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    skippy1965 Cynthia
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    Tomorrow it will be twenty years since the 9/11 attacks. It seems like both ancient history yet simultaneously like it was just yesterday. Over 3000 died that day and more of residual effects since then. It is seared in the memory of many of us- And yet for so many of our younger population, it is just another footnote in history class. They might politely stand quietly but it just isn’t as real to them in the same way that Pearl Harbor and Gettysburg are for we older folks. So be sure not just to take a moment to reflect yourself but to tell our kids and other young people about 9/11.

    The sun shone bright that Tuesday morn just twenty years ago-
    Of what would soon transpire there was just no way to know.
    The world would change forever as the towers tumbled down
    The Pentagon was burning and a fourth plane hit the ground.

    For most of us the tv footage seemed almost unreal-
    We sat there stunned-unable to express the way he pictures made us feel.
    As hours passed we learned of those who overcame their fears
    And ran towards the dangers even as they shed their tears.

    A phrase by Admiral Nimitz came to mind for me that day
    “uncommon valor was a common virtue” so they say.
    The first responders gave their lives without a second thought
    And countless lives were also saved because the passengers fought

    The masterminds of evil thought they triumphed but instead
    The free world was united and after mourning its dead
    The perpetrators were tracked down and paid the price for their misdeeds.
    And others made aware their plans would surly not succeed.

    So take the time-reflect on those whose lives that day were lost
    And those who shed their blood -and remember there’s a cost
    For freedom isn’t free-and it’s not simply a notion.
    and far too many gave their last full measure of devotion


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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Thank you for bringing to our attention, I am in the uk and I still remember it very clearly. I was at work that day and as it unfolded my employer brought a television to the shop floor so we all could see what was happening. Its a vision that you can’t forget you just feel for all the people who lost loved ones, may God bless all those who died and watch over those left behind. About four months after 9/11 I moved home to where I live now, when we collected keys from the estate agents we were told that there was another person in process of buying the property, however he was in NY at the time of 9/11 and from that point onwards they lost all contact with him and had to resell the property.

      God Bless everyone who suffered.

      Sarah xx


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      Michelle Trott
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      I love your post. It brought tears to my eyes. I know where I was and what I was doing. I could not tell you where I was last week but I remember every thing about that day.. I wish we could have that sense of unity as a nation today.

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      Alison Anderson
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      A couple of anecdotes.

      Late June, 2001, I took my kids to the Statue of Liberty.  I have a picture of them in the crown, and the WTC can be seen through the windows.

      I was out of work on 9/11.  I turned on the radio about 10:15, and the morning crew who were normally off by 10 were still on.  I didn’t believe it when they said the first tower had fallen.  I thought it was just hidden by the smoke.  I turned on the TV in time to see the second tower fall.

      I live just south of NYC.  When I walked a couple of hundred feet to the corner, I could see the plume of smoke against the cloudless sky even hours after the event.

      This weekend, at religious services, we all said the traditional memorial prayer for all the people who lost their lives that day.

      Saturday night (9/11/2021), I’m driving to my support meeting and listening on the radio to the accounts from the baseball game 9/11 ceremony.  Many of the events were similar to 9/21/2001 when baseball resumed in New York after the attack. The two New York teams were lined up along the foul lines.  But instead of one team per line, they stood there alternating teams, with the crowd chanting U S A, showing a unity that has been lost in the last few years.

      When leaving the meeting, while in the parking lot, I saw the tower of light emanating from Ground Zero in the distance. We’re experiencing a bit of haze from the California wild fires, and it gave the tower of light something to reflect off of and be visible.  I pointed it out to a few of my friends, we just stood there silently for a few seconds, each in our own reflection.

      Thank you Cyn for allowing me to share.

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      Thank You Cynthia. I was working 3rd shift when that happened. We had a company golf tournament that afternoon. I went home and straight to bed. I didnt even know what happened. I was standing in line to pay green fee’s watching the tv when I asked someone what was burning downtown. They said you dont know. It was about 3:15 p.m. At the same time they played a video of a plane hit the tower. It’s been 20 years to this day. I havnt golfed since. And I will Never Forget the sacrifices that day. And  those made in the 20 years since.   Tears!

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      Ruby O’Shea
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      Yeah,  feels like yesterday.

      Every ounce, every gram I carry of flesh and bones seems somehow tied to that 20 years ago today, when Sgt Pepper taught the band to play.

      I was in that band.

      US Department of Energy; Washington DC;

      Assignment: Manage 2,500 US Nuclear Waste Sites across the US 48 states.

      What. Me worry?

      And yes, there were friends and family permanently effected at Ground Zero.

      What has never been affected by what happened 20 years ago today is my unstoppable yummy fun fair for wearing black nylon thigh-tops, skater skirts, and drop-deadly-do high heels.

      That being said, I’m still working on finishing  the upper floors of this would be Ms. Frankenstein with the godlike patience and help of this amazing cdh group.

      And dammit, I swear it’s gonna happen before the next 20 years comes around.

      Big hugs Ruby O’Shea

      PS. – things are looking up. This is the first time my iPhone transcriber has typed O’Shea instead of  “oh shit”.


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      20 years from 9/11, where 2,977 innocent people had their lives stripped from them. Husbands, wives, children, parents had their loved ones taken away.


      As the passanger on flight 93 said lets roll.

      Never forget Never surrounder.

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      Sally Drinkwater
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      I’ve been crying on and off most of the day listening to those said goodbye to husbands, wives and children who never came home again, crying at the heros who are still suffering today.

      Crying for the men and women who died or with terrible injuries in a twenty year war.

      Don’t put them tissues away yet because twenty years later nothings changed.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      I remember watching it all unfold on tv and told a friend… “Some little sh@thole country is going to get the sh@t kicked out of it”. Twenty years later we finally pulled out of that sh@thole country. Yes, remember all the ones who were lost in that cowardly attack and don’t forget to remember all of our courageous men and women in uniform who took the fight to the enemy so that we could sleep in peace. SALUTE!!

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      Kristen Smithly
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      9/11-I am a retired FF, and watching my brothers head into that disaster filled me with pride, knowing they were doing what they had trained to do, save lives, give comfort, and put out fires. The same for my brothers in blue. When the dust was settled, quite literally and figuratively, and I heard about the ones we died with all the others, I just sat down and cried. As time went goes on we find out more about resprtory problems, cancer that these brave soles now suffer. Way back, many decades ago, when I first started my career, I never thought about risks, I was young, dumb and immortal I have seen a lot of human tragedy and loss. WHAT A WASTE OF PRECIOUS LIVES. This day not only brings back sad memories, it also hurts. I wish to thank everyone for their thoughts, please NEVER FORGET.

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      Emily Alt
      Duchess - Annual
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      I lost a good friend from college in the WTC attack.  We went our separate ways after graduation but sporadically kept in touch.  Ken was talented, upbeat, and a blast to be around.  I miss you buddy.

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      Gail Rich
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      At that time I worked in a building across the street from the WTC. Fortunately for me, I had taken a vacation day. Someone called to tell me what happened, and I turned on the TV.
      Many of my friends and coworkers, were outside when the buildings fell and were covered with ash. It took many of them hours to get home. My building was closed for 10 months

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Cynthia,

      I was at work and about 9 AM got a call from a friend.  With the computer turned on watching it seemed so unbelievable and surreal.  But it was happening and was real. As you say there have been many changes since.


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      Stephanie Roberts
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      I remember this well. It happened just before midnight Australian Central Time. I was just about to go to bed when my Dad called me into the living room. My vision was still good enough to watch TV back then. I still remember seeing on the screen the first tower falling.
      To all those affected by 9/11, my sincere condolences and blessings.
      Stephanie 💖

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      Fredrika Jones
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      I remember thinking (at first) that it was a documentary on disaster movies. Slowly the horrible truth sank in. It was real. I’ll never forget the footage of the bodies dropping – there are no words. Then,the coverage of the disaster at the airport in Kabul – the bodies dropped again. God help us all.

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Twenty years….yet it’s still like yesterday…

      There’s a lot of coverage here in England at this moment….those pictures and the stories that followed still shock me and fill me with tears….I will never ever forget all those poor souls and all that innocence lost….bless you all

      Grace Scarlett 💓

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      Registered On: January 31, 2021
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      Even here on the other side of the Atlantic the tragedy is burned on our memories. We don’t forget!


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