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      Kay Jackson
      Registered On: August 26, 2023
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      Some years ago I videoed my self walking in some high heels. I was horrified on playback. 100% a man in a dress and heels walking like a typical bloke. It didn’t really matter as I wasn’t going outdoors at all, very much in the closet. But I did start really making the effort with deportment after that.

      Wind forward several years (still a while back) and I was videoed in drab walking with my grandson. It was a strange feeling, I saw a woman walking along dressed as a man.

      Funny old world. So yes the answer to the op is definitely yes.

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      Samantha R
      Registered On: January 17, 2023
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      I practice my mannerisms everyday, my sitting and walk. I hadn’t thought about in and out of a car. Reading these comments have given me more to think about! Thanks for posting.

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      Jill Edina
      Registered On: January 28, 2022
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      Absolutely for instance after my morning work out at the gym I sit in the steam room with a towel wrapped overbust with my freshly shaved legs crossed this has become very natural to me.  Love my girl side!

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      Marina Toth
      Registered On: September 15, 2023
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      Of course and of course. These parts of who we are always want to be part of the normal us. We try to hide them sometimes, especially when someone who doesn’t know make a comment, but over time it is natural. Whether it is smoothing that imaginary skirt as we sit, the way we cross our legs, the way we move and position our hands, the signs always come out. It isn’t like we are swishing down the hallway like some drag queen, it is much more subtle but there. I can’t count the times my wife told me “my god, you are being such a girl! Look at yourself. You have a legs tucked under you, your one hand is resting so naturally on your thigh while your other hand is swirling your hair in a little curl. Your voice is so soft and so non assertive. And when you aren’t curling the hair then your hand is laying with your gold necklace. You may as well hang a sign that says “I am a girl”. When she would playfully point these things out I would get self conscious and force myself to act my man-like. But she would laugh because 30 minutes later I was back to my fem self.

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      Sam Bond
      Registered On: May 3, 2021
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      It’s crossed legs that give me away plus sometimes a woman notices that my shoes/boots are actually female.

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      Lauren Russell
      Registered On: July 27, 2023
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      I have spent time practicing feminine mannerisms. As an example, I take long walks and have been practicing walking like a woman and what to do with my hands for a number of months. Some of these are now starting to become second nature to me and I find myself acting more and more feminine without having to think about it. I’m happy about this since I have been trying to be much less masculine and more androgenous (even leaning feminine).

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      Kris Burton
      Registered On: August 6, 2022
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      I’ve noticed this in three ways, and you all have mentioned them – the walk, crossing the legs, and squatting rather than bending to pick things up. At first, I made feminine adjustments to these things in male mode as kind of “practice” – especially the walk. Now however it is all second nature. No one has said they notice yet, but I wonder if they do?

      Next up – the voice!

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      Suzanne Martin
      Registered On: January 8, 2020
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      Deborah –

      Interesting topic.  As I read your post and the replies to it I started to think about my mannerisms.  I’ve crossed my legs in a feminine manner for a long time, well before I came out.  There are times I will squat to pick things up from the floor rather than bend over, my hand gestures can be a bit feminine, I will cock my hip to the side at times.  One I know I do frequently is when watching TV I will lean over on my side and tuck my legs up crossing my ankles.  I also frequently rub my legs when I sit like that. I don’t know if it’s to feel like I’m smoothing a skirt or if it’s become habit from enjoying the feel of my legs being shaved.  I’m sure there are others that I don’t even realize I’m doing.


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      Alison Anderson
      Registered On: October 15, 2018
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      When I was a teenager, I was scolded by my grandmother for crossing my legs like a girl. For many years after that I didn’t do that.

      When I started going out, I found I now had difficulty crossing my legs. I could only get it part of the way over and had to pull it the rest of the way with my hand. I would quickly constrict the blood flow and my foot “fell asleep” (pins and needles). I could only cross my legs at the ankles. Even taking Pilates for a number of years did not help.

      This year I lost a lot of weight due to illness. I find I can now cross my legs in a feminine style, and will sometimes do so in male mode. It’s usually intentional, though.

      I also intentionally used to practice walking in a more feminine manner while walking across the campas at work. I can now turn it on and off at will.

      I probably pick things up more like a woman by squatting rather than bending from the waist. It’s probably better for my back anyway. But I can’t do it completely like a woman with my legs together; I usually need a little bit of separation between my legs.


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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
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      Hi ladies,

      What a coincidence! I was just talking about this with several co-workers today. I complimented them on what they were wearing, and they started complimenting me on what I was wearing. Then they told me how amazed they are at how feminine all my mannerisms are. I asked them what they notice and they listed quite a few things that I never even think about, as it has almost always been second nature, particularly now that I’ve transitioned and all those mannerism are just part of my every day life. The things they mentioned, my hand gestures, how I move, how I talk, not just my voice but my intonation and resonance. I’m huggy and often touch them when talking with them. They told me that, even though I’m a slightly big gal, I walk with such grace and have good posture.

      I never even think about my mannerisms. I’ve always been feminine, right from early childhood, and recently found out I am an intersex woman, which may explain being naturally feminine.

      So I guess my answer to the question would be, yes all of my mannerisms have definitely transferred to my daily life.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Registered On: March 19, 2021
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      My experience in life is differnt. But female mannerisms do show in my life. The way I pick stuff up I drop or Mom drops or when something is needed on the bottom shelf. The way I sit, the way I try to stand, the way I try to move and the way I talk.

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      Lucy Bancroft
      Registered On: October 11, 2022
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      Oh yes, this is becoming more of a thing for me as time goes on.

      At one point I was practicing with a view to  venturing out en-femme, but the mannerisms seem to have become the norm now.

      I use hand gestures a lot more when I talk now
      I definitely walk with more of a hip wiggle nowadays.

      I sit crossed legged almost all of the time, whereas I never used to.
      I’m also another one that has caught myself smoothing down an imaginary skirt.

      One of the things I’ve noticed the most, is that if I go to the supermarket alone to pick up a few things, I use a basket rather than a trolley. I find that I hold the basket in the crook of my arm like a handbag. That’s also when I notice my wiggling hips the most.




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      Michelle Wayne
      Registered On: May 16, 2023
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      I constantly notice my mannerisms are female. I almost always stand with my hand(s) on my hips, as if to accent them. I walk quite differently all the time now. I almost always wear perfume and am often wearing mascara and eyeliner, so I feel feminine. I talk dramatically different than I did six months ago. I find I often compliment many people on their clothing, hair, jewelry, etc.-whether they are male or female. Michael never paid attention to anything cosmetic while Michelle pays attention to everything cosmetic. Thank you Deborah for bringing this up. I had not paid much attention to my mannerisms, I just accept them as who I am now.

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      Michelle Brown
      Registered On: August 23, 2015
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      Deborah,I too have realized that at times I talk more with my hands and enter and exit my truck as if I had a dress or a skirt on.And Marty sometimes has Michelle s  wiggle when walking,but is all just SO much fun.I love it and will continue to have fun with it. Hugs .Michelle.

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      Nikki Just Nikki
      Registered On: September 29, 2022
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      I can’t really put my finger on which specific mannerisms, but I will say that my wife can often “see Nikki” regardless of how I’m dressed, so apparently it does leak out in some ways. I don’t mean my toenail color, or pink panties on Fridays (it’s a thing), it’s subtle stuff like how I react with enthusiasm for certain things, or how I can let myself be a little coquettish with her spontaneously without censoring myself. If she surprises me with something, anything really, I get unselfconsciously animated, which is definitely a Nikki thing.

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      Ellie Davis
      Registered On: July 1, 2023
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      *Laughs* This is really interesting as I had a conversation with a CDH friend about this around a month ago 🙂

      This is what I wrote then:

      As the part of me that’s Ellie has come more to the fore, aspects of her are accidentally spilling over into the workplace. I haven’t been actively practicing any female mannerisms … they just seem to be arising of their own accord! Of course that’s okay at home, and would be welcome if I was out en femme, but I’m having to keep a close eye on these behavioural changes at work. They’re not something I can control as such, but I’ve found that I can check them to some degree when they’re happening.

      I’m talking about how I sit down on a chair (I’ve caught myself smoothing an imaginary skirt), how I stand with a hand on a hip while reading things on a noticeboard, or even how I have a little wiggle in my walk when I’m going up a corridor … the list goes on. Of course, this is all while in drab.

      (Note: When I wrote this I hadn’t thought about how I pick things up, but that’s true too!)

      It’s all completely involuntary, but maybe it’s aggravated to a certain extent because I’m underdressing to a greater degree now than I was previously.

      That’s a lot of pink flags 🙂

      I catch myself doing these things, and stop … but I wonder what other ’tells’ I’m not catching.

      ’Reining it in’, at least when I notice it, is all I can do. I think if anyone has noticed anything – and I don’t think they have – they’re far too busy with their own lives to care. They might have a moment of wondering and then it’ll be gone from their heads. More likely, the small things I’m doing aren’t even registering with them. To be honest, I think I’m more aware of my own behaviours than those around me are!


      Ellie x

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      Ashley Konners
      Registered On: August 15, 2020
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      I do notice certain things as well. My wife even mentioned a while ago that she noticed somethings I was doing that were more feminine. The way I walk at times , crossing my legs when sitting ,  same as you were saying about bending down to get something out of fridge. Adjusting my bralette straps when underdressed which might give me away. Lol. One big one I noticed was the way I walk when pushing my grocery cart. In saying that I’m wearing women’s clothes , light makeup and a slash of perfume while still presenting as a man.

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