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    Kourtney Kolby
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    I’m a pretty hairy person. I only dress up a few times a year. The process of hair removal has become a pretty daunting task for my wife and myself. I typically use Nair and I remove all body hair, except the top of my head. It usually takes between 3 and 4 hours to shave my face and Nair/shave my body hair. What do you use? What do you think works best? And how long does it take you? My wife is a stylist and said wax would be absolutely painful.

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      Michelle Cross
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      I started with an epilator so it was a slow process and I told my wife that the hair loss was due to old age, loss of testosterone. Because I could not reach my back I went and had it waxed. Once my chest and stomach hairs thinned, I started waxing them too as well as my shoulders. I recently had a wax and the lady said my back hairs were almost nonexistent. If my wife knew and was accepting I would probably go for the laser.

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      Emily Alt
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      Less time removing hair = more girl time.

      I did 4 laser sessions before the pandemic closed my dermatologist’s clinic.  Good start.  I finished with a Philips Lumea Prestige home IPL.  Best $500 I ever spent.  No hair.  Amazingly smooth.  Works everywhere.  Lasts a long time.  Touch ups twice a year are a breeze.  Get one.

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      Sandy Honey
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      I just shave in the shower everyday but soon will start electrolysis to remove the hair from my shoulders, chest, abdomen and back. Will take time and money but so tired of body hair.


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      Lisa Wilson
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      I agree with Didi and LisaT. The Veet spray works the best for me by far. I’ve tried various items. It has also drastically reduced the amount of hair that grows back over time. I really only use it on my legs. The spray works better than even the other Veet products, or similar Nair products do. It also doesn’t smell as bad. I use it a couple times a year, then only have to shave once a week. I will admit though, that I’ve never had a ton of body hair, so this might be why this works well for me.

      Not saying that you shouldn’t consider Laser like Polly recommends, but the Veet spray is easy and works for me.


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      Polly Stewart
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      Do not wait so long between times!!!

      Best to de-hair maybe once a week or at least once a fortnight. For a particularly hairy guy I would recommend getting Laser Hair Removal at a salon… you don’t need to say anything about crossdressing as many, many guys do it. Waxing is… well, shall we say… ok. The hair grows back just as quick but becomes thinner and easier to get rid of the next time. Laser is permanent and if you have enough treatments no more dark hair! Ever!
      The money you will spend on Nair and other products will continue to mount up… Laser maybe a little more expensive to begin with but in the long term… a lot cheaper! Let’s just say I’ve spent about $500US on laser but I won’t need to do anything more when I’m done.

      Feeling’ smooootthhhh… Polly

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      Eva Kelly
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      I use an epilator. It pulls the hairs out. It can be painful at times but for me is worth it. I am not a hairy person.

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        Polly Stewart
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        Ohh, Eva my pretty!

        An epilator? A masochist maybe? Ohh, my great aunt! It hurts so much!!! Ohh…. just to think of it sends shivers down my spine. If I was in the Gestapo, I would use an epilator as my torture device of choice! I guarantee I would obtain confessions of… just by showing then it! The best device was a really evil thing from Braun that had three rotating heads with rubber rings for catching the hairs! Ohh, my sainted aunt… my girlfriend thought she would play a prank on me by introducing the device to my pubic hair!!! Well… I’ll leave it up to your imagination!

        No, no, no! Laser it away my girl!

        Polished Polly 😘

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      I’m not naturally ultra hairy but I’m fairly well covered. I am shaving almost every day for part and less frequently for others. I do my face first daily then shave my body legs and arms in the shower every couple of days. My toes get done as and when necessary. My pubic area caused me most difficulty and I’m just beginning to get a system. I’m ultra sensetive here and shaving brought rash. It also grows really fast so I was reshaping over rash and that was bad. I tried waxing but the hair was so well rooted we couldnt get it out. I now use Veet cream and that seems to work. I’m hoping that over time the regrow the will both get less and slower but we will see.

      Timing face about 10 mins. Body is done in the shower in the morning and adds about 10 to 15 mins.


      Lisa xxx

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      Didi Phox
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      Here in the UK, I go with a spray on hair removal product, Veet.

      I go in with the hair clippers to take the bulk off, and then spray on the foam. Leave it a few mins and then use the supplied spatula to take it off, shower, moisturise and your done. I’d say half an hour start to finish.


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