Did you try on your grandmothers clothes?

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    I remember when growing up I stayed at my grandmothers house on weekends.   She always slept downstairs and I upstairs.  The next bedroom over my grandmother had her things in it.  People call her stuff vintage now days.  Lol.  Dresses, shoes, lingerie, wigs and more.  Many fond memories sneaking into her room and trying on everything from girdles, bras and wigs.  It was a great time because I was finding myself with such a wardrobe at my fingers.   I some how think she knew.  Lol

    anyone else enjoy wearing their grandmothers things?

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      Kristen Smithly
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      Only once, and that wasn’t a planned thing. I was maybe 7 or 8 yrs old at the time. My parents were on their way to my aunt’s in another state where my brother’s had been staying for a while. I din’t want to go (long, boring car ride and at the time, both parents smoked heavily with the windows up) so mom packed me a bag and they dropped me off for a visit at my grandmother’s, which I look forward to because she was a nice fun person. Mom forgot to pack me some pajamas, so grandma offered me one of nighties to wear, I wasn’t sure what a nightie was, but I said yes because I needed something to wear. It wasn’t anything sexy (she was a grandma, after all) but it was light, airy material with lace trim. The moment I put it on I felt wonderful. It was a little long, but she wasn’t a tall woman so it reached to about my ankles. I loved the feel of it, the lace, the somewhat sheerness of it. Wonderful. It was the only time I ever wore any of my grandmothers clothing.


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      Ozark Mountain
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      My grandparents had a river cabin outside of St. Louis. My two brothers and I as we were growing up would spend weekends out there with them. My granpa snored and slept in a bed across the cabin, my two brothers slept in a convert a bed a couch that the back folded down for a ‘bed’… very uncomfortable. I slept in the double bed with grandma.
      usually we slept in our briefs. Grandma wore night gowns and robes, even at the cabin.
      Pleasant memory.

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      Absolutely have done this rosiebeth and in very much the same way. I remember being drawn to that closet and next thing I knew I was powerless against the urge to try her blouses and skirts on. She had such pretty things. Maybe that’s why to this day I enjoy that retro look. I was like a kid in a candy store! Such fond memories and such a irresistible opportunity as a 10 or 12 year old for me personally at least.

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      Rachael Wanttobe
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      Not grandmother but mother.

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      Amy Myers
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      I started out by wearing my Mother’s clothes, I never had a chance to wear a grandmother’s clothes, though I am not at all sure I would have as they were so much more conservative than my Mom’s.


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      Samantha Peders
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      When I was three years old I liked to wear my grandma’s hats and shoes. I then started wearing her camisoles as slips. They thought it was cute until then. She started keeping them from me after that.

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      No both my grandmothers were 3500 miles away and my mother dressed like Mrs Doubtfire. I loved my mom dearly but her fashion sense was not the greatest. I used to raid my sisters stuff. She was very pretty  and always dressed well.

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      Dawn Judson
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      I can only think of one thing, of my grandmother’s, that I ever tried on. I was 11 (when my femme feeling had started to surface) & she had passed a few years earlier. One day, I was looking for something in the garage & came across a box that had some of her things in it– including a pair of high heels. I tried them on & wouldn’t you know it? That’s when my mom opened the garage door & caught me.

      I don’t remember what was said, but I immediately took them off & nothing was ever said about that incident again.

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      Roberta Broussard
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      Nothing she had caught me curious but i never would have had an opportunity anyhow. Now my Mother was a different story. After trying on her swimsuit, I couldn’t get enough of it. I even skipped school sometimes just to go back home any try on her things.   I was so confused about it all, I was truly a lost soul for a while.

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      Lacy Satin
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      I wanted too so bad!

      My grandmother lived with us for a few years and always walked around wearing a full slip. nothing else. At the time a slip was one thing I had never worn. I had sneaked into her room and she had a drawer full of pretty slips but I only could look and dream about taking one.

      My grandmother was extremely neat and everything was folded perfectly and my fear was I would never be able to refold it as well as she did so I never touched them.

      She moved out and got her own apartment. When she passed away I had my chance to go to her apartment and take as many as I wanted, if not all of them.

      Again, I passed on the opportunity because something inside me felt it was wrong and it would have felt a little creepy going in there and taking her lingerie. Something inside me felt she would be looking down on me and I would be punished for my actions.

      I believe I’ve told this story before but it’s worth sharing again.

      After my grandmother passed away, and I’m not sure how long after she was gone, this strange event happened to me.

      I was a member of Stage crew in high school and had access to the basement of the stage. One day I skipped out of class and went to the basement of the stage to hide out. As I was walking through the very dimly lit basement I was shocked to see this very pretty full slip just hanging there on a pipe in the middle of the basement.

      Why was it there? Who would have hung it there? I walked past it several times admiring all the pretty lace and my heart was pounding. I never touched any of my grandmothers pretty slips that were just like this one, and now there one was, hanging there for the taking.

      Sadly, I walked away in fear it was a setup. If I were to even tough it, I felt my friends would come running out of the dark corners of the basement and start laughing at me. I don’t think any of my friends knew about my crossdressing but I was in fear of taking that chance.

      I made several more trips through the basement over the next few days just walking past it and wanting to take it so bad but still couldn’t get over the fear of it being a setup.

      I believe on around the 4th day I walked through again and sadly I saw it hanging there with graffiti written all over it. I was so upset to see what happened to this pretty slip I just couldn’t let it hang there anymore and I took it and stuffed it in my pants.

      I got it home and tried my best to get the graffiti off with no sucess. It was my first slip so I still wore it and enjoyed it even covered with graffiti.

      As I look back on this encounter with the fantom slip I can’t help to think, could it have been a gift from my grandmother? Strange as it sounds, but I can’t think of any logical explanation as to why it was there and where it could have come from.

      I never touched my grandmothers slips and she just may have somehow returned to leave me a gift.

      Spooky story but very real! Any thoughts on this would be very interesting to here.



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      Carolyn Kay
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      I had to vote no but not because I didn’t want to try them on, I just never had the opportunity.

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      Never had the chance to wear their clothes. My father’s mother died before I was born and my mum’s mother had my aunt and two cousins living with her.


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      Carolyne Sherman
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      I did try some of my grandmothers things as she was always a classy lady. I have to think she probably knew I was her secret granddaughter as she did buy me things throughout my youth that even though they were boys clothes they definitely had a feminine flair. I wish I would have told her. She was very much the matriarch of the family and if she would have supported  me no one would have dared stand against her.

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      Did  try on few things that took a interest to  her fur jackets and heels. and panty hose.


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        Michelle McQueen
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        Hi Donna. Sounds like you had a sophisticated, sexy, grandmother

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          yes she was back in the days.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      No, because what my grandmother wore had no appeal for me at all. She collected dolls and I longed to wear pretty dresses like her dolls wore.

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      Emily Alt
      Duchess - Annual
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      No.  My maternal grandmother died before I was born.  My paternal grandmother was very traditional and didn’t own any flattering clothes.  My mother worked in the banking industry and had plenty of eye catching garments that I “borrowed “.

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      Registered On: September 13, 2018
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      I didn’t need to. She always bought me the prettiest clothes!
      She knew before I did!

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      Celeste Starre
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      No,my grandmother had really ugly clothes.

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      Tara Ryan
      Registered On: April 20, 2021
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      Hi Rosiebeth,

      While I would have loved the opportunity to dress in my grandmother’s vintage clothes, unfortunately my grandmother was quiet ancient even when I was child and the bloomers and support stockings didn’t really have much of an appeal.


      Tara x.

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