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      I am thinking about getting my ears pierced. The wife hasn’t said “no”, so that’s a plus. But I want to know about others and their experience having pierced ears, the good, the bad and I’m sure some horror stories as well. Please take the poll and/ or leave a comment.

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      I had my ears pierced shortly after retiring it was the best thing I have ever done.  I love sliding my earrings in it just feels so good.

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      My wife and I just had this talk. I’d love to get mine done but she wants to think about this one. I will respect her decision on this. I was kidding with her that she just doesn’t want me wearing hers as she has tons of pairs of everyday ones as well as her really nice ones.

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      I had one pierced many years ago.  My wife, whom I married after I’d had it for some time, didn’t care for it so I took it out and let it close.  Since coming out to her she has come to accept Suzanne and we spend time together with me dressed.  When I dress I wear clip on earrings.  We were shopping in a thrift store recently and looking at jewelry.  She asked if I had thought about getting my ears pierced and  I told her I had. She said she would be okay with it if I got them done. She said I should get them done for my birthday.  Today we are going to get them done and I’m so excited.  She also said we could share earrings which is nice.  Another positive for me is that I have some jewelry that was my mothers to include earrings for pierced ears and now I’ll be able to wear them. I must admit that I am a bit concerned about what family and friends may say but as I get ready to start my 70th trip around the sun I don’t care. I even came up with a story of anyone were to ask: I’ve thought of getting a tattoo for a long time but don’t know what I would want or where and don’t want to get something I’ll regret so instead got my ears pierced as I can change the ones I wear or not wear any at all. Of course it isn’t anyone else’s business.

      Hope you decide to get them done.


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        My 68th trip starts at the end of the month. We always celebrate the next day with giving out candy to kids. I have talked about getting a tat as well. Again the wife cool with it. Nothing too big.

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          Congrats Lisa. What a fun way to celebrate the day after.


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      My wife was against me getting my ears pierced for many years. One Saturday morning, we were laying in bed and she said “What do you fancy doing today?”. I replied that I was easy. The she said “I was thinking of going into town and getting your ears pierced”. Totally out of the blue. This made both very excited and terrified at the same time. I briefly searched for places, and settled for “Blue Banana” as they use the needle method rather than a piercing gun. We went in and booked…. It was a 3 hour wait…. A long scary 3 hour wait….

      Best thing I have ever done with regards to being a crossdresser. It doesn’t hurt. It’s quick and easy…. Go for a place that does it with a clamp and needle, rather than a gun. There is a long period of cleaning before you can swap the studs out for something more fun, but the wait is worth it…. Do it now and you’ll be OK for fun Christmas earrings. I now own dozens of pairs. small studs, nice danglers, and HUGE funs and eccentric…. The pierced earring selection is much larger, and a lot more fun than the clip on earring world.

      GO FOR IT!!!!!!


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        Ster Eleo

        There are a few posts like this where a “no” turns to a “yes”. Far more it’s a “maybe” that turns off completely, in any facet.  How did your wife get more accepting?  Heck with society… I see piercing the single most significant feminine thing to do!

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      I held off for many years getting my ears pierced. One reason was because I didn’t want people to see. But I had grown my hair quite long (at least 2 hand widths below my shoulders) and after a while stopped wearing it in a pony tail. So my hair would cover my ears.

      A bigger reason for putting it off was because I was a regular blood donor, 4 to 5 times a year. For quite a long time, there was a one year deferral for any piercing. When I thought about how often I was going en femme, it totaled about 2% of the hours in a year. Comparing that to how many lives I was helping in a year, it seemed very selfish.

      Two things changed. First, they lowered the deferral period down to 3 months for a piercing. This would mean I would only miss a single donation if I timed it right. Second was that my blood iron was consistently low, so I was getting deferred anyway. They used to offer a build-your-own-salad at work, and before a donation I would eat extra spinach to up the blood iron. But since COVID, they stopped offering this (starting with the lockdowns, then the cafeteria was still closed, and now probably for health reasons). So I wouldn’t be missing any donations by getting myself pierced.

      Last year on Black Friday, I went to a piercing studio to get my ears pierced. It was a bit out of the way, but my daughter knew someone from that studio from her LBGT pride center meetups.

      I like having my ears pierced, although I’m still wearing the studs that they first put in. I have taken them out a few times and worn more feminine earrings. I even had to take them out for about 2 weeks while in the hospital earlier this year. I needed to get my hair colored before they were completely healed (I needed to do it then so I could do it again just before the Keystone Conference), and had to buy these tiny shower-cap coverings for the ears to keep the chemicals out.

      My biggest problem with the original studs is the way they are constructed. You have to push the backing through the back of the ear, and then put the earring into the tiny hole in the backing. This is almost impossible for me to do on my own; since the backing sticks out slightly past the ear, there is no feel to where to place the earring (it is “loose” in the air) and it is difficult to see the side of my head. Even asking my daughter (who lives at home with me) for help, she has difficulty replacing my earrings. But the few times I have had the studs out and used regular earrings, I have had little trouble finding the hole myself and putting the backing on.

      Only a few people have noticed and said anything. The first couple of times it was because I was outdoors and my hair was blowing. The last time is because of chemo, my hair has gotten shorter (breakage) and thinner. I will probably wait until after chemo (and later pills and radiation) to see what my hair will look like before getting some hoops as an everyday wear. This will allow me to change out my earrings myself as well.


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        FYI, after chemotherapy and radiation my came hair back the same color but had a curl and wave to it. Lasted for about 6-9 months before returning to it normal straightness. I wished it had stayed that way!

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      Diana Stockton

      I have had my ears pierced for about 20 years now.  Actually my wife suggested it on a trip to Key West but this was before I told her about my cross dressing.   We have always be in a DADT stage.   She also wanted me to get a tattoo which I refused.

      I have never had anyone give me a negative comment and it is awesome to wear earrings while out dressed.  I like ones that are a little heavy that I can feel on my ears.  While in drab I wear a small hoop style called huggies.


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      I’ve had a piercing in my left ear since I was 19, and I’ve gone through periods of wearing an earring and not, but never so long that it closed. I’m finally going to get the right side done this fall. I’ve almost never had anyone ask about my earring, even in the backwaters of my youth…

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      Got both ears pierced when I was 62.  Dont always where them but often do. Usually wear posts when out and about but love wearing large dangles at home, they are one thing that gives me a fem feeling.

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      I’ve had my ears pierced for about 20 years now, and echoing the comments of someone else, it’s the next best thing I’ve ever done for my femme presentation, after growing out my hair and styling it the same way every day. My wife says that simply wearing earrings, combined with my hairstyle, makes a dramatic difference in my appearance.
      It is a very freeing feeling to be perceived as female when not even trying to present enfemme. Who knew such a simple thing could do to provide so much enjoyment.

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        I think I like hoops and dangly earrings the most. I have some clip-ons that are of a hoop style and one that dangl. After wearing clip-ones for awhile they do become, ‘ uncomfortable. I’m sure wearing pierced wouldn’t hurt as much.

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          Most people don’t know that clip-on earrings are adjustable for tension. There are also soft silicone sleeves that slide over the paddles. Personally, I don’t have a choice as I have arthritis and don’t have sufficient flexibility in my elbows and shoulders in order to mount pierced earrings.

          I don’t know where people are looking when they say they can’t find clip-ons. I probably have over 30 pairs. Try Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari or Ruby Lane.

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      I’ve had my ears pierced for over two year. When I announced at work that I was transgender and going to transition, several of the girls said we needed to go shopping for some appropriate things for me. Along the way we passed a place that did piercings. One of the girls said right there and then, “Let’s get your ears pierced and I will pay for it along with your first earrings.”

      There is something delightfully and femininely enjoyable about placing a beautiful pair of earrings through those holes! It’s like saying, “Yes, I am a woman!” The only other thing I do that makes me feel that way is putting the girls into my bra!

      Hugs ladies,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      I recently decided to get my ears pierced and my wife agreed how much easier it would be not to be looking for clip-on earrings so I approached the tattoo parlor and they wanted over a hundred dollars US money to pierce my ears and I’ve decided to go on line and look for more clip-ons exclamation mark

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        Surely you can get it cheaper it is no where near that price in the U.K.

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        Wow, that is a lot, Stephanie!

        In malls, here, I saw signs for piercing for free, if you bought a pair of their keepers, to start.

        Look around further afield.

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        Thank you all for your reply

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      Cassie Jayson

      I have had my ears pierced for 3 years now. My ex offered to pay for the piercing for my birthday, I think she was trying to ‘shame’ into quiting my cding. I love my hoops and dangley earrings. I am now thinking I might get a second piercing in my ears.

      . Cassie

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      Getting my ears pierced was my ex-wifes idea. Yes she knew I wanted it done but I don’t believe I ever asked her if it was ok or that I wanted to do it. So one Fathers day she just blerted out to me let’s go up to Walmarts and get your ears pierced for Father’s Day, I was shocked at her suggestion, but I didn’t hesitate and we went to Walmarts and I got both ears piercerd about 15 years ago, and I’ve worn earings almost every day for the last 15 plus years.I love wearing them.

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      I pierced my ears about a year ago. I was worried what people would say. No one said anything. They obviously see them.

      I got the kit from Amazon. It was like $10 for 3 pair. Very simple to do, whether on your own or with help. It does hurt, but nowhere near what you think it will.

      After you have it done, DO wait four weeks to change them.

      If you are thinking of piercing other parts, message me if you need advice. I’ve always done my own.

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        In the early 70’s the girls in school used ice cube and hot needle to pierce ears

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      I picked none and never.  I’m just too old to start doing piercings or tattoos.

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        You’re never too old! But I do understand.

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      I would love to have my belly and nose pierced!

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      I got my ears pierced at 18 and did independently from my dressing. At the time I had stopped and largely refused to admit my love of dressing. Along the way I have added more in my ear for a total of 7 each and they are all gauged to 16 (standard is 20) which is big enough to know they aren’t standard but not giant holes. At various points I had my tongue and both nipples pierced, but took them out because I had problems with them.

      Go for it. Piercings alone wont out those who wish to remain in the closet.

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      I just recently pierced my own ears. I got tired of searching for cute clip on earings and I have so many cute pierced earings left behind from my late wife, who knew of my other piercing, but we never talked about getting my ears done. So one evening, only about a month ago, I just decided to do it. I already had piercing needles and a guide. Turns out it was pretty painless, and wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. Even in male mode I have had some nice compliments and only a couple, who don’t know Debbie and only the male me, have asked why both ears. Which I just reply, it was the same price as getting one:)


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      I always fancied the idea of having my ears pierced long before I began crossdressing, but was always put off doing it as in drab I’m a rather conventional, traditional person. When I retired at 62 my wife had her ears repierced after not wearing earrings for many years and I had my left ear done no one made fun of me or said anything though my children were surprised. Then a year later I decided to have the right ear done so I could wear earrings in woman mode. Again no comments. I’m thinking of a second piercing on one ear so I can wear a stud and a hoop in man mode….. rather like the idea. Having had one piercing with a gun and another with a needle next time I’ll do it myself with a disposable.

      Here in the UK piercings are very common and many women and girls have nose rings, they just aren’t a big deal any more.

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      I’d like to have my ears pierced and wear pretty earrings, but I do not wish to wear earrings as my male self, the persona which I embody  most of the time. I’m afraid I’ll have to pass for now, but I’m open to  change.

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        To quote Scarlet “After all tomorrow is another day!”
        I do understand. Being retired I no longer have to face clients. Most of my co-workers did have at least one ear pierced. But I think in my male persona it wouldn’t have worked.

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        I felt the same way and try to hide them at work or amoung friends who know me only as a male. I planned it around a week off. And then take them out at work. But through the day I’d put them in to keep them open a few times thru the work day. Now they are healed up and I can go all day without wearing them. And put them back in when I leave work.
        With the week off wearing them all the time and after a 2nd week taking them in and out at work and wearing them when all the rest of the time, mine are healed quite well.
        I used a 12ga. Needle but wear 14-16g, earings work well for me.


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        I feel the same way, I want to get them pierced, but would get asked so many questions about it that my anxiety would be through the roof!!

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          Rachel –

          I got mine pierced a couple days ago.  Since then I’ve seen a couple neighbors and friends, no one said anything about them.  I don’t know if they noticed and didn’t say anything or just took it as something that was always there. I got 3mm CZ studs when I had them pierced. I was concerned about what others would think also but decided that I don’t care and I’m doing it for me. The story I would tell is that I’ve always thought about getting a tattoo but don’t know what I would want and don’t want to regret my decision so decided that pierced ears was an alternative.


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      I really cannot consider it.  At 78 years old, people would definitely question why I decided to pierce them.  I have several pairs of clip-on earrings that are fine.  I like my hoop earrings the most. I just need to buy some hoops in different sizes.

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      I got mine pierced about three and a half years ago, have had many compliments, only one person has been negative, and the hell with that guy. If you wear small studs, most people don’t even notice… but where’s the fun in that

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        Exactly right. In male mode, I have a pair of Harley Davidson studs I wear. They’re big enough to be noticed, but not real big. About 1/4″ x 3/8. Which I found in my late wifes stuff. I have had compliments while wearing them, in drab.

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      Hi Lisa as i have told this story a time or two well its been 35+ years ago that i was cool and wanted one done..So got wife to agree and she did it with a stud earing just pushing it thru .. Went to work after weekend was over and boss at work was a ahole anyhow pitched a fit so just to piss him off after a week wife went to town shopping on a friday night so i went into bedroom and did the other one myself .. And guess what it worked boss couldnt do anything about it so a win for me and Stephanie he he ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      I have both pierced. Two in left and one in the right. I have had them for decades and wear small stainless hoops full time. I change them out when en femme- Lots of options this way ( large hoops, turquoise, tiered, etc.) and I seldom get asked about the stainless hoops in male mode. When I do get asked , I reply that I’ve had them for years then show them my tattoos nothing more is said. Society has changed so much . Everyone has piercings and tats in all professions these days.

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      I have both ears pierced, 2 left one right, since 2000. I wear three small silver hoops daily and have and extensive collet to wear when dressed. The is a much better situation than when I was running around looking for or making my own clip-ons.

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        I love earrings, find them such a valuable accessory to any woman’s wardrobe.

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      Natalie Dane

      I am strongly considering getting my ears pierced.

      My daughter got her ears pierced for her 9th birthday, and now my son wants his pierced too. If he’s still interested in having pierced ears when he’s eligible I’ll probably have mine done at the same time.

      For what it’s worth, I think the piercing studio my wife and daughter went to will only piece kids over 8yo (with parent/guardian consent. If that’s truly the case and not some arbitrary number my mind generated he’ll( I’ll) have to wait another 8 months.


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        Sounds like a family affair! I hope it’s a quick 8 month wait for you.
        It seems everyone is getting piercings now as well. To me I rather my kids (now in their 30’s), have piercings then tattoos. Even thought I am thinking about a tat on my shoulder.

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          Well some people have had physical issues with them. It doesn’t seem like many here though.

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      I don’t see any bad or horror stories unless you maybe get an infection. And if you do make sure you keep your holes clean. But piercing is a no-brainer. It’s got to be done. Why even ask? lol

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      I only have my left ear done, had it done a long time ago when I had my daughters for the weekend my youngest wanted to get hers pierced. So the three of us went to the mall and she had hers done, my oldest was afraid to get hers too but I told her she would look great with hers pierced too, so I told her if she gets hers done I would do mine too, I thought it would hurt, but it was painless they did it with a gun. She kept her word I had my left ear done and she had hers done and ever since she was glad she did and ever since I have gotten them both some nice ear rings. I have been wanting to get my right ear done, being in my mid 60’s it would be nice when I get dressed in the morning putting a cute pair of ear rings in would look nice. Some have said they have done it them self’s, I’m to chicken I guess.   LOL

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      Hi Lisa,

      I don’t have any piercings at the moment, but I’ve been thinking about getting my ears pierced for a long time now,

      I like it when i see some of the girls with 3 or 4 piercings in one ear, you know have a drop earring and a few studs , I think they look so feminine, I’m thinking about dropping my wife a few hints about getting my ears pierced, you never know she might take me up on it, she thought i was a wild one when i got a tattoo some years ago maybe she will feel the same if i get my ears pierced X

      Hugs Rozalyn X

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        It seems most tattoo salons now do piercings as well. Maybe get another tat and throw in the ears? Never hurts to ask! I am going to a tattoo parlor for my piercings. Have always wanted a tat of Mickey as the “Sorcerers Apprentice” on my right shoulder blade. Maybe now is the time.

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          I’m sure it will look fabulous Lisa,

          I’ve wanted to get another tattoo or two or more myself,

          Hugs Rozalyn X

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      if and when I ever have enough nerve, it would be ears, only…but “clip-ons” have also worked well for me all these years…I’ve been able to find hoops, teardrops and chandeliers that are affordable and comfortable to wear; they do the job for me…!!!

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      Currently I do not have any piercings. I have been thinking about getting my ears pierced. I have had my tongue pierced twice. I guess I have decide if that is something that I want to actually do.

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      It’s crazy how differently I feel about things while en femme vs guy mode. I have no piercings or tattoos, and while in “guy mode” I have zero interest, but when I get fully dressed, I want my ears pierced so bad. I’ve even looked at the home kits, sold online, but the mixed reviews make me nervous. I’ve even told myself while dressed….just go and get it done, while in guy mode….lots of dudes have earrings. I have quite the collection of earrings for someone who hasn’t followed through yet. Notice, I did say “yet” because, I believe that one day, it’ll happen.

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        My wife agrees with you. So many men have studs in both ears these days it doesn’t matter any more. It’s just not for females now. We both agreed to get my ears pierced and she’s the one now it seems like pushing me to get them done. God, I love her so!

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        Brandy –

        Just got mine done at Claire’s – very professional, just a quick pinch (kind of like getting a flu shot). I got mine done for my birthday, my wife and I made a day out of it, ear piercing, lunch and shopping.


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      So yesterday for the first time I wore earings (both ears) out. I doubt anyone really noticed as it’s pretty common.

      They are clip ons that bought at a thrift store. Silver (to match the necklace I was wearing). Not sure wifey noticed but we ran errands all over yesterday.
      Had to go to a mall to get some of my favorite lotions and there are a couple of places there that do ear piercing. Wife said I should go get them done. Thought about it, but didn’t. I will eventually!

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        Make it an exciting date! Dinner and a piercing, well maybe the other way around! My wife and I practice make-up together, it does bring us closer together when we do things together.

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      Robin Snow

      Hi Lisa,

      I’ve been itching to have my ears pierced for a few years now bur never got up the nerve to talk to my wife about it.  She knows about Robin and tolerates her.  This past April my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I finally got up the nerve to tell her I wanted to have my ears pierced.  She said to go for it. Then she said she has been expecting it for a while and she was surprised I haven’t already had them pierced.  Needless to say I was all excited.  Then the “expecting” part of her comment got me thinking and I asked her what else has she been “expecting” me to do.  I was expecting an answer which would let me feel more comfortable dressing more feminine around her.  Instead, I got …. well as with most things you do, you seem to always want to push the envelope a little more and then a little more, and so on.  What I’d like to know is how far do you intend to take this crossdressing thing and where/what is this going to lead to?  If you’re planning to transition, then I’m out.  Long story short … I decided to cool it and not have my ears pierced.

      Good luck and have fun if you decide to move forward.



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        1. I’ve always wanted to get my ears pierced but I’m afraid of the blowback from the people of whom I have be around. However I enjoy wearing clips on!
          Kind of changing subjects but having nails done falls under the same category.
          I enjoy hearing from you all living your best lives.
      • #773106

        Thanks Robin,
        My wife is the one that asked if I would like to have them pierced. She is very aware of the women within. We even past by the tattoo salon I want to have them done at the other day and wanted to know if I wanted to stop and get them pierced. I simply said I would rather make an appointment first, I never liked walk-ins. Just want to make sure the right person is on duty. I do know they use the needle and not a gun to do piercings. Needles have never bother me. I did tell my wife when I revealed Lisa to her that she had to tell me when I am going or have gone to far. So far she good with it all. She knows I have no interest in transitioning.

        • #773177
          Robin Snow

          Lisa, If your wife is the one encouraging you to have your ears pierced then by all means go for it, assuming it’s something you want.

          I would have done mine years ago if it weren’t for my wife.  She is barely tolerant.  While she doesn’t care about me having my ears done, she keeps poking holes trying to figure out what my reason and end game.

          • #773228

            If she still has suspicion and questions, that suggests that more good communication is necessary.

      • #773143

        Robin –

        I just got mine done for my birthday. My wife asked me if I had thought of getting my ears pierced a month or so ago. I told her that I had and she said I should do it if I want. She said we could do it for my birthday. It’s funny because when we first started going out (we’ve been married for 16 years) I had my left ear pierced. She said she didn’t care for it so I stopped wearing an earring and the hole closed. I asked her why the change and she said that now she knows about Suzanne and it makes sense. We made a day out of getting it done – ear piercing, lunch and shopping. I also have a tendency to push the envelope so understand that. Best of luck if you decide to get them done.


    • #773535

      I had my left ear pierced closed to 30 years ago. I normally wear a small hoop earring or a small stud. My wife wants to get a second piercing in her ears and suggested I do the same with my ear. I replied back that I would do it with her but also want to get my right ear pieced at the same time. She didn’t push back on the idea so hopefully I will have both ears pierced soon (maybe even double pierced)!



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      Pro: Something I never imagined when first having my ears pierced, was how much fun it would be to have many different choices to pair with my outfits.
      Con: Too many opportunities to buy cute earrings when out shopping.

      • #773806

        I know! My wife and I were out shopping yesterday and couldn’t pass up the earrings. We looked and choose but didn’t buy. Still need to get them pierced and then wait to heal. But I am thrilled with the idea. Some clip on work and stay, others don’t.

        • #773843

          Clip ins are not the same I love my pierced earrings. And these converters are not the same trust me I have seen gurls with them

        • #774032

          They are adjustable.

        • #774033

          [postquote quote=773806]

          Shopping for cute earrings is one of the fun things my wife and I enjoy when out together.

      • #773948

        Carla –

        Totally agree. I have quite a few pair taht were clip on that I converted to pierced. My wife gave me a cute pair of CZ snowflake earrings yesterday for my birthday (can’t wait to wear them – just got my ears pierced so need to let them heal). We also talked about sharing earrings. I think it would be cure if we were both to wear the same earrings when out.


        • #774212

          Love the idea of sharing earrings and such, ever since I saw “The Breakfast Club”

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      Getting my ears pierced 50 something years ago. I was told you are not a sailor why do you need them pierced. My answer was I just fancy hoops and I’m a glam rocker. My friend said to his girlfriend at the time I am doing it as well. So we did I still will wear dangling earrings he always wears studs. I crossdress he does not or not that I know of

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      I voted yes to earrings as I love mine. But I must admit other piercings are a complete horror to me the lips,eyebrows tongue and the bit between nostril’s that looks like it’s for a bull. The bull bit gives myself the boke(makes me sick). Ears are ugly they need brightened up at least mine do. I have my fathers sized ears and his were compared to taxi doors. Please by the way this is my opinion and yes most will disagree with me but sorry I’m 67. I do not need to look as if I have my own armour on my face. Or lips like Daffy Duck another trend I do not like. Eyebrows shaped and coloured in the same as some Kardashian’s. I am Coleen I dress my way I wear jewellery my style and I wear makeup my way. Ok it’s the only way I know how. But please we are all individuals we are not sheep all crossdresser’s are different we will never be the same as everybody else. This is my opinion and I’m sorry if I offended anyone

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      No piercings……..and wow, clip on earrings are so uncomfortable……but love seeing ladies that accent their eyes & outfits with some accessory color.

    • #774161

      Me personally I have both my ears pierced and my nipples and a southern piercing and I love them all, but I’d have to add think on it for a bit before doing it. I personally thought about it for over a year before I got any of my piercings

      • #774211

        I guess you could say I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Not just years, but decades! Ever since the last century!

    • #774422

      Pros – Being able to wear all those cute earrings like dangles and hoops.

      Cons- The money I spend buying all those cute earrings especially when having multiple piercings.

      • #774479

        I haven’t had them done yet, and I’m already window shopping for them. Even though I will have to wait awhile after having them pierced.

        • #775015

          Lisa –

          Understand what you are saying about having to wait once they are pierced. I had mine pierced 13   days ago and have another 8 days to go before I can change my earrings. We went ot a craft fair yesterday and I bought a cute pair of earrings. I’ve also converted most of my clip on earrings to pierced earrings. I can’t wait to be able to start wearing different earrings.

          By the way, shopping for earrings is fun especially if you do it with your SO. My wife said we can share earrings which will be nice.


          • #775123

            If you are going to exchange earrings between you two, do it safely and use alcohol on the pins and keepers, especially after getting new piercings.

          • #775333

            We will


    • #774819

      There are a few things I would consider only if I was being threatened with a gun to my head; voting Conservative, supporting Nottingham Forest, eating meat and moving to the U.S. for instance.  On the other hand, there are four things I could never, ever consider – murder, incest, cannibalism and having any sort of piercing to any part of my body!  As you’ll probably have guessed – piercing?  No, NO, NO, NO!!! 

      • #774954

        A few life’s goals. 🙂

        My wife and I went past 3 places, today, offering free ear piercing. I was sooo tempted.

        • #775752

          I hear you! After local mall I inquired at three places one of them told me they might have trouble going through the cartilage of my left ear and it might not work with the needle process that they use. They suggested I see a tattoo parlor who has a different process of piercing the ear as I’m told. And the the tattoo parlor said they wanted $100 to pierce my ears! So I think I’m going to stay with clip-ons.

    • #775230

      [quote quote=774034]There are also soft silicone sleeves for the paddles[/quote]

      Never seen the coverings. Please tell, where do you get them? Best, Marlene.

      • #775237

        A few of the clip-ones I have came with them. Amazon is always a good source as well as Clair’s.

    • #775801
      Nancy Beane
      Significant Other

      Go for it! My CD hubby did it about 2 yrs ago. At first I was hesitant to the idea, but those clips on’s and magnetic styles were just too uncomfortable for him. After finally agreeing, we went together to a local gal that did it professionally out of her home. I was surprised that I really like the look when he is in drab and wears just male, black studs or something similar. And of course he is thrilled to be able to wear any style he want comfortably while en femme. And, he did it at 54 yrs of age 🙂

    • #779639

      sitting here in my morning lounge ware including a new pair of dangle style earrings that my wife gave me just thinking about how much fun having pierced ears is.  So glad I took my wife’s encouragement to get them pierced at age 62.

    • #773096

      I have a feeling I will regret not having them done sooner too. I tried but the wife said NO at that time. Now she’s ok with it!

    • #773104

      Both of my daughters had their ears pierced at a Clair’s. Yes, they did an excellent job, painless and professional. Closest store to me is about an hour away, but I might go there instead of the tattoo salon.
      When I stated “horror stories” above I was referring to those home kits on Amazon for $10. Many reviews weren’t to kind about them. Just trying to find any one with experience with them.

    • #773648

      I used a home kit I bought on Amazon. I’ll put a link at the end, but it may get removed, so just search “6 Pieces Self Ear Portable Piercing Gun Kit”. The seller is Honoson. At this time the price is $6.29.

      Mine were successful, with no problems. Just use a Sharpie to mark where you want the hole, then triple check in the mirror to make sure they are even. Would help if you had someone else to verify they are even.

      Make sure you leave them in for at least four weeks. I tried removing one and replacing it with another piece of jewelry after only 10 days and I couldn’t get it in. Had to re-pierce that one a few days later.

      It’s really no big deal. Hurts a bit, but nothing like you think it will.

      Good luck.

    • #773659

      Yes, I looked at many of these kits, most reviews were unfavorable from what I read. It might cost more, but I think I would rather have it done by someone that knows what they are doing. Not that I don’t treat myself.
      Thanks for the info.

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