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      Rei Durden
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: October 11, 2020
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      I do, and the results are always hilarious!

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      Chloé Rian
      Registered On: September 4, 2021
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      I was just thinking about this the other day and wondering if there was a thread in the forum about it.

      While I do have increasingly more feminine mannerisms when dressed, I haven’t tried out a fem voice yet, either with my wife or in private. I’ll probably give it a shot sooner or later though.

      I’m still trying hard to remember how to sit properly like a lady when I’m in a skirt or dress!


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      Stephenie Derick
      Registered On: July 9, 2020
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      My wife actually prefers I use my fem voice when I am Stephenie. She says it add to the illusion I am just a visiting girlfriend.

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      Kimberly Bee
      Registered On: August 11, 2020
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      I do try to soften my voice which isn’t easy as my natural is quite deep, I also have quite a broad Lincolnshire accent which makes it worse . I have watched videos about feminising my voice & I end up sounding like Micky mouse. As I’m a lone worker so I do practice while at work

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      Connie Twirl
      Registered On: August 18, 2021
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      I have enough problems looking like a girl, let alone sounding like one! I have tried, but it comes out like a Monty Python sketch.


      Spam, spam, spam, lovely spam……..




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      Regine Kelly
      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      I am trying, and my wife not only encourages me, but reminds me, if I don’t use it.
      Hugs, Regi

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      Natasha Taylor
      Registered On: February 6, 2021
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      Never tried but I don’t change my personality when I’m dressed I’m just me and that includes my voice. It’s reasonably fem anyway. Xxx

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      Celeste Starre
      Registered On: June 26, 2018
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      Quite a long time ago I had a girlfriend and we would spend evenings together as two lesbians. As I recall there wasn’t much of anything she wouldn’t do but the voice was the exception.

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      Abbie Normal
      Registered On: June 13, 2021
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      I’m flirting with it a bit but I’m still not confident myself. Sometimes with certain phrases it comes out but she’s good with it so far.

      — Abbie 🥰

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