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    Katie Peters
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    Hey girls

    So my girlfriend knows about my dressing but doesn’t really want to be involved. But all the time she’s making these cute, fun and loving remarks about it which make me want to talk to her more about it but when I do she shuts me down. Maybe she’s just not ready. She’s not known for long. I’m just glad she’s okay with it. Anyone experienced something similar?

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      I agree with the above comments,  passive aggressive and not wanting to directly deal with the dressing.  When  you say “not long”  how long is that?  some ladies need more time to adjust to this side of you.  I woudl ask open ended questions to see how she feels and what she is thinking.

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      My gf found out about it a few months ago.  I’ve had a similar experience. Just the other day I’m watching her put on makeup and she starts giving me tips and then says she doesn’t want to influence me.

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      Sounds like she is playing mind games with you…

      Gen… 💋

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      Jenny Thigh High
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      Honestly, sounds like typical passive/aggressive female behavior.  Women specialize in that nonsense.  She’s commenting indirectly, but won’t directly deal with it.

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      Natalie Jones
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      Like Robyn, I have no experience in this.. wish I did .  If it was me , I would hope I would shy away from taking advantage of every comment my women made to help me progress my cause. I’m sure it would be hard to do. The cute playful comments have to be hard to ignore. With it all being new to her , let even the small things settle for awhile.
      best wishes for you and your girl!




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      Mary Jane
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      It sounds like she is teasing you, as part of her coping mechanism. Allow her small bites. And let it be a bit of fun.

      Answer with small fun positive open ended questions – ones that continue the conversation.

      • “You really think so?
      • Why do you think that?

      Throw the conversation back to her. Make her the center of the conversation, and not yourself. (Crossdressing tends to be a bit self centered.)

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      Robyn Devine
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      I haven’t experienced the same as you are now.  My 2 cent suggestion would be to let it ride for a while as it is for now.  As long as the remarks stay cute and fun loving, let her have some space and time to take it in and figure it out.

      Then in a few weeks, try and open up the discussion again.  Make a timeline though in your head.  If say after a few months, she still doesn’t want to discuss it, you might want to move on.  Again, just my opinion. Good luck to you.

      xo Robyn


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