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    Hi girls. Things have moved on a little bit since i last posted a few weeks ago. My wife and i had a frank discussion on Friday during which the subject of my crossdressing came up. She told me that she thought i was avoiding the subject but i said i just didn’t want to ruin the progress we’ve made by overdoing it and pushing her away. I said i would love to talk about it more because ive not been able to talk to anyone about it these past 35 years or so and i am bursting with questions etc. That very evening we watched the Danish Girl together (deliberate joint purchase at the supermarket that afternoon) which led to some more open discussions where i reassured her that i had no wish to transform and become a woman. I did tell her that my girl name was Polly which ive never told anyone irl before. I asked her to think of my crossdressing as more of a hobby. She said that she understood and was happy with that. She has been amazingly accepting and i am very grateful for that.

    Anyway, this morning we were at the shops together and she helped me pick out a lovely woolknit skirt and a satin spaghetti strap top. I told her it was very exciting to have her picking outfits for me. I felt giddy with excitement. I know that she may regret being this accepting and our progress may yet hit a stumbling block, but i was so happy that my wife could accept Polly and help her to choose nice clothes. Who knows what the next step will be but i definitely need help choosing and applying make up so that will be my request if she asks.

    I never dared dream that i would find a girl who could accept this side of me! It just goes to show that dreams can come true x

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     Stef Smith 
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    communication and open communication is the key

    if you can openly share your feelings back and forth it builds intimacy



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    Polly… heart sings for you. I love happy endings/beginnings. All the best to you and your wife. Love always……….Lady Veronica Graunwolf.

    I love that phrase “my heart sings for you” .. so lovely. Thank you for your kind message. Polly’s been waiting a long time to step out of the shadows and i am so happy πŸ™‚

     Lady Veronica Graunwolf 
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    Polly… heart sings for you. I love happy endings/beginnings. All the best to you and your wife.

    Love always……….Lady Veronica Graunwolf.

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    Congrats Polly! very happy for you! Keep up with the patience!

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    Thank you Mac. That is reassuring to hear πŸ™‚ I am glad things are atill goin well for you a year after telling her. Do you share your crossdressing with her (ie dress in front of her or shop together) or so you only talk with her about it. I am finding the biggest challenge is setting the boundaries.

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    It is great to hear that everything is going well with your wife.Β  I agree with your outlook in full.Β Β  My experience with my wife has been similar.Β  It has been just over a year since I shared MacKenzie with my wife.Β  We continue to have a regular discussions where each of us feel comfortable to share our feelings.Β  I wish thee the best.


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