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    Kelly Lee
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    I was out dressed in a big store (Costco) and it was lots of people when I noticed two that I know. They are mostly friends of my mother in law but we know them well also. Now I been out and about dressed as Kelly for so long that not only didn’t I try to hide (that didn’t even cross my mind), I walked over to them and said hi. We haven’t meet since before covid and while he recognized me directly it took here a few seconds longer. She blamed it on the long hair (of which I had none last time we meet) but I think my whole female appearance was a bigger factor. Before they asked I did briefly mention that while I do crossdresss I have no interest in transition. That was all about that part and then we just moved on to catch up on some family news and stuff.
    This was the first time I meet someone who knows me for a long time and while I think they where surprised it wasn’t much more to it.
    I have more friends in this category and I’m mostly wonder how  to come out to them, just show up dressed or should I warn them? I guess that depends on the friends but I’m so tired of hiding that I will probably just show up, and that may happen as soon as this week when I finally have a chance to meet some.


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      Joanna Jaye
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      Im not sure it was on purpose or not, but I didn’t clean my nail polish 💅 and went to the supermarket, in drab. (Well, ok, I had lace bra and panties, of course!! ) I was happy minding my own business pushing my trolly around when a neighbour walked down the isle I was in and said “ You have lovely nails” smiled at me and strolled on. The checkout girl also complemented my long polished nails, too.

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        Kelly Lee
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        I don’t clean my nails when drab (way to much work) so they are long and red. I have gotten complements on them from random people both when drab and when dressed.

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      Stephanie York
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      Years ago I was at a nightclub fully dressed. I ran into a co-worker who I knew was a lesbian. I had a few drinks in me and had I been sober I probably would not has said anything, since no one I worked with knew. I said Hi Kathy. She had no idea who I was until I told her. She was stunned. Later she told me how great I looked.

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      I’ve gone through some pretty far out extremes trying to get caught but making it look accidental. We have a mail gal that comes by at 3;30 + – every day. when ever I would have my xdressing days I would dress in my black corset with garters , black hose, thong, and 5 inch heels and I would push aside the curtains so there would be a clear shot to the mail box, and I would wait to see her coming and whenever she arrived I would walk in front of the windows to see if I could get an reaction. I would often order my girly items and ask for a signature return. when the package was due, I would dress in the same outfit and wait for the knock on the door and I would walk by the door ( which is glass) and grab my robe and purposely forget  to remove the heels and answer the door, we would have small talk while I signed for the package. nothing was ever said. I would (on my most daring days)  leave my robe a little loose so that a little bit of the corset would show. I don’t know why but I found it stimulating, and exciting preparing on those days. And on other days I would dress up head to toe with the exception of makeup and just hang out or get some house work done hoping for another close call. In reality I think I’m looking for a friend to have fun with.  I think at lest the mail gal or my UPS gal knows something. I still wait for one of the two to say something. Maybe when I grow a bigger set of balls I’ll answer the door fully dressed wig and makeup included. To be continued!


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      Kim Dahlenbergen
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      You know your friends, so you’ll have to decide what works best. There may be people who would be more comfortable with a call or an email first. Others may just enjoy the surprise. Generally, though, I’m beleive its a rare individual who can keep it to themselves. I’m inclined to beleive that once you have come out to some, the word will get out to others.

      I know that early on I went out of my way to get caught by my neighbor. I spent most of my days dressed and routinely went to get mail or sit on the front step. Of course, it finally happened and she was quite friendly and supportive, but in retrospect, I question my motive and the approach. It seems somewhat exploitive and if you will, exhibitionist. Fortunately, when I did encounter her in the future, the response remained positive.

      I have come out to a colleague without prior warning…by showing up for a private meeting fully en femme. She worked with LBGT+ community so was not the least put off by it and became a genuine mentor. Otherwise, I have given people advance notice.

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      Cece X
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      I dress only at home and have no desire to go public among strangers, but I also do not like the secrecy of this life. I might like to get caught by more of my friends so CeCe can be comfortable with them at my place or theirs.

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      Fiona Black
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      I have intentionally come out to 3 people so far and in each case I sent them a photo beforehand so they knew what to expect. All 3 were very accepting which I knew they would be. I agree with Angela, you have to know the person well and be fairly sure of what their potential reaction will be before surprising them and just showing up dressed. Which is why I plan to surprise the next person I will come out to, a lady whose daughter is somewhere on the FTM trans scale. I know she will also be very accepting and can’t wait to see the look of surprise on her face when Fiona shows up.

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      Lucinda Hawkns
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      my niece dressed me up for Halloween, did my makeup and wig, went to go out the door and the rest of the in laws were there to see me dressed up as a female. my niece did a good job and told me to have a good time. i loved it wearing a dress and nylons, panties and pad and bra with boob inserts, earrings necklace, heels and perfume. i was in heave that my niece said yes, she would love to dress me up as a female for i asked her if she would and she said yes.  wish i could stay dressed up as a female and wear all that sexy dresses and skirts and nylons and wear make-up and perfume and earrings.  but going out to people you know might want to be careful.    my wife knows i dress up and tells me when i can dress up for we have a 23-year-old still at home. wife has seen me getting dressed up but will not let me sit in same room as her when dressed up.  i have more female stuff then she does and even dress up more than she does. i seem to wear the dress and skirts and all that more then she does, but i am medically retired so i am home most of the time so when son is at work i dress up and be free and happy and looking pretty, then wife comes home and did not hear her come in, why undress she knows. so i stay dressed up and do what i was doing.

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      Patty Phose
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      Several years ago I was out dressed. As usual I was in my pantyhose, heels and short dress. I was looking for a place to go and something to do. I decided to get some cash from an ATM machine. I parked in the parking lot across from the machine. It was in a strip mall outside a bank. It was the perfect situation. Open the door of the car with my dress hiked up real high and my pantyhose gleaming in the sun. Get out of the car, stand up and adjust my dress. Then bend over and get my purse. Close the car door and walk across the parking lot to the ATM.

      I knew I would be getting attention. My sexy legs in my shiny pantyhose, heels and short dress I thought looked so great. With my pretty hair and firm breasts, I knew I looked sexy. I was looking forward to the thrill of showing off while seemingly doing a normal thing.

      I was nervous but excited while walking across the parking lot seeing there was people walking around and many would be close to me. I walked up to the ATM and got the ATM card out of my wallet. I put the card in the machine and waited for the money to come out. I was definitely nervous but loving the thrill and experience of being out femme as a leggy, sexy girl. I put the money in my wallet, closed up my purse and turned to go back to the car. I stood face to face with a guy I knew quite well. OMG! I was so busted. I panicked but stayed under control. I simply walked past him looking down at my purse while getting my car keys out. I opened the car door, got in and drove off. I was thinking I have to stop doing this crazy stuff. Sure it’s fun thrilling and exciting but it’s stupid. Getting caught and recognized can change a lot of things and probably not for the better.

      Just so happened,a couple of weeks later, there was a social function we were both going to. I was thinking about not going. I finally decided to go and see what the fall out from my Patty adventure would be. There was nothing. I was waiting for the talk. Everything was as it had always been. Seems he didn’t notice the tall, sexy girl at the ATM was me.

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      Clarissa Cross
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      I’ve some times wished people would drop by without warning and then let them catch me dressed in femme, but I lack the guts to do it.

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      Angela Booth
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      I did that a couple of times and it went well. Like you I had been going out a lot and had confidence in myself and also knew the people I turned up dressed  so had an idea of their opinions so it worked out fine. Some others I sent pictures attached to a mail and, again, it went really well overall and I met up after that and most were very keen to see me!

      I think the key to doing the one on one approach is an adverse and/or embarrassed reaction from them. If you know them well enough maybe arrange to meet up and let them know there is some good news  you want to tell them about yourself. I did this with a colleague I wanted to tell. Initially I thought I would meet up with her and show her pictures but decided to go dressed after telling her I had something to tell her. She didn’t see that one coming as it where but her response was great.

      The key is knowing the people well – Good luck and let us know how it all went.

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