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      I hope this post doesn’t seem strange, and I hesitated putting it up, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced looking at a photo of yourself and being attracted to the woman that you see in the picture.  A long time ago, there was a video on YouTube where a guy named Joe, not a crossdresser, went to a makeover studio, and when his makeover was done, he looked incredible.  When he looked in a full length mirror, he said that if he saw himself at a bar, he’d make a move on himself, and then reject himself.

      I know that  after I finally had some good photos of myself, that I thought looked good enough to post, I had similar feelings.  We all like to comment on others photos, so, I know that we all have opinions on female beauty, but attraction is different.

      Anyway, I was just wondering, and hoping that this post hasn’t been done before, and hoping to be able to understand these feelings by opening a discussion on it.

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      The answer to that is a big “oh yes”. When I finally got enough stuff together to do myself up properly I was pleasantly surprised at how feminine and attractive I looked. I had always wanted to go out in public and after seeing myself all made up I realized that no one would possibly recognize me. So when ever I had the opportunity I went out. But my opportunities are far and few in between.

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        I did the same thing, Donna, the first time I dressed completely, I actually opened the curtains, because I knew the world outside was only going to see a woman.

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      Hi Jennifer and a yes again even better when wife says you look so pretty or your makeup looks great i feel the love in my heart for Stephanie.. I feel  Stephanie can look so cute sometimes  and looking in the mirror kind of stirs the needs intrest as even wife says she would not recognise the old drab me this was a fun Post thanks Jennifer 💋..


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      J J

      I have a few photos that are flattering and in which I feel I am reasonably attractive. Having been married to the most wonderful woman for nearly 40 years I do not look at women in that way, nor myself. I do like to look at pretty women, and pretty men dressed, but more as an appreciation and not in “I would hit it way.”

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      When I look in the mirror and the image is feminine enough that I see a woman looking back it fills me with joy and happiness but not in a I sexual way.  Just makes me feel very feminine and happy.

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      At the risk of sounding like a narcissist, I have admired certain photos of myself.

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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      When I manage to put it all together and pull off a particular good photo I’m like Wow! You are an attractive lady but I don’t think there has ever been a sexual aspect to it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not bragging it takes a lot of smoke and mirror to get a good shot and then I never keep them.

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      Scarecrow, “Now that’s getting personal Lion”.

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      Yes I have always been attracted to pictures of myself and who I see looking back at me in the mirror, but as others have said, not in a sexual way, just very pleased, happy and thrilled with my own femininity.

      Hugs girls,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Patty Phose

      The first time I ever saw myself in a mirror fully femme I was stunned and shocked. I looked super sexy. it did excite me. After that, when I dressed to go out, I worked on getting that, wow, what a sexy girl look. If I could excite myself with how I looked, I probably could do the same to others. I often did.

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      I keep one excellent photo of myself on the bulletin board above my desk, as an incentive to remind me to exercise to keep my weight down and keep in shape.  Moreover, it reminds me to take time and put my outfits together carefully, so I will present a pleasing female appearance.

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      Hi Jennifer, well, I never ever have liked any of my ‘male’ photos, not my HS or college graduation, or any before, in-between or after…except one (well maybe barely one of my 2nd wedding! definitely not my 1st ), a friend from college was a semi-serious photographer and had good equipment and lighting and I had him take some head shots (well lower chest up) of me and he gave me the negatives. One of them was absolutely the only one in my life I ever liked, I had 5 wallet copies made (in college I surely did not have a lot of spendable cash) and in a week, they had all been given out (by me being asked for them!) to young women in my college including the daughter of one of my professors. I went into the service after that and the negatives were lost.

      Anyway, I’ve taken a lot of self pictures in dress (I mean LOTS), and some I find barely acceptable.  I think the longish hair of my wig tends to soften some of my features, but as can be seen, I’ve seldom taken any pictures with a full complement of cosmetics.  I’ve always dreamed of going to one of those makeover places and having – not a Vogue model re-do – but something professionally full yet conservative and see how I look. Maybe then I’ll like myself a little better.

      <sigh> Hugs, ChloëC

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        Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, I just perused your 4 photos, and all I see is a beautiful woman, don’t be so hard on yourself.  We’re all hyper critical of ourselves.

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        FWIW Chloe, I agree with Jennifer.  You’re being hard on yourself.  Go get yourself a professional makeover.  I think you’ll be nicely surprised.  I wasn’t expecting much my first time.  Look what happened!


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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      At the risk of sounding vain, yes.

      After my first makeover I had a few thoughts….

      Who the F is that girl?  I gotta get to know her better.  We’re gonna date forever.

      If I can look like this why would I ever want to go back to being him?

      This girl is never going back in the closet.


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        I agree, while all your photos look really good, those makeover photos are incredible.

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          Emily Alt
          Managing Ambassador

          Thanks Jennifer!  I don’t look that good most days!  My daily regime is a decidedly low-effort affair.  Looking good is a lot of work!

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        Can’t blame you, cutie.

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          Emily Alt
          Managing Ambassador

          Thanks Heidi!  Looks aside, I’m in a much better place mentally and emotionally.

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        AnnaBeth Black
        Duchess - Annual

        Emily, if I had your stunning looks the closet is the last place I would be. Beautiful legs.

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          Emily Alt
          Managing Ambassador

          Thanks AnnaBeth!  That 1st makeover was a watershed.  Obviously vanity played a part.  The bigger benefits came a bit later, when I started discovering who I really am.  Getting out of the closet and staying out saved my sanity.

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            AnnaBeth Black
            Duchess - Annual

            I’m very happy for you! So glad you have found your true self.

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        Dawn Judson


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      I’ve only been dressing fully for a short time, maybe a year. When I first used makeup, outer clothes and a wig, I said, “Holy crap, you look like a girl!” As I got better with everything my reaction was “I’d do her for sure.” Yet, I still hesitate to go outside dressed. I just don’t have the confidence.

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      My profile picture is a faceapp creation – the hair is mine & much longer now – in drab i wear a ponytail, dressed i can do a lot with it.
      I would certainly “do my faceapp”.
      In real life it would take a minor miracle.


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      Yes. When I first saw myself all dressed to the nines with makeup, wearing a shoulder length blond wig, silver dangle earrings, a pink turtleneck long sleeve tight top stretched over a full coverage Flower bra holding my D silicone forms, a black waist cincher, a three inch wide black patent belt with a decorative pewter buckle, a tight black layered pencil skirt, white satin panties (tucked) with a matching garter belt holding up my white nylon stockings, a pair of 4in heeled black patent pointed toe pumps, my fingernails polished a dark red, silver bangle bracelets on my left wrist with a matching long crystal necklace hanging between my breasts, I thought to myself…. Well hello beautiful!

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        Well Michelle that description of you makes me need a cold shower wow girl that had to be a pretty site to look at he he ..


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          Lara Muir
          Baroness - Annual

          I certainly have to agree with you there Stephanie!
          Knock out gorgeous Michelle!



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            Thank you Annabeth, Heidi, Stephanie and Lara, you girls are so sweet.

            I still have that outfit but rarely get to wear it. Now if I could just improve my face and increase my rear end I just might be able to pass on a dark night.

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            AnnaBeth Black
            Duchess - Annual

            I’m in the same boat as you but I’m going to keep trying.

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        Sounds pretty nice!

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        AnnaBeth Black
        Duchess - Annual

        My, you do paint a pretty picture with your words.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I am in no way a narcissist but in answer to your question I have to say yes, I am very attracted to Fiona. Once I got over the usual beginner’s stumbles with makeup and clothes, I found that the woman that emerged was attractive, feminine and lovely in a way that I very much admired.

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      Here goes:  first, seriously, I agree with Michelle that when I see myself dressed it gives me pleasure dare I say joy.  Second, ( cover your eyes children), in the context of desire,  I am awash in a sea of 8 through 10s on CDH. Why would , when I look in the mirror and want to settle for a 3?  Oh well I know she’ll always go home with me and like Federal  Express,  she has to be their overnight.    “ O the girls all get prettier at closing time”.

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      Angela Booth

      I suppose the inference to the question is having a sexual attraction , as in your reference to Joe. In dressing there is an element of dressing as the woman you would like to be from a minds image. Some crossdressers will partner a woman who dresses and has the look of the ideal woman they would like to be so it could be said that if you achieve that then it could be true.

      For myself I would say there is an attraction to female beauty and to emulate that and when finally achieved, there was  an attraction to that image. That image was me and loved it.

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      Apparently we like ourselves pretty much!

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      Fascinating post, and many fascinating answers. To the extent that my alter ego is a creation of my imagination and fantasy, I desire to project an image that I find attractive. I dislike having pictures taken and looking at pictures of my male self, yet I take literally dozens of pics of Kris and am more than happy to look at them. I post the ones that I find the most attractive. I do not feel the least bit strange about this – my goal is to present as attractive an image as I can, and if I find  that image attractive, it is my hope others will too.

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        Well said Kris

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        Misty M.

        Oh this is a so inspiring reply, i can only agree with what you stated.

        Go Kris go, you nailed it

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      Oh yes definitely! I take photos of myself in romantic lingerie and I’m really turned on by it!

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        Ellie Davis

        *Laughs* You and your romantic lingerie Jess … I love it!

        Big hugs

        Ellie x

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      Caty Ryan

      Hi ladies,
      i posted something similar quite a while back

      Happy dressing(and admiring…)






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      Well you got me on this one.   The thrill is when others have a similar reaction.

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      Interesting question indeed. I do love dressing and looking like the women I admire and I’m attracted to. Because of that, I do have to admit that when I do it right, I really love the look that I achieve and I would love to date that girl.

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      Hi Jennifer, this is a great question!

      Short answer, yes. I think we all like how we look as women, and we know that we all love taking pictures of ourselves as women, so of course there will be some pictures that really turn out well that show off our best feminine qualities. Now would I be attracted to Holly if I was a single man and saw her in a public setting? From a purely male perspective, yes. Femininity is attractive. And women who dress nicely are attractive.

      But then again, if I’m being totally honest, the truth is that most crossdressers are much prettier and feminine than many GGs these days. That’s because when we dress, we tend to take much more time to prepare and present ourselves as attractive women, so of course we’re going to draw attention because we do look so pretty and feminine and ladylike.



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      I will have to admit, that there are a couple of photos that I go wow, who is that girl. It blows me away sometimes how I can look.

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      Dawn Judson

      Duh! All the time, girl!

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      Yes.  I am definitely excited when I see some of the better pictures of myself.

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      Toni Legs

      Yes. The first time I had a Jamie Austin makeover, I could not believe how I looked. The hair, clothes, figure, eyes and mouth were out of this world. Rest in peace Jamie.

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      Misty M.

      Hi girlzz,

      Iy is funny to ask this question because i was wondering my self if it is normal or extremely strange to be attracted to a female you.
      I am indeed attracted to my woman self as i think it represents exactly what i like and what i want to see in women.
      Except the face which is masculine, i really enjoy my pictures in feminine clothes.
      The brain can be tricky sometimes but i am not worried more than that.

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      In my case, I’d have to say no, I’m not attracted to Jill. I think part of that may be that I’m still masculine in my face without any delicate features. Another reason my be that when I look in the mirror and I see a very strong resemblance to my mother, something I’ve never seen before. Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t believe how good I look, especially considering I do my own makeup,  and I have only done it about 6-7 times now. But I like what I see enough that it’s given me enough confidence that I’ve ventured outside for very brief walks to the mailbox and back while fully dressed. And I’m planning to hopefully go somewhere much more public very soon.

      Great topic, Jennifer!

      Hugs to all of you wonderful ladies,


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      Of course I have been attracted to my feminine self not in a conceited way or narcissistic or even sexual but in a good healthy way like to say, dang girl you look good and I don’t mind say so myself! Anyway YGG and Talk to you later! Hugs and kisses while I go get (cross) dressed.

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      Yes, for sure. I love the way I look in a dress and heels.

    • #719887

      I’s say no but I understand your question.

    • #719889

      Oh yes!!

    • #719930

      100% yes! Not afaid to say it, wish i could be like this all the time.
      No being conceited or crazy, just sexual way. Especially since i bought some hip pads. 😊

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      I would have to admit that I always have been turned on by the sight of my femmed self; in fact I often wish that there were two of me, both of us femmed up and having a lot of fun together.

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      Joni Stevens

      Definitely yes on some of my pics – especially after a makeup session at Ulta!


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      I suppose we dress in a style that we’re attracted to. I like the image I portray when dressed. Not sure I’m attracted to myself but I definitely look years younger as Angela than my male side.

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      Definitely I would say yes

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I’ve been pleased with the way that I looked but I dont believe it’s ever crossed my mind.

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      I absolutely can be infatuated by my femme self. I have often tried to interpret the visual of that woman in the picture. She is so much more attractive, fun and happy than male self I see in the normal mirror every morning. So YES – I am attracted to the girl in the photo!

    • #720310

      No, I’ve never been attracted to the girl in the pictures simply because I can’t see that image as someone else.  That being said, the first time I fully crossdressed (meaning full makeup, wig, jewelry, dress, heels, undergarments) I looked at myself in the mirror and felt something I never felt before.  It wasn’t desire.  I don’t know even if it was satisfaction.  It almost felt like that what I was doing was the right thing.  I even wonder if it was a sense of deja-vu (which is something I never took seriously up until that point).  I still can’t fully explain what I felt, so I don’t know if anyone would be able to clear things up for me, but I can see how looking at yourself in a totally different way can bring up a number of feelings for yourself.  So I don’t think it’s weird to be attracted to a picture of yourself dressed up.  In fact, I think it would be weird if you saw a picture of yourself dressed up and you didn’t have any kind of reaction to it.

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      Well the whole concept or reality of being dressed and looking attractive is surreal at times to me. Photos can be misleading versus real life direct observation. We all have different likes and dislikes that attract us to other humans, for me it is the attraction to attractive women, I do have to say that although I am heterosexual I have seen plenty of attractive representations of women in photos here on CDH some would even say that I am attractive in some photos. I know that for many of us there is or was a sexual component with dressing or certain articles and or varying levels of transformation or complete transformation. There are some men who look very attractive as women some not at all. The photo to me maybe attractive or in person the presentation of some men may be attractive however sexually to me they would not be attractive at this point in my life I am not attracted to males either as a man or dressed as a woman and I am not sexually attracted to men who look convincing as women. We are all different in are own levels of attraction to others and our own levels of sexual attraction to others. With all that being said I am attracted to some photos of April when dressed and some of April in the mirror, however I am attracted sexually to beautiful biological women at this point in my life those are my sexual attraction levels I am also visually attracted to beautiful women or beautiful sexy presentations of women. Hopefully this makes sense to a few here on this topic. I do know that for some when dressed they feel and/or not want to be empowered like a biological woman and feel attraction to men and or certain body parts. I do not, I am attracted to female body parts which is one of the things that makes this whole crossdressing desire for me so unique or unexplained in a way as I want to look pretty feel sexy and be dressed to the nines with my wife or previously with another biological woman. It is what it is and I am what I am!

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      I have some photos of me as a teen and some in my early twenties that when I see them, I am really proud because not only do I look pretty and sexy I
      don’t see any masculine features. I think I really looked hot. I think I can still pull off pretty but it takes so much effort.

    • #727976

      “Take myself up to the porch, take myself inside or maybe uh
      Or may get a little something in a brandy snifter or something
      ‘Would like you like to listen to some of my back records?
      I got something here’
      Well usually about 2.30 in the morning you’ve ended up taking advantage of yourself.” Tom Waits

      Not that serious an attraction but a little bit, sure.

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      It’s a very good question.

      When we dress to the standard we think is a good liking well turned out woman it’s bound to create some sort of attraction. The short skirt and high heels cannot fail to impact if that’s your thing.

      However on a few photos I look a little like my sister so that’s a total definite No 👀

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      Oh yes! I think it’s natural. I have a large collection of fine lingerie and love how feminine and sexy they make me look and feel.

      If social media is any indication, so many girls, whether cis, trans, CD, or anywhere along the spectrum, dress sexy and get aroused taking selfies and vids.

      IMO, self-love is healthy if it does not harm anyone else. All the better if it makes others happy too.

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      The simple answer is yes, absolutely.

    • #757211

      Very definitely.   It great to see myself dressed to the nines and when an outfit comes together nicely.   I have really liked some Face App (I know….) pics too since they give me some idea of where I might be able to go with HRT and FFS.

    • #757236

      When I do a good job on an outfit and makeup, at the risk of sounding self centered, I can see a woman in the selfie and wonder what a nose job and a slight brow Ridge reduction would do for her.

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      Natalie Dane

      Hi Jennifer,

      Without question. When I see myself in feminine clothes and even a partially made-up face, I can’t help but be attracted to what I’m seeing in the mirror. I think a natural response to observing something you find beautiful.

      I don’t mean to speak for others, but I would assume that the majority of CD’s do. In essence, when dressing we are emulating the presentation, and to some extent, features of the female form which we find attractive, sexy, or we’re envious of. Putting the whole package together can be show-stopping!!

      Thanks for the post.


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        I think that when we dress we try to emulate a girl we would find attractive. I know that i buy clothes that I would like to see on an attractive girl.

        • #757366
          Natalie Dane

          Personally, I find confidence in oneself much more attractive than body shape or presentation. Shape, size and at times gender do not make a difference to me if the person I’m looking at exudes confidence!

          I think that’s what I see in the mirror when I look at Natalie. Confidence. Or at least a greater level of comfort in her skin!


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      Hello Jennifer,

      I can only speak for myself. I dress to be the woman that I am attracted too. I don’t think I would continue to dress if I did not find the woman in the mirror attractive.

      my girlfriend and I often talk about wanting to get me and my male part together. Both part of me find the other part very attractive and have fantasies about being together. Alas, that could never happen.  But a girl can dream, no?




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      I have a picture of myself that, if I was able to meet that girl, I would want to plant a wet, juicy kiss smack on her lips.

    • #757300

      Funny you should ask, there’s been times I’ve looked at photos of me as Margaret and thought damn… I thought I was weird…and that I was the only one…

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      Valerie Kennedy

      Yes absolutely!


      when I see an attractive, well dressed woman, I am split 50/50 to appreciating her beauty and wondering if I can pull off what she is wearing!

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      Vanessa ?

      For anyone who crossdresses and is attracted to women, I would imagine finding pictures of yourself in full girl-mode attractive sometimes is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be a surprise at all when it happens!

      Some of the older pictures when I was just starting out and didn’t have access to as much makeup and such (…or as much practice using it!), or ones where thanks to a bad angle or something I can see a little too much of “guy-me” in them one way or another, don’t come across as well.

      But the better pictures definitely enter “oh, she’s cute!” territory.  And if I encountered someone who looked like Vanessa, I’d find her attractive if I was the sort of person who was capable of feeling attraction to someone at first sight (I’m demisexual, so sexual attraction only happens after some degree of an emotional connection is formed… could happen only after I’ve been friends with someone for months or years, could be after one really good long one-on-one conversation, but it’s never there when I first meet someone.)

    • #757746

      I truly enjoy seeing myself as a woman I love how I look and feel.  I hate when I have to be in drab that is a place I do not want to be.  Being feminine is who I really am and I would rather be my true self and present as a woman.

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