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      In 1987, a Brazilian lingerie company (Valisere) launched a spot aimed at girls who were starting to wear a bra. It was an award-winning spot, and the only sentence spoken by the announcer is “The first Valisere do not forget”, inspired by the phrase “The first bra we do not forget”.




      I remembered, when i wore a bra for first time – was my sister’s bra, i was 11 y/o, that I was wondering in the mirror, just like the girl in the spot. The bra was white like that of the spot.


      Maybe one day someone make a remake of this spot …

      Or rather, two. One for girls, and one for boys …

      How would portray a boy (who had the wish and curiosity to wear a bra) experiencing a bra for the first time?

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      Hi Marie… you keeping girl?  You question of how to portray boy trying on a bra is interesting.

      I worked in the advertising industry as a young man for a while.  I know that Foreign Countries are much more liberal than Canada/USA.  I think that I would Open with the line……”curiosity killed the cat….or did it?  I would feature several scenes in which small animals and children of varying ages investigate items to learn what they are all about, including a girl child trying on mothers shoes and a boy child trying on his mothers/sisters bra. I would put this segment in the middle and close with a kitten checking out a tin foil ball and the closing line…..”look, investigate, try….. learn something today.  There you go……I would patent this idea as it is sure to fly.  PS….if you work in advertising….the idea is yours to use…a little gift from me.

      Lady Veronica

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