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    Randi Layne
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    I’ve seen very nice photos that have used the face app. I looked for info about it on the web and learned that it is based in Russia. There were mixed comments on security questions. Has anyone had a negative experience using the app? The results have been lovely to look at but are there hacking issues?

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      Robyn Devine
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      Hi Randi

      I work in Computer Information Security for a living.  I heard the same rumors as you.

      I did my research and the answer is…No.  I read about their process and the safeguards in place.

      Its safe to use, and NO, your information or pictures won’t land on Social Media unless you want it to.

      Laura made some good points.  Criminals are after money and data, they don’t give a $h!t about your pictures or what you look like.

      FaceApp is great to use as a reference and a goal to get where you want which is confident and attractive to go out into the world.

      XO Robyn 🤗❤️

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        Laura Lovett
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        Hi Robyn

        I work in IT too!

        It’s worth pointing out that, if anyone is interested in seeing which of their accounts has been compromised, then try the website https://haveibeenpwned.com/

        Any email can be tested out here by simply typing it in the box and viewing the results.

        Many billions of accounts have been compromised, so if you see a red screen, don’t panic, just look at the sites that have been compromised and change the passwords.

        Now, not later.

        Stay safe!

        Love Laura



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      Laura Lovett
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      Out of all the face changing apps I’ve tried, FaceApp gives the most satisfying results to my eyes.

      I don’t think there are many hacking issues specific to it, because you just use a regular account, like Gmail or Facebook – which have their very own security issues.

      The bigger the target, the more likely it is to be hit.

      Who wants photos of people’s faces?

      It’s the bank accounts that most criminals want, and the personal data that advertisers want.

      Follow the money 😉

      I love the results, and used it on one of my public photos. Unsurprisingly, it has the most likes.

      It’s a bit of a Mirror of Edisel though – a look that seems achievable, yet tantalizingly out of reach.

      As a fun way to provide a target, or set of goals for your makeup skills, it’s great.

      As a way to fake your appearance, well, I’m not so keen.

      My profile picture was taken by Poppy Tallulah after she did an amazing real life makeover on me, and I am happy with that as a target for my skills!

      Dabbling and YouTube vs 5 years of college training and 15 years of experience…


      Think I have a long way to go 😊😍😍😍

      Love Laura

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      Stephanie Scott
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      There are a lot of different apps out there that will transform a photo you upload and switch genders, age it, etc. My profile pic is actually a picture of me from when I was 20 that I uploaded (ironically my individual college football player photo taken for the game programs). When I put the 2 pics side by side, you can tell it’s me (and it’s amazing what the projected female hormones do to soften features). Features all the same — just softer. I love it because it’s me … sort of … as I sometimes wonder what my life would have been as that girl. She’s actually pretty hot! Lol.

      Anyway, I don’t know which app you’re referencing, as there are so many, and heck, I don’t even remember which one I used. But in any event, lots of people use these apps because they are curious — not sure that it would compromise you in any way. Unless, of course, it offers someone an entrée into personal info. For most, I doubt the Russians are terribly interested. Lol.

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      Grace Scarlett
      Baroness - Annual
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      Hi Randi..

      I have never used it, but these days, would it really surprise anyone???

      All I can say is, if your lovely pictures start appearing with Cossack hats on, log off!!

      Smiles, grace xx

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