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    Tammie Swenson
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    Curious what types of tops and Skirts do you like to wear? And Do you like to wear stockings or tights or pantyhose

    I personally like spandex fabric tops, especially tight fitting bodysuits, with Pantyhose like fabrics or tight fitting Lacey blouses, and turtleneck leotard or scoop neck line longsleeve or cap sleeve leotard and spandex pencil skirts or sexy miniskirts

    I love to wear a Long Formal pencilskirted Evening Gown for a nite at a symphony concert performance with dinner b4hand. My SOGGF loves Symphony Orchestra concerts. Last Fall my SOGGF subcripted to a series of concerts downtown, ever since then every 1ST concert that was a Formal Dinner for subscribers for she had me get a TIGHT PENCIL FLOOR LENGTH EVENING GOWN, I now wear it to every concert.

    Also I adore full skirt Modern Western Square dancing skirts with requisite petticoats and pettipants.




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     Lucinda Hawkns 
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    i love to wear skirts above the knee also and have to be sexy skirts and pretty in color, nylons for me colors of all kinds to match my skirt and blouse, blouses i like the ones that look feminine and sexy and pretty, i like to wear dresses also but have to look feminine and sexy not boring look. i wear a lacy bra and lacy pantiesΒ  with pad. heels wig make up ear rings,necklace,perfume when i can dress up for hours and no one to see me for i have one adult child still at home, wife knows i dress up and lets me know i can do what i like to do and dress up but she will not let me sit in same room as her and 2 woman and talk , she has seen me getting dressed up and putting on make up and she would not help with make up,

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     fiona moss 
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    Hi Tammy, Firstly for the legs, its tights for me, either knitted ones or sheer types, nothing under 40 denier though!

    For my tops, i like woolen jumpers or a simple unsophisticated tee-shirt etc.

    Skirts have got to be a mandatory above the knee for me!! Pinks, Blues, Creams, Reds etc. I love checked or Tartan skirts πŸ™‚ .

    Fiona xxx

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     Roberta Thomas 
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    I love skirts and dresses.I like all sorts of skirts.I am a big fan of pencil skirts,also love three quarter length floral skirts.Tweedy short skirts seem to be the in thing these days.I like short skirts but as I am nearly 59 I think its only appropriate for me personally to wear them below the knee.As for dresses I am a huge fan of the little black dress.My wife bought one a few months back.She is not entirely happy with it and may either loan it to me or let me have it for keeps.As for blouses and tops I love all kinds

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     Meran Berwyck 
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    I like loose-fitting tops (breathable), pullover types.Β  If its not loose-fitting then I will add a vest.

    I love pleated skirts, which don’t have to stretch much except for the waist.Β  Overlap types are nice too.

    I love dresses, knee length or longer.Β  I dream of the day when I’ll wear a wedding dress.Β  It doesn’t have to be dragging the floor, it can be floor length.Β  Like Cinderella.Β  A ball gown.Β  Anything formal with lots of lace and satin.Β  My GF says we will wear matching wedding dresses!

    Casually, I love sundresses.Β  Simple and not fancy, but cover enough comfortably.

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    I love dress and skirts. Β  I always wear hose. Β I don’t see why genetic girls complain. Β  Love hose, heels, ballet flats. (Virtually anything feminine and girly). Β  Tights too. Β  It’s obvious if you look at the pics I have posted. Β I would truly have been a girly girl. Β (We I am sort of )

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     stephanie plumb 
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    See my post in the “life as it goes” forum titled “What is your favourite style of skirt, and why?”

    I like to wear tight jumpers. I have a thing about admiring women’s breasts( i can watch them for hours assessing their size and what type of bra they are wearing), and try to achieve the same look using my collection of bras and forms. I also love sheer loose fitting blouses, which allow my F cups to jiggle and sway realistically in an unpadded bra.Β  I like above the knee shift dresses too, because there is no restriction around the waist like there is with skirts. This is a female thing because men’s trousers and shorts always restrict the waistline.

    Stephanie P.

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       Tammie Swenson 
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      I’m a 38DDD and iirc F cup bra is a European size and is EQUAL TO my DDD, occasionally I can wear a loose bra that jiggles but my SOGGF prefers me to wear a tightbras and tops that are sheer and tight, because ever b4 she outted meΒ  I was complaining 2 her about why she never wore anything but thick solid colors that didn’t show her BOOBS, NOR HER bras thru the fabric.

      She rarely wore dresses, most wore jeans and denim pants and shirts except for work,

      Thus now I can’t wear any kind of jeans etc, but if we go jogging or biking she will let me wear a spandex bodysuit and spandex legging.


      <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>

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