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    Maggie May
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    My wife finds it hilarious that I am embarrassed to talk to her about my “hobby ”  She has told me many times that she doesn’t care and that it’s a part of me but I still have a hard time just bringing it up LOL. At least I know I can make her laugh if she’s having a bad day by asking her about how something is supposed to fit or? She’s also a little bit jealous of the fact that I am smaller than her now and says she hates me for it LOL!! I know she’s only joking around and loves me for who I am. She has not seen Maggie yet and probably won’t unless she ask but all in all life is good so…

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      It’s awesome to have a supportive wife. You’ve achieved the hard part. She knows, and is good with it. I do understand the fear, but you’ll be happy to go all the way and open up about it. Maybe even introduce them? No rush though.


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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Maggie its so nice you have an accepting wife and loosen up girl and talk it does help on both of you..  I have been married 37 years and came out to my wife just after we were married  and so happy i did as she is very accepting and supportive of Stephanie .. We have silly chats sometimes and serious ones also about the girly life of us both .. She needs her manly man for jobs around the house and some he he cuddle time sometimes but she can tell when Stephanie need to be here as hubby gets a little cranky if its been a few days with out her being around .. We are allways talking about Stephanie and many girly things as wife calls it her finishing school and says we have a long way to go he he .. But its work in progress .And we have full plans to go to Keystone together this next year and so looking forward to it as Stephanie and my wife we mention something about it everyday  dont giggle mrs Flowers  .. So just be your self and talk its a wonderful thing to have that freedom to be a girl and have someone to enjoy it with as a wife and sounds like she accepts it so open up with little steps and enjoy ..

      Big hugs girlfriend

      🌹 Stephanie Bass🌹

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      rebekka moore
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      I wish I had just a little of that type of support.

      Love and Hugs,

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      Having a supportive spouse must be a wonderful thing. Something I can only dream of at this point. I also find it difficult to talk to my wife about my dressing so I can understand how you feel.

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      Hi Maggie,

      It’s sooo nice to have a supportive spouse. If she is comfortable with your “hobby”, why not let her know ALL of you. My wife and I have a great time together shopping together (me in girly drab”). I dress full enfemme at home for her in many different styles including: sexy lingerie or costumes; dresses ranging from demure to slutty; and everyday girly lounge wear and pajamas. My love for her grows because of her acceptance of all of me. If I am out of the “pink fog” and get cranky, she will tell me that she needs Stephanie back! I hope that you can relax and just let her enjoy a new dimension in your relationship… Stephanie

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      Darcy Grigsby
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      Oh how I wish I could confess and have that kind of acceptance….. I think I too would be shy talking about it too though 😉

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      Holly Tygressa
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      Hi Maggie

      I know exactly how you feel. My wife asks me questions and I am very shy to talk about it. My wife is accepting and will talk but does not want to see or meet Holly. But sometimes just the talking really helps


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      Stevie Steiner
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      Actually Maggie that’s awfully cute!  Your wife seems so at ease with it all, trying to get you to relax!  So happy for the “laughs” you two are having over it. 🙂


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      Cynthia Hughes
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      After spending so many years keeping it a secret, it can be hard to finally let it all out. I was there and I am sure so many more were as well.

      If she is accepting of your dressing, that’s half the battle.


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