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      The recent poll on tucking jogged my memory.  Not down there but an early attempt to create a little ‘natural’ cleavage.

      Since is difficult to keep some things in place, I upgraded to duct tape and created a rather dramatic result.  I must have stayed secured for at least a long afternoon and into the night.

      However, I never will repeat using duct tape because removing the tape actually removed some of my skin.

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      Lol, sorry, just visualizing the skin. Best avoid Tuck tape and Gorilla tape too.

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      No, I know better. I just hope others do too.

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      I have just used surgical tape a time or two and that hurt bad enough, I just can’t even think how much duct tape would hurt to remove!!!!!!!   OUCH

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        It’s missing the outer skin layer that’s the real problem.  It’s more obvious than a strappy sunburn.

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      Hi Heidi, I voted ‘No, but tbh I did try duct tape once, a long time ago, not a significant amount and not in an oversensitive area.  And yes, duct tape can do wonders around the household, tho I’ve tried using it on household items where I thought it would work, and it really didn’t. But if there is one surface it will gladly, firmly, thoroughly stick to, it’s skin.  A short attempt was one attempt too many. Fortunately, I’m fairly well practiced at tucking, I have little trouble nowadays. All this reminds me of my childhood many years ago where my younger brother at age 5 or 6 (back in the ancient 50’s) was certain that scotch tape was the ultimate solution to almost any household problem.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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      Had to laugh as it brought up a tape experience from60 years ago.  I played football in jr and sr high school. I had bad ankles, ( an older serious injury),  so when I started playing the coach suggested I tape my ankles, one almost to the knee. I did and when practice was over had  to rip the hair and skin off.    That night took my dads Gillette Safety Razor and shaved both lower legs and the next day applied plenty of Tuff Skin.  Later on in sr high it was ok  to have shaved lower legs because it meant you were a “jock”.  The girls loved it because dating one of us was a social step up.  Oh yes the hairless muscle of the calf  can be so enticing.LOL   Can’t believe how silly we all acted back then.

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        Fortunately we never do anything silly now.

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        I recall in my football days in HS that we taped every day for practice too, if you didn’t shave, you didn’t have any hair, so now I don’t have much left from those days of perpetually ripping it out.  But it has benefits that I never counted on, if you know what I mean.

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          Lucky you, Harry the Hairy ape still resides here.  Worst is my chest, have to shave every time I shower no matter what month it is. LOL. Bet you were the star qb and got the trainer to tape, not like me the lowly lineman who often did his own.  If our coaches could only see us now! 😲

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      Yes, but it was not for tucking. Had to splint my leg from an accident and I was wearing hiking shorts. It was the only thing I had to attach the splint. When I got to the nearest ER, they of course removed the tap and with it came several layers of skin. DON’T use it to tuck!

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      I have a better solution that I have recently discovered that far surpasses Duct Tape.

      Wide White Sports tape that you can find in any grocery or drug or dollar store store. Is supper strong and twice as thick as adhesive tape and needs a good pull to tear it. Cut it with scissors. Its 1-2 inches wide and is the kind that trainers use on football, baseball and soccer players to tape up their ribs, feet, ankles or wrists or to heal or protect injury.

      Try That

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        I was hoping to see some better ideas.


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      I never used duct tape for tucking. I may have tried it once or twice to gag myself.

      But I did make a pink duct tape skirt by first laying strips next to each other with a slight overlap (sticky side up), then putting another layer on top (sticky side down) to create a material that could be turned into a skirt.

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        Did you keep it?  It belongs in the CDH museum.

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          Yes, I still have it.

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            Since you’re not to shy to post a public picture, I would request that you model it sometime (with an explanation).

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      I have seen videos from a few young trans girls who insisting that it’s the best way to tuck. 😳 I never tried it! I’m familiar with how it sticks to actual ductwork! Ouch!


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      I have used duct tape to stop a boat from leaking.

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        That’s a better use.

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      Tried some duct tape torn in small strips when I was in my 20’s to strategically place lightly on my lower eyebrows and above eyebrows and temple areas to remove hair to shape eyebrows better didn’t have the patience for plucking and before any good trimmers and tools of today. Worked fine to kist of the work.

      For chest and tucking that would be painful for sure. At events i have attended with crossdressers and trans those that really look like very good authentic females say to shave and use KT Tape for tucking that it works the best and doesn’t kill you or take skin to remove. Athletes use it all the time comes in a roll different colors and perforated lengths to tear. Those that swear by its use really wire short mini skirts and said it works good in the pool for your bikini or one piece.

      I use a gaffe and tighter panty for tucking hell I am well past fifty and have no need for the KT tape I am not dressing that skimpy or revealing in public I do bot have the size or shape to that and wouldn’t have if I tried in my 20s or 30s.

      KT Tape try it they swore by it as we were all talking about several things that was one of the topics.

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        I haven’t attempted a bathing suit since way back when I tried on my sister’s. I didn’t share that with her at the time.

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      Lola Caprice

      Duct tape…no, just, no.  Ouch!

      Of course you can buy actual boob tape or I’ve used sports tape because it’s typically wider.

      For down low I bought the Unclockable T-Tape Kit on Amazon but have not yet had the cajones to tape my cajones!


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        Amazon will keep reminding you that you need another kit.
        I try to keep some of my history just between me and Amazon.

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          Lola Caprice

          Thats why Lola has her own Amazon account under and old email address. 👍

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          I love that Amazon gives us the ability to Archive our orders. Unfortunately, we’re limited to 500 Archives, and I’m slowly inching my way to that number 🙂

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        Cajoles huh always wondered how you spelled it.   I swear C3 you always make me smile😁.   Flunked spelling, called them my 2 sons.

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          Lola Caprice

          My two sons…I gotta remember that!

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            And dad in the middle.  By the way, did you know that Fred McMurray was 6’3”?

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        I bought the Unclockable Tape Kit and took it for a test drive a few months ago…. OUCH!! I hope that you fare better than me, Lola!

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      OMG, this just sounds sooooo… ouchie-ouch!!!

      On another note, if I, yes I, at like less than 10% body fat, can create believable cleavage, I can absolutely guarantee ANYBODY can.

      Padded pushup bra, one with wide bands and made out of more material than your average VS pushup bra, is the key!

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        You would look good with or without!
        The cleavage does add some authenticity.

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      This was fun. Thanks for your votes, your replies and all the comments.

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        Lola Caprice

        I love how you took so much time to reply to so many comments.  That make it more fun!!

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Being as I work with some form of duct tapes there is no way I’d tape anything on my body with it, I love my skin just as it is.


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      No, Just No.

      I’m a retired mechanical engineer and I know how strong the adhesive is. The first clue should be how much force to takes to unroll but Hu-Mans are a resistant strain…

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      Oh hell no!! Gaffs work great for me!!:)

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