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      Chrissie Smith

      Simple question. What should you do to feminise eyebrows. Thanks.

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      Angela Booth

      Gradually, if you aren’t out as it all depends how far and quickly you want to go. My experience was to pick the hairs that formed a bridge between the two brows and take out those hairs around the main brows. That was my start and no one noticed as I did it over a period of time. The next phase began when I started to go out so I looked at magazines and how women wore the brows. This was when internet was in its early days so now you can find plenty of advice on the internet.  I had girl friends who gave me advice and I decided on a shape I bought templates that are used to place over the brows to give a shape and  I would pencil in the brow and start to pluck to that shape. Over a period of time I have a shape that looks okay if I wasn’t femme but pencil and brow mascara makes a nice eyebrow for me. I have to pluck out the white or longer hair, like pruning a hedge. If you are brave approach a salon who may be able to help as men do have the brows done for vanity and there is electrolysis too.

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        I just recently started brow electrolysis.  Just to lift and separate, lol!

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      Find out your face shape. Find out your eyebrow shape. Go to a nail salon and get them waxed!!! Keep your natural most accurate shape that matches your face shape and have the nail salon make them archy a bit. That I all you do!

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      Chrissie, Many years ago a gurl friend told me this about doing eyebrows. Pluck a few hairs from the underside of each brow each week. Once you have them gone don’t let them grow back. Over a period of time you will thin your brows nicely and without any drastic change. I did this years ago and have never had anyone comment about my eyebrows when in drab, but have had many compliments enfemme!

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      I keep it simple: comb them up and trim with scissors then fill a little as needed with pencil.

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      J J

      There no correct answer here. Do what you like in a way you like. Eyebrows vary so much between people and sexes, and change with fashion more then hemlines.

      Generally speaking a more feminine brow is thinner, high and more arched then the masculine brow, but you will find more then a few exceptions. The uni-brow, once the bane of all women with it, has now become fashionable (to a certain degree.) I have my brows waxed because I have some big bushy brows that I have been slowly changing the shape of to find what works for me. I have been waxing them for about a year, and still haven’t settled on my preferred shape. My wax technician even has a book dedicated to eyebrow fashion over the years and it is amazing just how diverse and changeable brow fashion can be.

      Go with what you like, play around a bit until you settle on what works best for your face and lifestyle.

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      Liara Wolfe

      I thin and shape them as much as I think I can get away with. When I do my makeup I use a eyebrow stencil stamp from Madluvv. I love it .

      Hugs, Liara

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      Well I keep mine trimmed and try a shape them a little higher and arched without them looking to feminine. I am thinking of having them done at my nail salon and go with a 59/50 male female look.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      How you do it is up to you but doing it gradually no one notices. I have 2 daughters and 2 early teen GD. They scrutinize everything.
      took about a year.

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      I’ve got the perfect solution, I went full time girl!  LOL  My brows have been quite thin and very arched for over a year now.  I use a stencil I bought at Sephora, made by Anastasia, now all I do is pluck the occasional rogue eyebrow hair.

      Hugs girls,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Chrissie Smith

      Thanks girls for all your replies. I’m not sure I’m ready for permanent alterations to my eyebrows. I’m going to be dressing myself up to the nines for a week in June but it may be a complete one off. My question was more aimed at what makeup products are available and how do you use them to shape and reduce the eyebrows. Thanks ladies.

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        J J

        Go talk to a make up artist for helpful hints and hacks. Sephora, Ultra and Mac are all very CD friendly. There are ways and products to totally covering brows that professionals use. You can also have your hair stylist trim and shape them without getting to radical. I have very bushy brows and my stylist has trimmed them for years, but now I get them trimmed and waxed and that has work particularly well. I still haven’t found the right shape, but we kept shaping them little by little.

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      I made the eyebrow transition slowly over time, which worked great for me.  Daily I pluck any wild hair below my eyebrow line to keep them neat and once a week I comb them up to trim the hair to keep them short.  I am happy with how they look but you have to be dedicated to making the change slowly as not to get any unwanted attention from friends and family.


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      My eyebrows have drooped and the top eyelids are starting to cover more of my eyeballs. I was wondering about an actual brow lift before dealing with the eyebrows.

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      Eyebrows is something I have no issues with, just need to trim them. No uni brow and actually quite nice when trimmed being the key word. If I don’t… let’s just say I could challenge Einstein 😉
      If I really want to accencuate the trimmed version, a touch of mascara really makes them pop.

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      I have my brows waxed every other week in the salon by a very  nice lady who knows of Michelle and she keeps my brows looking wonderful .Try it,its fun and gets you in touch with your feminine side.

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      There is a young cashier at a local food chain who looks as if she has her eyebrows trimmed in some way. She is a black-haired brunette and her brows are also black. I would really like to know what she has done to them and what their natural look is.

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