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      Barbie Satin
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      If you want really vibrant colors I would try Ben Nye or Mac make up. I worked with a pro make up artist for years and all he ever used was Ben Nye. The colors are way more vibrant.

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      Val’sheril Starsong
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      I can echo most of the advice given here (though I have yet to try cream… to-do list perhaps).

      My best advice as something resembling an artist is to look at eyeshadow more like a watercolor.  You’re not going to get the hues on the palette as your end result and that’s not the point.  The point is to blend some of those colors, some of those hues into your existing complexion to create a work of art that is at once you and not you.  Confusing enough?  Welcome to the wild and wacky world of cosmetics.

      Your face is a unique canvas, and you’ll want to hone your skills to take full advantage of it, drawing attention toward those features you see as desirable and away from those you see as undesirable.  Personally I tend toward keeping the darker hues close to the lid and out and up in a winglike fashion, though if you go too dark with the colors you can make your actual eyes look washed-out.  But what works for me may not work for you.  I’d advise searching videos and looking for girls (GG or otherwise) of a similar age, skin tone, and facial structure as yourself.  See what they’re doing.  If you like it, emulate it.  If not, don’t.  But you should pick up some basics pretty quickly that way.

      Or if you’re braver than me you could actually seek the help of a professional… y’know, let me live vicariously through you. ;}

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      Eileen Bach
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      In addition to the good advice already posted, consider basic advertising. You know that McDonald’s cheeseburger looks nothing like what you get. Photography in cosmetics, food, and everything else, are done by professionals.

      Whatever products you use will have different results on someone else. To some degree, anyway.


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      Alanna Cain
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      An eyeshadow that does not stand out can be caused by several reasons and no this is not a dumb question.

      (1) The colour of eyeshadow may not be a great selection for eye colour.

      (2) The shape of your eye and the application of the shadow may not give large bold eye look.

      (3) The eyeshadow may have a low pigmentation.

      (4) And other stuff…

      I suggest a cream eyeshadow, go light on the lid but darker colour on the side to smoke it out and up. Lashes are window blinds open them up with lots of mascara. Nude eyeliner on bottom.

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      Carmen Cruz
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      Look for more creamy eyeshadows… those tend to be much more pigmented (it’s like putting lipstick on your eyelids). If you’re looking for bright, that’s the way to go to achieve that look.

      The more powdery ones tend to not be as pigmented, so you’d have to put a lot more on in layers to get it bright… which then poses a different set of problems with “the look”.

      If you have one of those beauty supply places around (the kind of places that sell wigs, all sorts of skin care products, makeup, hair accessories, false lashes, nails), it’s a great place to just buy off-brand makeup for play as they sell everything for really cheap. Not quite dollar store cheap, but the products are competitive in use to very high end products. I doubt everything is FDA approved at those places, but personally, I don’t worry much about that kind of stuff since I’m not eating it, nor am I keeping it on my face and breathing it all in on a daily basis, and the “news” stories of someone using off-brand makeup and having serious health issues from it are far and few between. Considering millions and millions of people use off-brand makeup on a regular lifelong basis, 1 or 2 people having a health issue to me doesn’t tell me anything nor is it even a concern.

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      Wendy Swift
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      depending on the colour you choose, you don’t want eye shadow too bright or else you wind up looking like a clown.

      I used to think that more eyeshadow the better, but it really stands out and it looks odd.  I’ve really toned down the amount of eye shadow I put on so it looks nice, but nothing too loud or bright.

      I’ve also learned that pairing of eye shadow colour with your eye colour is important, to bring out the colour of your eyes alot better.

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      Gabriela Romani
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      Hi Mellissa. While makeup of different prices and brands may look the same while in their cases, at least for eyeshadow, it makes a big difference.
      Eyeshadow with more pigment will “paint” much better than other with less pigment.

      Years ago the makeup brands were fewer than today. You had the “little girls” brands, the “supermarket” brands, and the department store brands.
      Nowadays pretty much every “influencer” has a brand, so it is not easy to find which is a better buy for the $.
      MAC has some very good stuff, pricey. Urban Decay is pretty good too, less pricey and more likely to be on sale. Anastasia too expensive (and quite good).
      Clear as mud huh? If you are comfortable shopping for yourself (en femme or not) stop by Sephora or ULTA, and ask one of the ladies to see what they would buy for their teenage daughter, or if they are young, for their friend’s birthday.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Mellissa there is never a dumb question here girlfriend it allways seems that way as not as bright .. I kind of like it not so bright more of a matt finish works best with my skin tone good luck girl you will find the right colors to work just play he he ..

      Stephanie Bass

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