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    Hi Beautiful ladies

    I have been home with my wife and daughter for Christmas break. They have been wearing jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts, and hoodies.

    I am wearing lace panties, jeans t-shirt, my nails are longer than either of theirs, my toe nails are painted pink.  As we watch movies I am having more emotional reaction than either of them.

    At this point I am dressed as femme as my CIS women family.  I still want makeup and a skirt and heals, but I am currently dressed in the same style, different colors, but same jeans and a t-shirt as the women in the house.

    I love dressing in my skirts and blouses, but that is not how the women I see dress, when I am dressed the same as them I don’t feel like I  dressing, but I match the women around me.

    Does anyone else here see and feel the same sense of dressing that the difference between drab with underdressing is like fitting in with the current style of the women around you?




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      At home when I dress, I wear my dresses or skirts with full makeup, breast forms and wig. Almost any other day around the house I have a lot of really cute feminine lounge wear with all the above extras optional. I don’t go out in public full enfemme. I go in my best “girly drab” which is girls skinny jeans, feminine tops, women’s booties or boots, jewelry and light makeup (usually only mascara). I have been out in public (away from home) and wore the above combination adding wig, full makeup and breast forms. One day I hope to go out in one of my lovely long skirts. Locally I noticed women tend to wear dresses on Sunday and I assume they just got out of church…  Stephanie

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      Seems to me like it’s natural. Plus, with the way it’s been recently, you might be itching to go out en femme.

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      So far I’ve only gone out in jeans and a blouse or a sweater, makeup of course and my wig of the day. I’ve got some girlier stuff, just haven’t felt the need yet. I’ve just been trying to blend rather than stick out much. Nothing lately though due to lack of opportunities (kids around, they don’t know and wife wanting to keep it that way). I’m fine with the less femme clothes, as long as I can still wear some shape wear and forms under so that it’s clear from a distance how I’m presenting.


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      Jin Crocker
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      Hanging out at home she usually has me in shorts and t-shirt or tank. Or naked. When out with friends she has me blend in with them. We dress according to the activity.

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      Bettylou Cox
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      I feel the same as you, Paula; my drab is all ladies’ jeans and tees, and I am, overall, dressed more femme than my wife.

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      Celeste Starre
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      Pretty much I guess.  When out and about my “drab” is still just a bit more fem than 90% of the women I see. At home I wear whatever I want.

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      Brittney Andrews
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      This year, late summer to mid November, I’ve focused more on casual clothes because I’m wanting to get out and about more often dressed en fem; once COVID social lockdown is lifted. I got 2 pairs of casual non-denim pants and two casual tops. I also got 2 pairs of casual flats for easier walking, even though I walk just fine in my heels. After this weekend, I’m going to get my first pair of women’s denim jeans. T-shirts and yoga pants are not my style.

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      I go csual quite a bit. And with all the pink I wear, I have no problem feeling girly. Dont get me wrong , I do enjoy dressing up!!   Hugs Pru

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      Paula F
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      My day to day wear depends totally on what I am going to be doing or where and who I am seeing.   Jean’s and a nice blouse are the usual, with bra and panties at least underneath.

      Dressy casual for occasions like family meals and get togethers such as Christmas eve and day.  Christmas eve I wore a very nice pair of wide legged  slacks with a cloth sash belt, burgundy silk blouse, low heeled Marbella pumps, and of course the complete ensemble of lingerie, stockings and garter belt, and matching wine colored bra and panties.  The other women there wore close to the same level of casual but dressy also.

      I always pick the level of my casualness to be appropriate to the occasion, and if I am not sure, I will call and find out how dressy to go.

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      Rachel Williams
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      When I dress, it’s all the way femme or not at all.  Without my wig, dress or skirt & blouse, lingerie, hose, heels and makeup, I just don’t feel like the girl I truly aspire to be.

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      Stephanie Green
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      I don’t underdress.  I either go full femme or drab.  I prefer skirts and tops or dresses and love wearing my pumps.  I don’t have any everyday causal type women’s clothes.  I suspect that I would get the same feeling of femininity from them though.  After all, they are still women’s clothes.  They are still made of softer fabrics and have prettier colors than men’s clothes.  Maybe I’ll get some women’s jeans, casual tops, flats, etc. one day.

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      Sophia Keeler
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      I dress according to how I’m feeling at that time. My girlfriend is more comfortable in a night gown on tights. I prefer a dress or skirt and blouse.

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