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    So I have actually been giving a lot of thought to transitioning. I really do sometimes yearn to be a proper woman and confidently live my life but then again I get scared thinking about how this would affect not just me but everyone around me as well. Sometimes I wish if I could just go to someplace where nobody knew me and start afresh as a proper woman but that is a fantasy.  I looked up the local psychologist and endocrinologist as well as the surgeries(youtube has some pretty gruesome stuff) and given an unconditional option of transitioning, I would take it without any second thoughts. However, once again the thought of how because of me transtitoning my parents and relatives might have to suffer, comes back to haunt me.

    I am on a see-saw of emotions and nether side seems to be giving up.

    Anybody else feel this conflicted ?

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     Olivia Faye Marie 
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    I know how you feel. I’ve been considering transition as well. and it is hard. I think the biggest thing you should consider is what would transition mean for you? and what does being a woman actually mean? you transition your stuck. no going back. need to understand that.

    if you understand that, and still want to go through with it. then do it. you only live once.

    and if you do decide to transition, make sure you have support. its not something you should do by yourself.


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    Mee too…

    i am not able  to give up my desire  to become  a  woman….but thinking  about ma parents..make  me  feel sad..but am sure that  i will take the decission to live my life as a women within a  couple of  years…i wish and pray  to  god that  my parents should accept me  as their daughter…if one else in the world matters…

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    Hello ladies!

    This has also been on my mind I do want the transition. My wife told me she understands my desire, she won’t stand in the way. She also told me she wouldn’t stay, because her husband will be gone.

    It’s a really tough decision. I have to dwell on. My support group is really strong. Even my daughter who is 14 knows I’m trans and she loves the idea. She said to me “Your my dad and I always will love you.” I about lost it knowing my daughter will always be here for me and she was the most of my worry if she would accept it.


    I’ve been very fortunate, now I feel Destiny’s calling. I’m not sure where to begin at.

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     Danielle Rose Fox 
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    Hi Rachel, my wife has embraced who I am and we are going along the transition path together. Transitioning does not mean SRS at the end of my journey.  It does mean HRT, possibly FFS, hair transplants, and possibly liposuction surgery to remove fat from where it shouldn’t be and place it where it should be in order to develop a more feminine hourglass figure. Once done I will have been living as a woman for a couple years and changes will still be happening to my body through hormones. Voice change will not occur so vocal chord shaving is potentially next. One surgery besides SRS I will not have done is breast augmentation. No fake breasts for me saline or silicone. Too many health problems related to that surgery. If I end up with B cup breasts so be it! My mother had C cup breasts and on my dads side his sisters had C/D cup breasts and my female cousins have C/D cup breasts. So genetically I could have up to a D cup if I am lucky, C cup would be great but I am an A cup right now so chances are I will be a B cup. No worries.

    The difficult part is coming out to my children. They live on West coast and I live in Midwest. But tell them I must because they deserve to know and if I love them as I did when my first wife used them as blackmail during our divorce whatever the outcome I will not have them find out from anyone else but me. I am so sure their SOs will not Approve. But I have to tell them anyway.

    My wife’s children? 2 know and the third is the toughest. He is a minister with a masters in divinity. A more straight laced man you could not find anywhere in the Midwest. So he will be a challenge but work will be less so. Work has LGBTQ discrimination policies in place with training for all employees and procedures for a transitioning person to follow on their journey. HR even helps to notify the department(s) involved to ensure a smooth transition with work before or during HRT. In this part of the country I happen to work for a very progressive Children’s Hospital. I have met others who have transitioned and some who are transitioning. This is a real possibility for me so I am going to take the chance because I may not have this possibility in 5-10 years. So I need to Shyte or get off the pot 😂.

    My sister in community, Rachel, advice is all well and good to give you but in the end only you can make this decision. Taking family into account is magnanimous and very kind of you but it is still you in the end who will make the choice and live the choice. Whether or not they approve of that choice and support you is their choice. Feel them out but it will either be you or Rachel who talks with them daily in the end. I apologize if this is difficult to hear but you know it is the truth for us all who will make this choice.

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    This is an interesting thread.

    For a long time I convinced myself that I was just a crossdresser.  That is was nothing more than this.   I was in denial.  I have always known that my inside,  Stephanie, did not match my outside.  I was never one of the boys; always one of the girls.

    Acceptance of who I truly am was something of an epiphany.  I quite my denial this year.  I felt for the first time that I knew who I am.   I am Stephanie.  I looked into next steps, I allowed myself to think of my future life as the true me, but reality came knocking.

    I feel the same emotions that you do Rachel.  On one side there is the hope that I can truly be happy with me, but the cost of doing this in terms of hurting people I love feels like an emotional burden that I cannot take.  At the same time, I feel like a bird trapper in a cage, looking through bars at the sky, trees and experiences that I can look at from a far.

    I am in therapy.  But I always come back to the same, dilemma, is it better for one person, me, to feel hurt rather than hurting everyone around me.

    Rachel. I understand.  I don’t have the answers (if only).  But I am always happy to chat.

    The only thing that gives me comfort is that Stephanie is me.  What I look like and how I dress does not change the fact that I am Stephanie.  I know who I am; I just can’t let the whole world know.

    Stay strong

    Stephanie x


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    I feel pretty much the same way, Rachel…like I’m constantly weighing these two seemingly contradictory instincts. Sometimes I can’t bear the thought of not transitioning. But sometimes I can’t bear the thought of putting the people in my life through that. I feel stuck, with no clear and positive way forward.

    Hopefully, things grow clearer for you, me, and the rest of us see-saw-ers, hon.

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     Maria Troup 
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    Transitioning is not easy it depends on you i did it’ a long will have your ups and downs but in the long run it’s worth it.

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    I can relate so much to the feelings of conflict you describe. In my heart I feel like a woman, and although I have supportjng friends, the thought of how it will affect me and others is stopping me. My wife tolerates some femme time, but expressed that she cannot follow me if I were to continue my journey further. Potentially breaking my relationship, thoughts of how my workplace react hold me back. As a step, my therapist advised me to take a week off and spend it en femme, to feel what it is like in normal live routine. I normally only go out once or twice a month. Please drop me a PM if you want to talk or know more.

    hugs, Liv

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     Adeline Johnston 
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    I appreciated your post because this is something that I have given much thought to as well. From the time I was fairly young, I have wanted to be female. However I work for a fairly conservative company in an industry where background checks and security are the norm.  Earlier this summer while visiting family, a sister in law brought up that a teacher at her school had come out as MTF. The comments made were pretty awful and that certainly gave me pause. I try to be as feminine as I can without being to obvious. I shave my legs and usually wear womens underwear, pants, and shoes.

    But I also go through periods where I feel comfortable as a man. So I continue to be conflicted as well and find myself straddling a line between desiring to be a woman yet feeling comfortable as a man. As I have gotten older I have become more accepting of being a man. If I was in my 20s instead of my 60s I feel fairly certain that I would make the transition.

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