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      Beth Green
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      I also do much of my shopping at Goodwill. Last weekend my GGbf raided the store near her. Left with tons of summer dresses, tops, skirts and dress slacks. About  $180 to build up my summer wardrobe. Have to move the winter clothes to the spare closet. I loved having her GG opinion and help. A wonderful all girl day. Well, we did have her teenage son along (he knows, no secrets with me) but he was handy for carrying things.



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      This happened to me this week, I took my 14 year old for some new Bras, the ladies in the store know me and without thinking they called me by by fem name, lucky she was in the changing room and did not notices

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      Kelly Terry
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      At least you can try, I can’t even do that.
      Here everything is locked down to the level that any store not selling food is closed and bigger food stores that sell other things also have to block off “non essential” stuff. Did go to costco yesterday and was meet by most of the store being closed off, just food open (and the good part with that was less people over all).


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      Michelle Trott
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      I have had some really good finds at Saint Vinsent Depaul. They are up here in northern Wisconsin. I don’t know how far they go but in my local they have way more women’s selections and are way lower priced. They are a non profit. I have no clue how it is spelled so you have to forgive me



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        Clara Cross
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        Just go with “SVD” can’t go wrong
        I was just shopping there just today. Found a nice blouse on the rack. Wasn’t completely sure though so I thought I’d take a pass. Well then I found another one that was kind of cute. But not completely sold on it either. Then my shopping logic comes into play. One iffy item isn’t worth going through checkout. But TWO iffy items? Absolutely, I’m getting them both. When it was all said and done, I had five new (to me) tops! And all for under 20 bucks.
        By the way Octavia, sorry I got a little off topic. Oops.

        Distracted Clara

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      Tonya Leren
      Registered On: January 5, 2021
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      The first full outfit i bought for myself was at goodwill.  A Grey long sleeved top a black peck skirt and a pair of zip side boots as well as my black 46A front clip bra.  All 3 of the bras I own are from goodwill.  Can’t wait to go shopping again is been over a month…

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      Christine Manly
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      Hello Octavia

      I like you shop at Goodwill. Here in central Wisconsin there are five stores I check a couple times a month. I just counted 100 hangers in my closet and a five drawer dresser that is full. Last week I found a pair of pink heels and two Frederic’s of Hollywood long nightgowns, one pink and one green. My nightgown drawer is full but I couldnt control my self. Not to much of a demand for size 2x so I have much to choose from. I get them home and alter them. I purchased  a sew machine so I could make adjustments to size 12 jeans. My hips are much smaller than a womens.

      Last summer I was there and out of the corner of my eye I saw my sister shopping. She didnt see me, it was a close call.


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      Ashley Konners
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      Octavia, I had the same thing happen to me just awhile back before all this lock down stuff. All underdressed with my pantyhose on so I could go shoe shopping at DSW when I was almost out the door and my son wanted to come with me to see if he could find some new shoes as well.  Well that put a stop to trying anything on but I did do some looking around to find anything I liked to return the next day and try on and purchase them.  So not a complete wasted trip.


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      Gloria Renee
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      As much as I love to shop and dress, please remember that these are your kids and they want to spend time with you. Not all of us have that luxury.

      Right now, I barely get any time for anything due to a crappy job and crappy hours. No time for anyone, kids, wife, and myself, let alone my other half.

      Please enjoy your time with your kids is all I ask. They grow so fast.

      Sorry about the pulpit, ladies.


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        Octavia Long
        Registered On: January 31, 2021
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        I do enjoy spending time with my boys.  I also know that it sucks when they move out.


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        Mary Jane
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        Well said. Here, here. Or is it hear, hear?

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
      Registered On: October 18, 2020
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      Your post made me smile thinking of my youngest son who still lives with us until he finishes school. He keeps me from dressing much of the time. The other day we were cleaning out the trunk to fit a rifle case in before he went camping, and he took out my heels. I grabbed them from him and he says he’s just going to take them up to the house. I told him no, I need to take them to the cobbler and pointed out the broken sole. I think he thought they were his mother’s and I had to laugh inside.

      I hope your next shopping trip goes better


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      Eona Oh
      Registered On: March 7, 2021
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      My wife wants to plan a trip to Goodwill. Hope I have success! Glad you found a few items at Target. Enjoy them! ❤️

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