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    Paula Here
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    Hi everyone,

    I have an event coming up this weekend and would like to not have to worry about my facial hair growing in through my makeup.

    have any of you tried to wax your facial hair?

    what was the result?


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      Emily Alt
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      I get my brows waxed every few weeks.  That’s fairly tolerable.  Getting my entire face waxed sounds like torture.

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      Rayna Carlian
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      Personally, being “blessed”(sarcasm) with dark facial hair…

      My wax technician( I get my eyebrows/underarms/Brazilian waxed every 5 weeks… ) told me that since I have dark hair, I should consider laser hair removal.

      I have been thinking about getting the whole beard area lasered away for a few months now. I know that it’s a somewhat painful process for some… but I’m thinking that I would love to not need beard cover before putting on makeup…

      Being familiar with getting waxed…I don’t think that waxing your beard/moustache would be a very fun experience. That hair is quite a bit thicker at the root and would likely hurt like hell…no thanks.

      Hope that helps,

      Have fun out there…



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      Marg Produe
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      Ok Paula,  On my journey between the worlds I can give you a firsthand experience.  I had blotches (islands) of coarse blond and white beard hair and was determined to get them gone.  I’m Intersex and my body has a hair pattern like many women.  This left my body hairless but my face mixed with real man-hair (think grandma should do something about that beard!).  So I started electrolysis.  Laser wouldn’t work cause I had mostly light or white hairs.  Electrolysis works on only fresh (think 2 week old) hairs.  So, the first time that you go they stick an electrode into the each hair follicle and zap it with electricity (that part really hurts!) then, they tweeze the hair out.  Then you wait about 2 to 4 weeks for the new hair growth to come in and do it all over again and then you have the new growth hair that has a root that  can be removed.  That is when you finally have permanent hair removal.  Not a lot of fun but expensive and time consuming and each pass may only cause a 15% permanent reduction.  Soooo  to speed things along my technician suggested we try waxing (which she does on many women) and the result was not good.  Because my hairs were coarse and deep rooted, waxing almost ripped my flesh off before the hairs gave way and came out.  I ended up with only half of them out and a severely bruised and stretched face.  That was the last time that we tried that method.  After that we would agree upon the area that she would work on in the next two weeks and then I would tweeze out every hair in that area two weeks before the appointment.  Yup, each individual hair plucked in the bathroom with my magnifying mirror.  Who said beauty was easy?  That method worked for me and the facial damage and pain was manageable.  A few notes here.  If you are going to pluck, just know that your body will react and you get puffy or lumpy or if you break the hairs you will get ingrown ones.  You will need a few days to let things settle down so plan accordingly.  I use Lidocaine Pain Relief Roll-On cream from CVS for pain reduction and Aloe sunburn lotion for lumps.  Also. hairs are like weeds, hard to get  rid of and they keep coming back.  I’ve been at it for two years and am about 90% done.  Close shaving may seem a little easier but if you are going to try I would suggest doing it on a small area first.

      Incidentally, Props go out here to a Trans Lady that I first read about who worked as a secretary in an office and kept her face clear by constant daily plucking.  I think that I read that story over 15 years ago but her idea was helpful when I needed it. I’m sorry that I don’t remember her name or her particular situation but do remember a picture of a very beautiful woman in an office.  I think that it may have been a success story first listed in one of the Trans Magazines.  Anyway, if she is still around anywhere I owe her thanks for helping me many years later and I hope that this response helps you Paula and anyone else that’s interested.

      Safe Journey,   Marg

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      even in my guy mode I don’t like facial hail, if you try it et us know how it turns out, I’l do the same if I try it too

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      Alison Anderson
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      The place I go for waxing offers facial waxing for men.  But the couple of times I have asked about it I have always gotten the same “Catch-22” like answer.  Because of the coarseness and density of men’s facial hair, they don’t recommend it unless you are already waxing your own face.  (When women have a bit of facial hair, the hair is much finer as well as less dense.)

      From getting waxed on much of my body for years, I know that you have to have sufficient hair for the wax to stick to.  I have seen descriptions that it has to be the length of a grain of rice.  A one or two day stubble probably isn’t going to work.

      All that said, I do remember meeting someone at one of my support groups who said they had used a hard wax on their face for a year and it did reduce the hair growth.  I would not recommend it without numbing creme, and I’ll bet it would still hurt after the creme wears off.

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      Darcy Grigsby
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      I bet that would hurt like hell.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Good question Paula never have even thought it was possible so intrested to hear replys thanks..

      Stephanie Bass

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        Julie (Jules) Anderson
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        It actually IS possible – ouch!!! – according to a licensed aesthetician friend. And yes, on men. She told me they use a good numbing cream. And looking on line I’ve seen some shops in Seattle advertise their services for men. I myself have consider it.
        Ouch!!! LOL

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