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      Nick Lacroix
      Registered On: February 3, 2020
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      I always felt safe sharing my personal thoughts here. You don’t need to worry🥰 I look forward to talking with you.

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      Michelle Newman
      Registered On: June 22, 2017
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      Welcome Marie!

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      Teralynn Loving
      Registered On: October 17, 2019
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      Hi Marie, Teralynn here. Welcome to CDH Luv. One of our members likened CDH to a sorority. Hmm! A crossdressing sisterhood sorority- I love it! There is also a lot I like about you already. Love your profile picture and if it is recent then girlfriend you age very well indeed. You are happily married- check! You have told your wife- check! She appears to be accepting and supportive- check! Now if we can just do something about your feelings of shame and/ or guilt for being a crossdressing person then you could join the ranks of many crossdressers that have become completely comfortable with their crossdressing journey and their feminine persona. Just being a member of CDH is going to help a lot. I have also found that those who know why they crossdress can overcome the pressure to be ashamed or feel guilty for doing it. I have a favorite phrase- “If you can name it you can claim it” Figure out why you do something and you will become comfortable with it. There are many legitimate reasons why people crossdress and none of them make you a weird, crazy or evil person. So it is unfortunate if others judge you for crossdressing but even if they are loved ones you have to live your life in a way that makes you happy and productive! You cannot evolve on this planet by living in fear, guilt and shame. That takes you backwards not forward. Seeing how many of us there are all over the world should also help! Interacting with your sisters here will also help you realize that your crossdressing is nothing you should be ashamed or feel guilty about. I am glad you found us and decided to become a member. I think you will enjoy it a lot. If I can ever be of service please feel free to contact me through this site and let me know how I can help. A post on my home profile page wall will get the fastest response. – Blessings

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      Casey Amber Twitchings
      Registered On: May 15, 2020
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      Hi Marie and welcome to CDH. I’m very glad you joined our happy little family. Have a look around the site and where you feel comfortable, join in.

      In my experience this site is a good, safe, nonjudgmental place to talk about anything and everything that’s on topic, and there are even a few forums for things that aren’t. I know what you mean about dressing being more personal and private. There was a time when I was looking to eventually be out to the world but these days I just don’t feel the need. There are two or three people I’m considering telling but that’s all. Oh, and Sam’s last words to Diane (“have a nice life”) get me every time I think about them.

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      Jill Marshall
      Registered On: June 28, 2020
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      Marie, there is such eloquence in the words and images you’ve shared here and in your profile.  It is an interesting place to be-  when dressed alone, as I only do, I feel anything but ashamed, but obviously where else does the fear of being discovered and seen come from.  It is significant that it is something you still struggle with, your sharing that shows that it is not something that one can simply overpower, but must find people who will be part of the experience and feeling, just as others have been for you.  This is what I came here hoping to find.

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      Stephanie Bass
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Marie nice meeting you and glad you joined us girls here . Well you have come to the right place to get over your shyness and you never need to feel ashamed again you are in a wonderful place with many wonderful loving caring ladies who will help you with advice on any thing you need advice on. Theirs plenty of forums and posts to read and when comfortable please join in like I said you are in a wonderful place here and again nice meeting you and hope to see you around for some girltime chats.

      Stephanie Bass

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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Wonderful to have you here with us. Many girls to chat ,make friends with and  much to read through our forums and such. So get settled and start enjoying being part of a place to express your inner feelings and share them with gals that support and understand our needs for dressing. isn’t it wonderful when you have support from someone so close  to ones heart . Having your wife’s acceptance certainly makes this journey most fulfilling. Happy to welcome you here with us.   Hugs!

      Stephanie 🌹

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Marie,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Stephanie Roberts
      Registered On: May 20, 2020
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      Welcome to CDH Marie!!!


      Thanks for sharing your story, and enjoy your time in this amazing place.


      Love, Stephanie ❤️

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      Kay Anderson
      Registered On: June 1, 2020
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      Hi Marie,

      Welcome and thank you for sharing!


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      Marie Chandler
      Registered On: June 29, 2020
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      Thanks, Bianca!

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      Bianca Everdene
      Registered On: April 11, 2017
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      Welcome Marie to CDH sorority,perfect word to descibe us. Hope you have fun exploring the site.

      Hope you dont mind me saying but You are looking fab for being in your 50s.


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      Roberta Denny
      Registered On: May 19, 2020
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      Welcome to CDH Marie.

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