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      Good day Ladies

      I am laying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off and thinking how much I have changed in the past 4 years.

      I remember going out the fist time being so scared and thinking I would get called out in public for being a crossdresser. I only owned one outfit, and it was not great.

      Now I get dressed and go out without a flutter of anxiety.   I own enough outfits to dress for a week and not repeat an outfit.

      I am out to my wife who has started to come around.  While doing the vacuuming on the weekend in my pink shorts, and tshirt PJ’s she patted my behind.  I liked it. This has not happened before. We go out for our nightly walks with me in Yoga pants, and she does not squirm when people approach any more.

      My girl cloths and shoes are not hidden away, they are just in the closet like any other clothes.  Laundry is just done openly, I am not hiding the fact that it is full of panties,  bras, pants, skirts and tops that need to hang dry.

      It is amazing what time will do.

      I wonder were I will be next year.



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      Glad to hear things are working for you Paula. All the best in your journey.

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      I’m happy for you Paula the acceptance from your wife is so sweet. I can only hope over the next couple years I can hang my dresses in my closet with my wife’s acceptance.

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      J J

      I am in the same situation, though my wardrobe is not as large. If we are folding laundry my wife will just had me a skirt , blouse or panties and say these are yours. I do yoga in women’s yoga pants since they work so much better, and if I happen to be outside in them and talking to the neighbors my wife doesn’t bat an eye.

      Life is so good this way. And yes, getting your bottom patted in  sexy shorts is heaven.

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      All the best Paula and give your wife a big hug for me

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      Denise Little
      Duchess - Annual

      Glad to hear things moving in the right direction. It gives me encouragement since discussions are more open and frequent with my wife giving me indications she is starting o come around. Recently, she helped me get with hairstyle for my first decent wig. Thanks for the encouragement.

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