a crossdresser driving the car. It’s usually only a hour at a time. Would love to do a longer trip. Feels so good to be out.

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          I would say when i was driving, i was definitely Not passable.. scruffy hair and  a couple of days stubble!! 😆

          Maybe another time i might make sure I’m clean shaven and wear my wig?? Will have to make sure the nerves are nice and calm!!

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        Hi Sandy I’m Sandy too!  I enjoyed your response to the driving deal. Sure is fun!  I see you’re from Atl I live just outside the city. Love to chat sometime if you get the chance.
        hugs Sandy.

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      I’m always under dressed with panties and a bra so many times when I’m out about town I’ll slip in my D forms and with some big womens sunglasses and my long ponytail I’m sure some take me for just another female waiting on the red light or passing by… little thrills!

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      Gail Rich

      My son, who is now graduated, Went to college about six hours from home. Whenever I drove him or picked him up, I would make it a 3 day trip. Drive on day one, dress on day two and drive on day three. I went out dressed many times. It was a small town, so I never felt intimidated by crowds. I often shopped, in drab, but underdressed. I went to Torrid and Lane Bryant and tried things on. I always had an enjoyable time.

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      My daughter went to college about 10 hours away (not including stops).  I would drive her there and come back the next day en femme.  Then when I had to pick her up it was the reverse.  I would drive en femme, change about an hour away, and then check into the motel.  I never had to worry about my spouse, she would never be up when I left or when I returned.

      This did lead to a couple of interesting experiences.  Once, I made a stop 500 miles from home (out of about 600).  As I got back into the car, the battery light came on.  I knew that this meant the alternator needed replacement.  I was able to find a national chain and had it done that day (just before closing), while en femme.

      A couple of times I went out for the football games (my daughter was in the marching band).  But the return trip was delayed because of nasty storms back home (one of which knocked out power for a week).  On one I managed to get gas at just about the last place that wasn’t affected by the power.  Another time I knew I had to break up the drive into two days and checked into a motel along the way en femme.

      Once my daughter was going to study abroad so didn’t head back to school.  But her college was selected to play in the inaugural parade.  I drove her to the school on a Friday, spent Friday night through Monday evening en femme (including working remote from the hotel room on Monday).  On Saturday night I attended a drag show nearby.  Although she was due to return Monday night so I could drive her home the next day, problems ensued and they didn’t get back until Tuesday morning, so I could have spent the rest of Monday evening en femme.

      So I’ve had numerous occasions to drive long distances while dressed, which made the long trips tolerable.

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      Patty Phose

      When I first began going out dressed, a lot of my time out was spent driving around in the car looking for places where I could get out. Even if I didn’t get out and just mostly drove around, it was still a wonderful feeling and experience to just look down at my legs in my pantyhose and heels.

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      I love to drive dressed, living in a small southern WI town most times here it’s in the earlier morning hours looking for the bumpy roads to feel my boobs bounce. Other times when I would drive up north I would dress and head up. have even been dress while out in the boat fishing.  When I drove truck I would dress most mornings I always had another bag packed with my fun clothes and would get dress and it was always a little scary if I would get pulled over…… Have fun with it and enjoy, Jules!!!!!!!

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        Hi Becky

        I will xx, am just trying to plan another trip while relaxing in the hot tub in a gorgeous purple 2 piece swimsuit

        XX Jules

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      How wonderful to have had an enjoyable experience like that. So happy for you.

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      Hi ladies!

      I love to drive to work en femme. I always wear panties and in the winter months bra as well. Recently I have been leaving the house in a mini skirt, bra with DD forms, and a cute blouse. Makes the 30 min drive to work feel like 3. I love/ hate trying to change at red lights. Before I get to the work parking lot 🤣

      Mornings that I wake up late and don’t get to dress are the worse.

      ✨Hugs, Josie✨

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        Changing at red lights?? I must be more observant, as all I look at is the change to green. Bummer. Marlene.

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      Hi Jules

      I love to go driving while dressed in a skirt and heels, with the feeling of silk stockings on shaved legs. WOW! I love to stop and get the car fueled up at a busy station, what a thrill and no one seems to care. I have not been pulled over or had car problems, not sure how that would work out. Anyway have fun.


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      Isn’t it delicious when driving on a warm day with the windows down and the breeze makes the hem of your skirt flutter and tickle?

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      Just love the sensation of hose and skirt while driving in the car. Feel and act so feminine. Also exciting to get out to get gas or buy something in the convenience store. Have taken long drives listening to music and really puts me in the mood and uplifting

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      I like checking my look in the mirrors at stops. And it’s always fun stopping for gas on a windy day and the skirt flutters. Semi truck drivers can have a peek too.


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      I’ve only gone out dressed once, and that was to drive around at night in Champaign, IL where I was staying. I was so nervous!  When I pulled up to a red light, a group of 3-4 guys on the corner started catcalling me, telling me I was fine and that I should come party with them (it was really dark and they must have been high). I did my most feminine and breathy “no, thank you” and got out of there, both scared and excited by the encounter.

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      Ive gone out driving in dresses and skirts a bunch of times….i LOVE it!
      This past week my girlfriend and i were on vacation…i mentioned wanting an iced coffee, but i was wearing a dress…she said so what? Go to the drive thru… don’t have to tell me twice! It was a short tshirt dress…i don’t know if the drive thru girl could see, but i don’t care!😁

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