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      I remember reacting like I was being poisoned if my mom or sisters started spraying hair spray if I was nearby.

      Now I kind of like it!

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      I remember passing beauty parlors when I was young, and there was always a mixture of odors of nail polish and hair spray. It was definitely feminine, and I felt a little scared.

      Today, I rarely use nail polish, and almost never use hair spray. I can’t say I do or don’t like it.

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        Permanents were awful!

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      Angela Booth

      I found it a strange smell when my mother or sisters used it. It wasn’t a pleasant smell but once they had a dab of perfume and in their nice dresses the whole effect was intoxicating to me wanting to be able to be able to dress and makeup with them…

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      Did not think it smelled all that great, but I was drawn to it as I associated it with being female.  When dating in the 60s, ( 19 not 18) made my dates hair feel like cotton candy.  Never understood why they used so much. Would stick to my skin and my clothes.

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        You mean you missed the Civil War?

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I was indifferent to the smell when I was younger.  Now I kinda like it.  Plus it tames my thick unruly shag!

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      Thanks for the fun question Heidi.  I liked the smell years ago and actually used Aqua Net later on stage and also at home.  It’s quite flammable so don’t use it by the birthday candles.  My girlfriend in high school could make the most fabulous beehive hairdo with Aqua Net.  It was a work of art.  Then later I got allergic to scents and had to go to unscented everything.  I still use Super Hold Aqua Net but now the no scent kind and smell nothing.  I’ve got a half used can on my counter right now.  By the way, if the nozzle gets clogged just run hot water over it.       Marg

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        What a pro!

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      When I smell hairspray I can only associate it with beauty and feminity. I have always likes it.

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      i dont use hair spray i never did like the smell for i felt it was poison to breath in. and yes its very flamable

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      I voted yes sweetie. But only because the 1 dollar hair spray I buy from dollar store unscented smells really good. But until I have real long female hair. My hair spraying and mossing are not used as much.

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